A Whoopsy From Me!

A post with no words. Maybe set up by birds? Would that make two in one day? Did it scare you away? Damned if I know how a blank post got here. I could delete I suppose before all gives a peer. But what the hell. It will be a mystery post where I dwell.

The post was blank,
Blankity blank.
I rhymed like a cheat.
Ain't that a treat.

Why would it treat?
A disease at my street?
My ocd doesn't like that.
I'm a weird cat.

But that you knew.
Weird at my zoo.
But so are you.
Listening on cue.

Wow, look at me go.
Just off with the flow.
Haven't done this in a while.
Since 400 posts ahead turns the dial.

Just going with what comes.
Beating on the old drums.
Or would that be keys?
Bah, go ask the bees.

What else is new?
Hey, I'm asking you.
I've got nothing to tell.
Different day, same hell.

Well not really hell.
It just rhymed swell.
Sometimes I do that.
Rhyming any old strat.

If it fits,
Won't get the shits.
Hmm that could be taken wrong.
So we shall move along.

Move to where?
Beats my lair.
The words are moving though.
Your brain is too, I know.

Moving out the door?
That would suck forevermore.
And so ends my stream of thought.
Aren't whoopsy posts fun to do on the spot?

I must have had a blank one scheduled to go. Damned if I know. But it was there with a simple "." for a title. I thought blogger was being idle. But nope, it was the cat. How about that? 2 posts in one day. For 24 we aren't too far away. Those are done as well. I whoopsied those when ringing the bell. But fixed them up with each pass. So ends the spur of the moment post from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall. 


  1. Unusually quiet on the Western Front!


  2. Be creative but follow suit
    No time to trump, feel the boot
    Here's the deal, the same ole line
    Toe the mark I do opine

  3. haha - this was rather funny
    a blog blooper...

  4. Well, you could have left it blank
    Being mysterious and rather frank!

  5. I did see this blank
    A boo boo occurred, if I can be frank
    But now you have this written
    It was fun to read, like seeing a new born kitten


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