Placebo Along With This Song!

The cat is here to get you to agree. I know you always do with me. Pffft and I'm really a dog. Wait, I used that one at my blog. Bah, I'll use it a time or two more. Ready to agree galore?

That pill is neat.
It is so sweet.
It can cure everything.
It can even make you sing.

Took it like a fool.
It may make you drool.
But look, you are happy.
That pill may really have been snappy.

This TV show is the best.
It just beats all the rest.
How about it?
You must watch every bit.

Oh, it was crap?
Whoops, I took a nap.
But you watched and loved it.
Damn, I'm good at this shit.

That car is great.
Screw the interest rate.
It is top notch.
Buy yourself some scotch.

What? It broke down?
Don't look at me and frown.
You still think it is the best.
Was a fluke so no detest.

Oh yeah, suck back the dope.
It can even give you hope.
With each and every joint,
A new idea you will appoint.

It will cure you too.
Of everything at your zoo.
Wait! Didn't the pill do that?
Double whammy where you're at.

Whoops, it did not?
You just got brain rot?
Bah, you don't believe that.
It melted off the fat.

Now you're in the know.
So give each a go.
Search high, search low.
Gotta love a little placebo.

Are you a placebo case? Believe all with a smiley face? That may be bad for you. A sugar pill won't cure all at your zoo. And a bad car is a bad car. Who cares if some celebrity drives it far. Don't be a placebo nut or you'll just get stuck in a rut. But if you really want fortune, fame, health and love don't wish for it from above. You just have to go eat some nice green grass. Yep, you can trust, not really, my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Wonderful reading Pat on this lovely Sunday morning.
    Enjoy your day at your bay.

  2. Placebo Along With This Song!
    Quacks didn't feel it was wrong
    Many were hoodwinked
    And never did win
    Pills peddlers got money strong


  3. Sugar pills nummy-noo
    Catchy phrase or bugga-boo
    Placebo this or take the real
    Depends on how it makes you feel

    1. If it works it works
      Placebo I suppose has its perks

  4. I'm actually a Pill Master, the real deal, 8 each day.

  5. Fortune, fame, health and love all take work to happen. You can rarely achieve any of them by placebos of any sort.

    1. Yep, they each need work to get and stay
      Placebo won't do anything at ones bay

  6. the placebo effect
    is mind over body
    it's what you expect

    but, is it what you actually get?

    1. Congrats on the new book in view
      I'll be picking it up, it's true

    2. May be more, may be less
      Placebo can be a big old mess

      Thanks indeed
      Hope it's a fun read

  7. .......and don't forget the band Placebo!

  8. Don't take any pills here
    Placebo or not
    Don't like to take them
    Not any of that lot.


  9. Crowd: We need a cure! We need a cure!

    Dr. Hibbert: Why, the only cure is bed rest. Anything I give you would only be a placebo.

    Woman in Crowd: Where do we get these placebos?

    Man: Maybe there's some in this truck!

    [the panicky crowd push over a truck, boxes labeled "danger killer bees" break open, the bees go everywhere and everyone panics, one man puts a bee in his mouth]

    Man: I'm cured! I mean, ouch!

    1. Whoops, tongue now needs a cure
      Placebo sure has such an allure
      Sheep indeed
      Sure take seed

  10. Well everyone knows eating grapefruit will make you lose weight. Lord knows, I eat my grapefruit everyday along with a large slice of chocolate cake and several scoops of ice cream. Sooner or later, that scale dial will move to a lower number. I'm patient. Those high numbers are just the devil talking.

    1. Yeah, that is just such a lie
      Soon off the weight shall fly

  11. I'd probably enjoy sugar pill. Placebo or not :-)

  12. I want the pill that doesn't cause brain rot and melts away the fat:)

  13. The placebo effect just doesn't stick.
    Chocolate, though, always does the trick.

  14. Is this blog a placebo?
    I love it

    1. More questions than answers at play
      The cat shall never say

  15. My secret is hard to keep
    My greatness continues to sweep
    At least in the dreams of my sleep

  16. Placebo effect is said to be very powerful in certain cases.

  17. Big placebo is on right now
    Buy now, big's a pow-wow.
    Black fRiday, cyber Monday
    How sad people believe what they say.
    This is one placebo I can do without
    For me, they carry no clout.

  18. Give me the sugar, you can keep the pill. We don't take them around here.

  19. I couldn't help but imagine a Snake Oil Salesman rap/singing this from a soap box in front of his wagon.

  20. we all keep taking it until.
    end of the day we realize it was WRONG pill

  21. Placebo is a great concept. Not only medicine, but I have found it useful in emotional stuff too. Especially when someone is sad for no apparent reason, distracting them or telling them otherwise seems to cheer them up. Don't know if it could be considered placebo, though.

    1. That is more of a distraction though
      Placebo is more when they believe and don't know

  22. I've burned more bridges than the Russian retreat from Napoleon!

  23. I don't believe in placebos
    if they cost the same as others!!


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