By Hook Or By Look?

The cat was out and about and then I didn't hear a shout. Nope, I didn't hear a one. At least until a look was done. Pffft is all I can say. All I wanted to do was be on my way.

Why didn't you save?
A path I did pave.
I gave you the look.
The look of the crook.

The look of the look?
Beats me at my nook.
A look can say a lot.
Each look has its own plot.

A look of despair.
Get out of my hair.
A look of, Oh Shit!
Sure isn't a hit.

A look just to look.
Looky Lous on book.
A look up and down.
Are we into yes town?

The look of shame?
Look at that claim.
Look at me.
I'm not looking at thee.

That is a shame.
A missed look claim.
A look I missed
The look turned pissed.

Then came the words.
Rather watch birds.
The look was still there,
One that said beware.

My ears may hurt.
Blood won't spurt.
But back way just in case.
Don't let them near your face.

Looks can say a lot.
My, aren't they hot?
Or maybe not.
Catch on to this plot?

Look! I have to go.
Why? Damned if I know.
It looks like something to do.
Look, it has to be done, you.

Ever get ranted at from the look? The look in which you never partook? Would that be partake? Bah, beats a germy handshake. They gave the cat a look and wanted help at their nook. An annoying person was yapping away. So instead of saying "see ya" at their bay, they gave me a look. Pffft I had to go write a new book. But they can still look at the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. By Hook Or By Look?
    And not to be spooked
    Looks can kill
    And not to spill
    Stay clear not to be booked


  2. Good morning Hank
    Good morning Blue
    Looks like I am #3
    as you both beat me

    I am giving you a look
    From a far away nook
    I now have your book

    1. Got the new one
      That was a fast run
      A look on in
      With a 3rd spin

    2. Good morning True
      Good morning Blue


  3. She's got the looks that kill.
    Wait, that's an old Motley Crew song...

  4. My kids always gave me the look when there were other kids acting insane out in public! Cracked me up!

    1. haha insane wasn't for them when out
      As the other kids went nuts with a shout

  5. A look from a rant, then OH MY
    Burns the britches from a most sincere guy
    If the look's from a crook
    And your wallet he took
    Call the cops, lock him up and bye bye

    1. In the klink he'll go
      A jail house rocking show

  6. Great Friday read Pat. Enjoy your day at your bay.

  7. Now I have the old song, "Just One Look" by the Hollies (among others), stuck in my mind..

  8. A look my snowflakes earn every once in a while
    Thankfully the look can make me smile

    1. A good look brings a smile
      Adding to the pile

  9. I've been known to give the look
    and get the look back at me
    but I think we are all guilty of that
    wouldn't you agree?


  10. Looks are often misunderstood.
    A look can be either bad or good.
    Figuring which is sometimes a puzzle.
    If misread can lead to a punch in the muzzle.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Or maybe just a slap
      Depending on lass or chap

  11. my mom could give a look
    and you better behave
    straighten up now
    or she'd have a cow

  12. My dad could give a look
    made me shake as he took
    a step closer to me.
    He never did more than that look, see.
    I have that look as well
    It can send someone straight to hell.

    On a sad note...our Mia passed away last night. We found her on the rug stretched out as if sleeping.

    1. Got it from him
      The look of things grim
      Listen or trouble will come
      Don't play dumb

      Sorry to hear that. Never easy where anyone is at.

  13. I'm good at giving the look. That's because I'm the Mama!

  14. Oh ya, I get the look around here lots!

  15. Looks can stop us in our tracks...

  16. Oh yes the looks can send you on your way. Nothing better to get rid of someone is that Look.

    1. That look will do the trick
      Unless they are clueless and it don't click

  17. orlin N cassie....guyz....two day haz suxed in mor wayz N one; just stoppin bye ta say haza grate week oh end ~~~~♥♥♥

    1. Hopefully your weekend is better
      With not a sucky letter

  18. I married my wife for her looks
    We admit she’s not model of books
    Yet for her I’m trotting
    And reason I’m yachting
    ‘cause at bargain spotting she cooks

  19. I have been a recipient of 'the look' many times!!
    I learn to ignore!

  20. Very true..... A look can say a lot. Each look has its own plot.

  21. My poor husband gets the look on a daily basis. I'm surprised he still comes home every day ;)

    1. haha maybe he finds it grand
      Addicted to the look in your land


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