The Lore Of The High Score!

The cat got the high score. Yep, high score for blog posts ahead at my shore. Up to 370 or so as of now. Tomorrow I may beat that and wow. What does that say? Hmm, maybe too much time at my bay.

Look at me.
A high score to see.
I'm the Farmville champ.
Take that you low score tramp.

I got achievements galore.
I don't know how to use a door,
But my achievement count is really high.
That may not make me very spry.

Although I'm the winner.
You are a sinner.
You didn't get them all.
Just look at my achievement wall.

I'm the champ of Angry Birds.
That is so great beyond words.
Whoops, I got beat last night.
Time to up the fight.

Look at my Tetris win.
I did all others in.
Do people even play that any more?
Beats me at my shore.

I've scored a ton.
Yep, in the way many find fun.
I've got the diseases to prove it.
Also I have more offspring than a bit.

Hmm, maybe Tetris should come back in style,
After that one was added to the pile.
Or condoms should be cheaper,
For such a scoring creeper.

I've got the fattest cat.
Wowweee, look at that.
I've got the most rats.
50,000 to scare away dingbats.

That's a lot of rat poop.
Must own one big coop.
I'm going for the record you see.
Guinness is going to love me.

Wait! I need to get that extra one.
It may takes 10 hours to get done,
But I need that achievement now,
Then the world I can truly wow.

Aren't you impressed today? There are so many achievements on display. They could "win a fight against the PC player." How can that make you a nay sayer? And the Farmville champ? Better than a genie in a magic lamp. Hmmm, maybe the cat doesn't appreciate such class. I'll blame being a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    How's your um gluten free mat?
    Any new fables about that?
    Will there ever be a rebooted bat?
    Will that one suck and be rebooted too
    Like a blue suede shoe?
    Who's number one today?
    Could it be Hank or aunt May?
    Maybe it's True
    Or Scooby Blue...
    Maybe it's me
    In the place to be
    Many questions from The Goo
    (You know it's true)
    Hey, it's Saturday...
    Such a fun day!

    Grrrrrrrreat post
    From coast to coast!
    (Don't mean to boast)

    1. Questioned away
      There with your say
      And it was you
      Not a fly on the loo
      For meee

    2. Good Afternoon Blue
      I slept late it's true
      tell me how are you
      Many questions from the goo
      where is the coveted blue shoe
      is it buried far away from view
      let's have some wine & fondue
      find a hideaway just for two

    3. Howdy, True
      Where is that shoe
      Been looking everywhere
      Because, as you know, I really care
      Making the cat stare
      That's quite a scare
      Wine for two
      No Scooby Doo
      Sounds like a plan to me
      In the place to be

      Hello Cat!

    4. haha look far and wide
      Shoe went for a ride

  2. I'm not impressed
    Who would'be guessed
    "Teacher Blue, I wrote a whole line!"
    Just one, and you call that fine?
    People are impressed all day long
    They even put it in a song

    1. Yep, impressed by the dumb
      And then some
      Wrote an "essay" for a job test way back
      50 words was max allowed so "essay" has gotten a smaller track

    2. a golden lake
      some money you could make
      just watch for some snakes
      as some skin they might flake
      I just want to win a sweepstakes
      don't need the world to shake
      just some happiness I would take
      celebrate with a chocolate cake
      don't bet on it, could be a mistake
      falling for a con, could bring heartbreak
      feeling vibrations, my world does quake
      perhaps, I'm dreaming awake

    3. Dreaming awake
      For any stake
      But good luck winning
      Keep on a spinning

  3. Congrats on the high score and a wonderful verse.

  4. i'm impressed
    pass the test
    play the game
    big happy fame

  5. I beat the last Bowser in Super Mario Bros.

    1. Can't recall if I got that one
      Found 2 and 3 more fun

  6. I'm darn impressed! I can't seem to get beyond a week ahead!

    1. haha out they flow
      And can be done when bored at work at our show

  7. It's been a long time since I played a game where there was a high score. My PC games are all RPG. Although I guess I could count Muddled on my iPad.

    1. haha well you never know
      Achievement grabbing one can go

  8. I liked to play Tetris in days of old
    But didn't care about the score
    It was just something to do
    At times when I was bored.


  9. I thought I was doing good when I had 30 blog posts ahead. lol Dang you did good.

    1. haha only 340 more to go
      To catch up to our show

  10. Is FarmVille still a thing or have I just successfully blocked all those invites to play?

    1. I think it is still out there
      But beats me at my lair

  11. high scores make me really happy too.
    and so does, honey boo boo!

  12. Okay, I'm checking out my, still checking....still checking....:)

    1. Dang, still haven't found them:)

    2. That's so funny, Sandra. I know what that's like.

    3. lol think we all know that
      As wins fall flat

  13. Yes, who care about nature, walking and fresh air
    The games on their tablet is all that they care.
    Now I shall go and check on my win
    Hahahahaaaa I'm with Sandra...can't find it in my bin.

  14. That is quite impressive. I used to play all those games but never did well in them, just did them for the fun of it. But good for you.

    1. Fun is where it is at
      Barely play any at our mat

  15. I like to brag when I get high scores
    And when I play mini-golf, my number soars.
    "That's not good," they say.
    I say, "You're just jealous. Now please go away!

  16. Ha, well I am just trying to pass levels of Candy Crush!!!! At the moment I am ahead of ALL of my friends.

  17. I am still waiting for a win of some kind
    no cash for me just the 9 to 5 grind...

  18. So win win win
    is source of a grin
    or babe with some gin
    "let's do it again"

  19. Are you sure you're a winner there?
    Or did everyone get a trophy at your lair? haha.

    1. haha probably everyone
      So stupid when that is done

  20. As I read this, it turned almost into a hiphop beat in my head. Not gonna lie. It was pretty killer. haha

    1. haha a hip hop beat
      From me wouldn't be sweet

  21. Oh you are good! I've never achieved high score!

  22. There was a time I went through a Farmville phase. It was so bad I got everyone, husband, cousins, lol. My 2nd oldest would ask me to harvest his crops if i came due while he was at school, hahahah

    1. lmao wow an addict at your sea
      I'll remember that to use against thee lol

  23. I don't think I have any wins to brag about. I don't give a crap about winning and will usually lose on purpose because it makes the other person feel good. Though, sometimes it drives me batty playing my aunt on Words With Friends because she is beyond terrible and I have to use 2 letter words to try to stay behind her most of the time lol

    1. lmao can be very very hard to lose to some
      One really has to play dumb

  24. 370??!!! Wow ~ That's more than a Leap Year's worth. You are a wonder! Keep them coming! Have a good one!

    1. They will keep coming
      As the cat keeps on a humming


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