The Need To Read?

The cat has seen another trend that is about. People need to hear others shout. Or at least read it before they ever do the shit. Not sure what I mean with my spree? You'll see!

I can't save dough.
Oh friggin no.
It is such a shame.
I need someone with fame.

101 ways to save.
100 ways to avoid a financial grave.
50 ways to save more.
101 ways to save the encore.

Wowwee, now I know.
I can save some dough.
I just can't spend.
On these gurus I sure depend.

My house is a mess.
That I will confess.
But how do I get it clean?
Isn't there advice that is so serene?

De-clutter now!
101 cleaning tips the will wow.
Tricks to a clean home.
Cleaning when in Rome.

Wowweee, now I know.
I just have to clean my show.
Clean and throw stuff away.
Now I can have a nice day.

I can't get a date.
Where is my mate?
I really need one.
How can this be done?

101 dating tips!
Dating on cruise ships.
101 more dating tips.
Dating words for your lips.

Woweee, now I know.
I just have to give it a go.
Who knew all you had to do was speak?
A mate I can now seek.

One for that and this.
Read and don't miss.
101 ways to help with anything at all.
Read away and have a ball.

Who knew I needed to read 50,000 words so that I can de-clutter? Maybe my brain had a stutter? Who knew I needed to read 50,000 more to talk to a date? Damn, I hope that advice doesn't come too late. Hmmm didn't I already know all of this? Do you need someone to tell you such bliss? Wowwweeee, if yes was answered by thee. Maybe I should make one come to be. 101 ways to get rid of that gas. It could be a huge hit for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. This reminds me of going to a seminar for time management, then they try and sell me their book, wait I have no time at work to give it a look as I am overworked...

    2. haha and you waste time there
      Some time management at ones lair

    3. Haha very true! Well, at least it is a day away from work...

    4. Still boredom abounds
      At most seminar grounds

  2. You should cash in on the craze - 101 topics for blog posts.

  3. The Need To Read?
    And with such speed
    Speed reading
    The in thing
    And perhaps get some tips


    1. Some tips could sink in
      With a speed reading spin

  4. Seems instead of reading about ways to do things
    We should just get up and get them done
    Then we will have more time
    To laze around in the sun


    1. That we surely will
      Instead some take the lazy run of the mill

  5. Your inner voice will tell you things
    Just listen to the joy it brings

  6. Everyone seems to have advice nowadays... whether they know what they're talking about or not. But some have refined it to a science and sell millions of books! Lucky them.

    1. Yeah, lucky them indeed
      Even when all it is is common sense that takes seed

  7. For sure, everyone does give out advice with great abandon. Better to just do your own thing and be happy with that. Just figure things out.

    1. That is the best way
      Will get there at the end of the day

  8. I need to read
    to plant a seed
    see what I sow
    I need to read to know

  9. i will save this as food for thought!

  10. Replies
    1. haha yep, can go many a way
      Over what's on display

  11. Buy my kit and learn to save
    All your money's what you gave
    Did you learn though? is the key
    You just bought into 'hey give me"

    1. haha that is 99.99% the way
      With such stuff on display

  12. I've been suckered into those 100 tips on Pinterest, usually cleaning tips that don't work involving vinegar!

    1. Sucker born every minute they say
      We all get suckered at some point at our bay

  13. Need a new book that lists just the top one. You know the one that works, is foolproof and you don't need to look anywhere else. LOL
    Or is that one of yours?

    1. lol you may be sol on that
      Not even from the cat

  14. LOL. Yes, an article for decluttering. One for dieting. One for cleaning. One for sleeping. (I'm not kidding. Most insomniacs have been there.) SO much advice...

    1. So much out there to see
      Most common sense for thee

  15. orlin N cassie...yur dad shuld rites a book bout de 101 folkz who managed ta find hiz blog like: gorilla in under wearz gone ape shitz ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  16. Why save when you can be clever like Trump?/You want my taxes? Give me your head and I'll drop a dump. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Hide them in the loo
      As he is full of shit err umm poo

  17. Books of all kinds offer advice.
    If it only worked would be nice.

    1. Most are nonsense
      Still leaving one on the fence

  18. don't like to read
    useless indeed
    blah blah in Swede
    till I agreed
    glasses I need

  19. Books that offer advice have only helped me when I really wanted to learn about something. :)


    1. The common sense ones
      Just give many the runs

  20. There are books offering advice for everything these days. Just get off your butt and clean, get out of the house and mingle, and stay the hell out of Starbucks if you want to save money. There's my advice. Please send the check for my advice promptly.

    1. Where does the check get sent to?
      You'll get one in the next century or two

  21. Reading one of these books can make you feel like you're actually doing something about your issue, when actually you're avoiding whatever by reading! The best way I ever found to save money was to have it automatically deducted from my paycheck and invested before I got my paycheck. Just like taxes! Never saw it, so I never spent it! As for cleaning ~ I hate a mess, so I just stay on top of it. I've been scouring that trailer in Bullhead City, even though it isn't mine. Dating tips ~ Oh, Lord! I'm so glad I don't have to date!!! You've gotta be yourself, because if you end up with someone for life, you can't live a lie. Hope all is well with you!

    1. There you are
      Wise way to do things at your bar
      Can't see, can't spend
      Be yourself even if you offend
      Sure no problem with that here
      As I'm a crazy rhyming rear

  22. Why are there no books about ways to save crap?
    My mom was queen of saving all kinds of scrap.
    "You never know when you may need this string"
    She would say, looking at me like I'm the ding-a-ling.
    So she could write a book
    "How to save everything in your nook"

    1. haha 101 ways to hoard
      You'll never get bored

  23. I think I have bought at my bay
    More than 100 quilt block patterns for play
    But five times that in free flakes with no pay
    I think I'm doing this all the wrong way...

  24. 101 dating tips

    1. Don't do it

    2. Maybe

    3. and you screwed up

  25. I can't stand clutter.
    I learned neatness from my 'mutter.'


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