An I Know It Friendly Bit!

The cat was here and there, heck the cat was anywhere, and I hear this time and time again. I'm sure you have at your den. It is not hard to spot. It seems to be a familiar plot.

You were where?
They get in your hair.
You did what?
They're right up your butt.

I've done that.
They chew the fat.
Yap on and on like they know,
When really full of crow.

You could say that,
And they'd still chew the fat.
I've eaten crow before.
They'd say it at their shore.

But then there is more,
More to the chore.
Yeah, it's a chore to listen to.
Rather go watch a mutt eat doo doo.

For these people are already full of shit.
I may as well watch a dog show it.
Then I can say I've seen that too.
Isn't that something you want to do?

These nuts would.
As well they should.
They have to have done it.
Wait! There is the other fit.

My friend has done that.
They chew more fat.
No wonder they are wide,
As they take you for a ride.

I have a friend like that.
They are where it's at.
I have a friend like that.
They aren't where it's at.

The need to agree.
A friend or me me me.
To outshine with a friend,
Why is that a trend?

A nut on the loose?
Bet they even humped a moose.
Maybe they threw in a goose,
As they talk out their caboose.

You have to know a few like that. They are everywhere with brains of scat. They have seen it and done it all. They must be immortal at their hall. Them and their friend stash. Think they even have friends after away they dash? Pfffft is all the cat can say as I ignore and go about my day. I do leave them a little gas. That is all they get though from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That is the 5th in a row
      Beginning to see light snow!


    2. Good morning Hank
      five in a row
      But, will it continue to grow
      You never really know :)

    3. Light snow you can keep
      Light or by a heap haha

    4. Five times you say?
      At the Kitty Cat bay?

  2. An I Know It Friendly Bit!
    One is to beat the heat
    Seen all of them
    Making friends
    Nicely! best not to retreat


  3. A friend of a friend
    Not really my friend
    seems to know it all
    Or so they pretend

    Off to work so my message must end
    as I have things I must attend....

    1. Pretend they do
      Through and through

      Work has begun
      Away all run

  4. I steer clear of the Done It Alls.

  5. Difficult to be friends indeed
    With someone who's done everything at their feed

    1. Yep, make fun of them one can do though
      As they eat crow

  6. And they've always done more and have more than you...

  7. I've known people like that. They've not only done everything, but they did it first and/or they did it better. If you tell them you flew to the moon they'd counter by saying they flew to Mars.

    1. haha yep, they always have to one up
      When really they are more of a simpleton than a pup

  8. Can't tolerate people like this
    Have to keep away
    They drive me crazy
    With all they have to say


  9. It's the "Top It" game.
    They want to have fame.
    Done it bigger and better...
    even in worse weather. haha

    1. haha yep, whether bad or good
      Gonna top you at their hood

  10. From your friends, keep the space
    Or they slip through like holes in lace

  11. Yup, we have known a few like that and try to avoid them sometimes. Not much fun to be around. Luckily not everyone is like that.

    1. Yeah, they are few and far between
      As they like to make a scene

  12. you've captured some folks perfectly
    it's almost funny to throw out something outrageous and
    see how hard they work to top it.
    It can be amusing (if you have the time)

    1. Yeah, can amuse for a while
      As you make them up the dial

  13. I had this tendency of showing off my knowledge. I am slowly controlling this along with the tendency to one-up others.

    It is taking time and effort, but it sure is working.

    1. Well as long as you know
      And nothing wrong with knowledge at ones show

  14. You struck a chord. The comments are coming fast. But I knew all about this. You didn't need to tell me. 😀🤓😎😇

  15. I've never eaten crow but I hear it tastes like chicken!

    1. dood...we canna bee leeve ewe used two B werdz in one commint......faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. hahaha got tabbies offended
      Maybe it was a chicken who pretended

    3. Laughing with or at
      Each tabby cat

  16. I just let them jabber so they can make themselves feel good. Then, try to avoid them at the next gathering.

    1. Me too. I hate to be rude, but oy!! some people really can jabber.

    2. Jabber they can do
      And they may just carry the plague too

  17. orlin N cassie ....thiz kinda non senze seemz ta go on with peepulz all de time doeznt it.....ya due knot heer uz catz goin on like thiz....well, oh kay may bee lion A ....iz kinda braggin bout bring down dinner...... ta lion B..... but de endz result....a feest for all ~~~~ ♥♥

    1. Feast for the win
      That isn't a sin
      Humans are just strange
      Need to put many out on the range

  18. The need to agree
    Makes me say, "Scooby Dooweeeeh!"
    Friends aren't all friends you know
    There's some sneaky bastards at your show
    No, not your show but you know what I mean
    Turn ill and you will see at your scene
    10,000 FB friends.... sure
    And the rest is all a blur

    Hello Cat
    How's the mat?

    1. Yep, been there, seen that
      Many prove they are full of scat
      They can all go and pound sand
      In their jolly old know it all land

      The cat is still alive and kicking
      As the time is a ticking

  19. Notice how friend
    Rhymes with word lend
    Repay pretend

    1. Pretend they do
      Better off flushing it down the loo

  20. I have had friends like that...

  21. They humped a moose? EWWWW!
    Oh yeah, me too.

  22. The cat has a skill of ignoring and going about his day. There is much we can learn from the cat.

    1. Cats sure can teach
      Even if they'd go on any beach

  23. Cats may be independent and like things their own way.
    But they still love you and are happy with a good meal every day.

  24. There are many people like that in this world, but let them get on with it. Be who you are who can ask for anything more.
    Great poem Pat.

  25. If I have the flu, they have pneumonia. I know people like this and one needs to feel worse than anyone else. If I am sick, she is angry....I find it kind of funny.

    1. It is rather funny in a lame way
      As they have their say


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