A Clean Kinda Scene!

The cat moved a while ago, technically not as I write this flow, but when we did they had to inspect. The dude was sure searching for some cleaning neglect.

It looks good.
Clean you sure did.
But I guess its not understood,
For I have to open each eye lid.

Whoops, I can't do that.
I may have to stare.
Maybe I'll chew some fat.
You got time to spare.

And yap he did.
Yap and yap.
Worse than a killer squid,
Not closing his trap.

After yap of the trap,
He went a looking.
Tried to give us a bad rap,
And steal our security deposit booking.

I've seen cat shit under the dryer.
So he bent down and looked.
Like the fumes wouldn't rise higher?
That's not even where the litter box was booked.

Did you know the center island moves?
Nah, I never figured that out.
I just ignored the obvious grooves.
So much dust can be under there he did shout.

Did the fridge come out?
The stove hopefully did too.
He bent and looked about,
Finding nothing to view.

What about under the stove top?
I bet you missed that one.
Maybe he was trying to make us flop?
Pffft that too was done.

The loo you may have missed.
That most people do.
Sorry, the loo wasn't dissed.
The bathtub done too.

I guess everything is fine.
Sign here and you are done.
He looked disappointed nothing did align,
Can't top my OCD cleaning run.

He may have been out to get our money, but we found it kinda funny. At least he got some exercise looking here and there. Ever get such a super at your lair? Now who knows where we are as this post is ahead by far. I just hope we aren't in Timbuktu, that wouldn't do. I did leave him some gas, but he can't charge me for air that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Great read for a lovely sunny Sunday morning.
    Have a great day.

  2. He couldn't top your OCD cleaning run...
    Such fun
    Now tell him to go sit on a bun.

  3. A Clean Kinda Scene!
    To give time looking
    The litter box?
    Near the clock?
    Sad to find it missing


    1. Missing and gone
      The cats knew what was to dawn

  4. He was certainly trying to screw you out of your money.

    1. Yep, tried and failed
      Thankfully that ship has sailed

  5. Seems he'd be happy to have someone in there who actually took care of their apartment. And lol to the islands moving, I didn't know some did either!

    1. Yeah, give them a shove
      Steal my dough would have brought him love

  6. Dummy super dummy dope
    Tries to catch Pat not using soap
    Ain't no way not up to code
    Pat keeps cleanest of clean abode

  7. It is nice to have a clean house even under the stove etc.

  8. He probably had a hard time seeing under anything with his head up his butt!

    1. haha that much is true
      Might be a one way view

  9. Better to clean those out of the way places than to let the crap multiply and grow.

    1. And get all nasty and such
      Making one never want to touch

  10. better not peek into too many dark corners here....

  11. I am not surprised that nothing was found
    as your cleaning OCD did astound..,no money for that sniffing hound,, lol.,,

    1. Nope, not one single bit
      OCD won't stand for that shit lol

  12. So aggravating these cheapskates are. I'm glad he had to tangle with your cleanliness. lol, all that work for nothing. hehe.

    1. haha he sure did try
      But wasted his time on the fly

  13. After getting ripped off on security deposits twice for normal wear and tear of carpeting and tiny nail holes, I learned my lesson. The last place I rented, I wrote up a list of my own complaints and gave it to them with my last rent. Got back 100% of security deposit that time!

    1. That was a wise move to make
      As they'll sure rip you off and your deposit they'll take

  14. Wow- that sounds like the most thorough inspection I have heard of! Glad you passed. :)

  15. Learned over the years to document everything wrong
    at places we would rent so that when we moved out
    they had nothing to complain about
    and for that I gave a great shout!


    1. That is sure the way
      Did that a few times at my bay

  16. The kids were all running away
    The husband said he couldn’t stay
    So wondered the wife
    What threatened their life
    It’s just one more house cleaning day

  17. Im with Adam ! I love cook, bake and iron too. But I hate clean :(

  18. I bet you are glad to be out of that lair

    1. Glad as can be
      A new one we'd like though at our sea

  19. Sounds like he wasn't going to give up until he found something to snag you on. Good thing you have the cleaning chores down! Saved you a nice chunk of change!

    1. Yep, saved us some much needed dough
      As he tried to be a foe

  20. Haven't met a landlord yet
    Who under every little thing they get
    In search of the winning bet
    Nothing to make the former tenant fret

    1. They want the win
      More dough for their looney bin

  21. I'm thankful I have my own pad.
    No one can tell me it's bad.
    Except the cats
    That would never do that.

    1. Yeah, so much nicer indeed
      When one's own pad takes seed


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