An Average Day Here To Stay!

What is your average at your sea? Do you have an average spree? On average everyone had an average at some point. That is average at every joint.

On average at play.
Said every day.
It's here to stay.
But it can go away.

Fall in a hole.
An average goal.
Let it take a stroll.
Bury it like a mole.

On average I'm nuts.
On average I ignore mutts.
On average I increased that.
On average things can go splat.

Get where I'm going?
On average you get my showing.
Then again I may confuse.
On average that does amuse.

On average sales were up.
They filled a tin cup.
But on average they lie,
As the on average does fly.

Store A and B and T made more,
While Store R,G,Y,U,L,O had a losing encore.
But just fudge the numbers a bit,
And on average we're a hit.

On average they are great.
To them no one can relate.
Their average is top notch.
They deserve a bottle of scotch.

Wait! Get the cheap stuff.
On average they are all fluff.
High scores in bird courses and gym.
Off average they may be dim.

Maybe off average is it?
Whoops, can fudge that shit.
On average and off,
All drink from the same trough.

On average that's how it's done.
Isn't on average fun?
The average way at play.
Aren't you glad on average is here to stay?

Maybe above average should come due? That would just screw everything up at each zoo. Above average vs. on average and maybe even off. Damn, now your brain is going to scoff. Don't worry, not much math to come due. You can fudge the numbers to make what you want true. Then just let on, off, above or even below average come to pass. That is a lot of averages even for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. An Average Day Here To Stay!
    Contending to keep them at bay
    Not at its best
    For all the quests
    Just being average all can say


  2. On average I snooze, but I'm probably above average at it!

  3. averages are math
    which is not great, you see
    though I aced all my classes
    they were very hard for me :)

  4. Average on a sliding scale
    I do not quite weigh as much as a whale
    But below average? Nah
    That ship doth sail

  5. Take the average of my pup
    Most days she's a sweetie cup
    Sometimes she's not, she broke my arm
    Sent her to a working farm

    1. That can be rather dire
      Making one's arm flat like a tire

  6. I am having an average sort of day
    Somewhere in the middle I'd say

    1. A middle day
      Beats down the crap hole, we say

  7. I should have taken more bird courses and gym; then my university average would have a better score. Not that it matters much any more! Have a good one where you are!

    1. haha would have been an easy way
      To up the old gpa

  8. Average is good. It sure is better than below average for sure.

  9. Now I’m just your average guy
    Who thought he could his wife defy
    But plans went asunder
    And I’m doomed to slumber
    In hospital wondering why

  10. Whoever wants to admit they are AVERAGE?
    Everyone wants to be / thinks they are ABOVE average!

  11. On average my colleagues are full of shit
    Politician wannabees who are full of it

    1. Need those shit trucks
      That will suck it out of the ummm flucks

  12. I really like average here
    Especially when it comes to days
    Makes it more relaxful and cheery
    And more things go my way.


  13. This was an average day
    But I don't have to cook at my bay
    Because the turkey will never go away

    1. Turkey forever
      A perk of the thanksgiving endeavor

  14. It's sad that some average people seem like geniuses to others

  15. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at

    1. Display away
      There at your bay

    2. Thank you so very much for giving permission. You can see your linked header under All, Literary and Canada. If you could say something (preferably good) about here and there, I would greatly appreciate it.

    3. No problem at all
      Here at my hall

  16. "I spend 5 or 10 per day
    Over average" my clients will say.
    That's double the amount
    Nothing average by my count.
    People love to say that word
    It should go the way of a turd.

    1. Yep, toss it in the trash
      as they can't add and it goes in a flash

  17. On average, I'm smaller
    than most guys, it's said.
    Not bigger, not taller.
    but at least I'm not dead.

    1. A perk to standing
      Short or tall
      Could make a branding
      Average available to all

  18. An average day for me is to be totally alone.
    Even if I go walking no one cares ot bother to speak evenif I said "Good Moring".
    Loved your verse. Grerat as always to read.

  19. I'm above average..........for my weight but not if I was 11 feet tall!

  20. Nothing wrong with being just average or having an average day. Too much attention is never a good thing.


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