A Right Takes Flight!

Well maybe more than one right as the cat takes flight. I couldn't stop. We don't want such things to flop. Humans must be in the know. We can't have them getting lazy and stooping low.

Animal rights.
Under spotlights.
There they are,
Near and far.

You've seen a ton.
They are given a run.
And good they are.
But there are more on par.

Your lap is fair game.
You and your flame.
You don't like it? Tough.
We will get rough.

Your attention is needed.
All day it must be deeded.
You will get a break when we say.
Otherwise, have a nice day.

You must shovel and scoop.
No matter if we have smelly poop.
If it's not clean,
Things may get obscene.

You must watch your own feet.
Some things may not be sweet.
If you step in goo or a hairball,
Hey, watch where you go down the hall.

You must hide breakables away.
If not, well okay.
You'll learn what will and won't break.
No need for a double take.

You must hide the paper.
Who can do such a caper.
Like the dog ate the homework.
Hey, paper as fiber can be a perk.

You have to pee?
Hold it at your sea.
We are on your lap.
Stay here while we nap.

Your food is ours as well.
Even stuff we can't spell.
We want it all.
You're our own private mall.

How are those rights? Don't they all deserve their own spotlights? Any you would add? No wonder we drive you humans mad. The cat loves it though as I run to and fro. I knock things over with each pass. It is so fun to do for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, it's one for the money
      It's two for the show
      Three to get ready
      Now go cat go

    2. Go cat go?
      Better watch where you step though lol

    3. Haha

      My birdie likes me to rub her neck
      Do it the wrong way and she will peck (ouch)

    4. A little peck will get you in gear
      Maybe even a pull to the ear

  2. The rights of animals today
    They seem to have a lot to say
    The wild no longer is their home
    City streets they now must roam

    1. That they must do
      With humans cutting and creating a golden loo

  3. Animals should have rights, we humans have.
    Great read. Pat.

    1. The cat has many
      Doesn't let Pat skimp on any

  4. A Right Takes Flight!
    Don't deserve a slight
    They have rights
    And some do bite
    They maintain their might


  5. The dog ruled the house when he was still here with us
    So definitely he had lots of rights and more
    I just think we need to treat all fairly
    and then there will be more at our store


    1. Yeah, that sure is the way
      Fair ball wins the day

  6. Always done with pride
    When kitties wee at my side

  7. Dang, you sure are right in what you write!

  8. You wrote so well
    And I say well
    Wish I could dwell
    And not really yelll

  9. So true. We don't own them, they own us.

    1. That they do
      Wrapped around their finger at every zoo

  10. Never had a dog eat my homework but I did have a rat shred Ken's doctor referrals. When he went back to get new ones he brought a picture of Lucky's cage full of shredded paper. lol The nurse thought it was hilarious.

    1. lol that would be rather funny
      Little buggers can cost time and/or money

  11. orlin N cassie...whitefish wavez two ewe both, hope de dood in red waz veree good two everee one ☺☺☺♥♥♥ high pawz on de catz bill oh ritez !!!!

  12. Well, Mongo's king at my place
    "Blue, could you scratch my furry face?
    Blue, I'm hungry too
    Forget about Scooby Doo
    Blue, don't go away
    Stay at my Mongo Bay"

    And so it is
    Doing the pleasing bizz

  13. My dogs are the same way, think they rule everything at our bay. Always tearing things up. I'll think twice before getting another pup. Or any other animal for that matter lol

    1. lol but then you will indeed
      After the twice thinking takes seed

  14. I asked girlfriend how this could be
    That her dog must pee upon me
    It seems that her Joy
    Whose habits annoy
    A gift of ex-boyfriend was he

  15. A federal judge ruled in America that a police officer could shot a dog if it moved or barked at him.

    Animals have no rights apparently

  16. One of my cats has taken to sitting in the chair my husband usually sits in at a specific time. She's now indignant if he outstays her schedule, and will stare at him until he moves. Cats can stare for a long time. ;)

    1. lol that they can do
      Wanting their routine at their zoo

  17. There are also the times when they take their paw
    Place it on your cheek to wake up, that is their law.
    If you don't wake up right away
    Out comes one claw, hooked in your nose a size you lay.
    Feed me now, is what they say
    Then they jump on your gut or privies meowing "today!"
    They won't wait or you will pay.

    1. haha that they will do
      Jumped down there a time or two


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