A Little Change To Rearrange!

The magic day is back. Whoops, didn't we do that already this year at my shack? Back in October I think. Hmph, guess I'll have to go out and drink. Yeah, get drunk and sing a tune. It works for so many a loon.

May your day be the same.
May you keep the same name.
May you not drop dead.
May you not look like Fred.

May you not fall down.
May you not get run out of town.
May you not fall in a crater.
May you not get eaten by an alligator.

May you not tell a lie.
May you not trip and die.
May I not repeat myself any more today.
May you always have a litter tray.

May you not get rabies.
May you not get scabies.
May you not get scurvy.
May you not turn more curvy.

May you not fall off a ledge.
May you not get attacked by a hedge.
May you not forsake me.
May you not get a flea on your knee.

May you not fall in a ditch.
May you not deal with a gold digging bitch.
May you not think that goes one way.
May you not deal with a dick after your pay.

May you not get dumber.
May you not get beat by a drummer.
May you not lose your job.
May you not choke on corn on the cob.

May you not get hit by a car.
May you not get covered in tar.
May you not get probed by alien creatures.
May you not get stalked by horror creature features.

May you not have to watch a remake.
May you not get bacteria from a lake.
May you not need a file in a cake.
May you not have to deal with a fake.

May you not break a bone.
May you not get an unpleasant groan.
May you not get stuck in quick sand.
May you not run away with a killer clown band.

Isn't that a cheery tune? I'll sing it from now until tomorrow at noon. I may need a good beat though. May you give a good beat a go. Anything I missed? Care to add to the list? Could go on all day with this pass. I'll just end with pffft to any magic day says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's 2 in a row
      Again starting slow


    2. Back on a streak
      More you seek

    3. Hank you are busy today being number one
      here and there under each sun...

    4. Hank's on a roll
      #1 is his goal

    5. Hank's right on the run
      A go at New Year's fun
      Thanks True,Pat and Blue
      2017's joy with all pf you!


    6. 2017 will have us all around
      As hopefully more fun is found

  2. Replies
    1. May all remakes be great
      It's not too late.

    2. Too late it is
      With the remake biz

    3. Why not do a non-remake
      and make something new
      create a different hue
      some remakes are mistakes(just sayin')

    4. New works
      But to bigwigs they have no perks

    5. Pay would be great
      Even when it's late

    6. Would be grand
      Right in hand

  3. May you not hear from any government agency!

    Happy New Year, Pat!

  4. May you have a great day and a very Happy New year.

  5. Replies
    1. Riches you say?
      That would be okay

    2. if only, my dear
      then we'd have nothing to fear
      or would we? (haha)
      Spend it wisely baby...

    3. I'd make it last
      No spending fast

  6. We are big fans of same around here. Happy New Years Eve Pat!

  7. May you not get scammed
    By one who's head with sand is crammed
    Or ratface with IQ zero
    Who sits alone, despised like Nero

    1. May all such scammers fry
      And maybe lose an eye

  8. May yours dream come true Pat !!
    Happy new year!

  9. A Little Change to Rearrange
    All set don't make it plain
    Add some more choices
    Cteate some hunches
    Sing a tune and all without pain


    1. Sing a tune
      Like a loon
      With no pain
      Sure would gain

  10. 'tis the season to make folly
    fa la la la la-la la la la
    Drink your cheer and you'll be jolly
    fa la la la la-la la la la

    or like me, you can try your best to make it to midnight
    but realize the point is probably already moot :)

    Happy New Year's to you!

    1. lol I'll be asleep by ten
      Could care less at my den

  11. May the Force be with you
    oh wait, that's been taken
    don't be stuck in boredom
    more humor should be undertaken

    Happy New Year Eve

  12. New Years Eve, another time to compare if you had as much fun as everyone else. Oh well, 2017 will be here before we know it. Hoohaa!

  13. I don't put much faith in the changing of the calendar, unfortunately...

    1. Yep, all a load of crap
      People fall for its trap

  14. May 2017 not go as fast as 2016 did
    May we all be kept safe along the way
    May we have more time to do what we want to do
    And have some fun and play!


    1. That would work for us
      Over it we wouldn't fuss

  15. May you not get abducted by aliens,
    May you not get drunk with reptilians,
    May you not get photographed in a bra,
    May I not take this rhyme too far!

    Happy 2017. :)

    1. lol if the pay was right
      I'd do the third at my site

  16. I agree with all your May you nots
    Let's hope we don't meet up with any more snots
    In the end, I say Happy New Year to you
    We are all smiles at this zoo.

  17. May you keep up the good work Pat?

    1. Already doing 2018 here
      So there is nothing to fear

  18. May you continue to produce
    every last excuse
    for playfulness and sillies
    and weirdness gone loose.
    Blogland would be a bore
    were it not for your shore.
    A good new year to you
    And more weirdness all year through.

    1. Weirdness a plenty
      Posts over three twenty
      So we shall not let it bore
      As more whatever we explore

  19. May you not have a tear or a fear.
    May you not gear for average but better New Year.

  20. Haha I do hope there will be less remakes but more new stuff. May you not have to watch remakes, revivals, sequels all the time :-)

    1. That sounds fun
      Although I'm sure there will be more than one

  21. Wish you and your family a happy New Year 2017. Let this year be a happy one:)

    1. Hopefully it is so
      And for you as well at your show

  22. After all the holiday treats, I am sure I have the not getting more curvy tossed right out the window. Time to do a few more squats because I hate the idea of buying new jeans!


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