A Flip Flop Mind Of A Kind!

Human minds are like a deck of cards, the joker is hiding among the bards. That and they deal a new hand each day. Hell, maybe every couple of minutes on display.

I want that like here.
Please make it like that.
I really like that gear.
That is where it's at.

Wow, you got it done.
This is how I asked.
But the other way was more fun.
Can a reverse action be tasked?

Thanks for the reverse.
But I think it was better before.
I know I may make you curse,
But can you go back and re-explore?

That was how it got made.
It is back to what you did.
I think I'd like a little trade.
Can I put in a new bid?

That is a good mix.
You got it done pretty fast.
I have another small fix.
This will sure be a blast.

What a great job.
Can you take it back to before?
Your time I may rob,
But it needs that certain lore.

Now that is how I want it.
It is almost there.
Can you tweak it a bit.
I know you have some time to spare.

That is perfectly done.
You got it right on.
I think something else needs to be spun.
Ah, a new idea did dawn.

You added it in.
That was great.
It sure is a win.
Can you take away a trait?

There you go.
It is back to how it started.
I'll take it with a bow.
It and I will never be parted.

More like your mind and you were already parted. You change your mind faster than the cat just farted. Are you one of those? Do you strike a flip flop mind changing pose? Then in the end you take what was there at the start. That is worse than a brain fart. All of this has just given me gas. I won't change my mind about passing that out of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. If the foundation of thought is weak
      A falling house of cards you will meet
      I guess you can always hide an ace
      for that you might need to embrace

    2. Good morning True
      Very good of you!


    3. On top
      Of the crop

      Having in ace in the hole
      Isn't a bad goal

  2. I have some friends like this. Ask a million questions when we go out to eat, then just pick what they always do.

    1. haha always comes back to the usual spot
      After a question lot

  3. A Flip Flop Mind Of A Kind!
    Set about with ideas so fine
    Made to change
    With some pains
    Contending to be so sublime


  4. I go back and forth
    sometimes at my place
    but I don't want
    to make a decision in haste


    1. Haste would be bad
      But prolonging it could drive one mad

  5. Geez, my four-legged friend,
    At my craft fair last week were you listening in???

  6. There once was a saucy young Miss
    Who came from the land of the Swiss
    Her mind she would change
    Guys said, "Return to the range"
    You can yodel, change with bliss and no diss or a kiss

  7. you must know my boss
    let's change this...no wait....
    hey, I get paid by the hour

  8. Inconsistency is our game/Flippancy our middle name! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Flipperoo a middle name
      Sure one that brings no fame

  9. I know my mind . . . maybe . . . oh wait . . .
    Sounds like me when choosing new shoes!

    1. Have to get the right ones
      Even if one has tons

  10. If I'm of one mind today,
    I might rethink that tomorrow.
    Regret cannot stay
    If it causes me sorrow.
    Changing my mind
    Is like changing my shirt
    After I find
    It doesn't match my skirt.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Maybe try a kilt
      Could hold less guilt
      When things get breezy
      Unless the skirt is pleasy

  11. Can't say I'm much of a flip-flopper. I don't have time for that!

  12. Right back at square one:)

    Do you have a new book out?

    1. Square one indeed
      A Thousand Miles is the newest at my feed

  13. I'm always clear
    about what I want around here
    except when I'm unsure
    about what I prefer
    which is day and night
    to be definite
    I might
    No way, actually
    I'm a confused mess
    you see.

    1. That was as clear as mud
      Wall....meet thud lol

  14. Not being able to make up your mind is certainly a challenge for many.

  15. orlin N cassie....a bozz said that two de food gurl once afturr her worked on sum bs sum thin ore other for like for EVER... then him said ....letz forget de change N use de original......can ewe guezz how manee werdz wented thru her mind.... prettee much all startin with "F"


    1. lol F's sure flucked on in
      After that little work spin

  16. Let me see. I want to do this, but that sounds like more fun.
    Wishey, washey, making up my mind is no fun.

    1. Wishey washey may be fun
      But nothing may ever get done

  17. I would change my mind
    but have problem one of kind
    my mind is hard to find

    1. Lost out the door
      Sunk in the sea forevermore?

  18. I don't flip flop very often- but I guess it does happen from time to time. :)

  19. I'm pretty undecided about the flip flopping thing!

    1. Consistent at your sea
      With the flip flopping spree

  20. We usually find something we like, but then think we will change our minds. We spend hours or days exploring other options, only to go back to the original idea.

    1. haha got the flip flop down
      There at your town

  21. The human mind is a maze,
    With many twists and turns.
    Take a look inside my mind.
    You will see for what I yearn.

    I don't yearn for wealth,
    Money can't buy what I need.
    All I require is the love of my family,
    Those I knew as just a seed.

    Excellent verse Pat.

    1. A great thing to require indeed
      There at your feed

  22. I flip and I flop....just like donald trump! Smiles.

  23. I have a friend who can flip and flop
    Can't decide on on anything, not even pop.
    "Pepsi or coke, what should it be?"
    She's indecisive with glee.

    1. As long as she has glee
      At least that is something for she


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