Can't Weather The Together?

With the holidays near the whole togetherness thing is kicking into gear. That is fine and dandy but some things going together isn't handy. At least not for the cat. Some are just scat.

Together forever.
Oh, how clever.
Like forever is a thing.
Forget that ring.

Together as one.
Oh, how fun.
Like fun run.
Nope, no fun done.

Like Wal-Mart greeter.
Oh they couldn't be sweeter.
Sweeter at ignoring you.
No meet and greet comes due.

Like cheap car fix.
That you can nix.
Cheap and car,
Get a hearty har har.

Like crazy fan.
Those you can ban.
Fan they are not.
Crazy is their plot.

Like easy move.
That's not easy to prove.
Always some shit comes up.
Easy to make a hiccup.

Like perfect book.
Give that a second look.
No such thing as perfection.
I'd like to see that detection.

Like beautiful snow.
That is just no.
Pffft to the white crap.
Ban it across the map.

Like yummy fish.
Pfft to that dish.
We'd run and flee.
On it we may pee.

Like on and on.
Is that a con?
I could keeping going.
But you get this showing.

The cat could go on all day. Does fun run work for your bay? Nope, doesn't work here. Any togetherness that doesn't work when near? I bet there are quite a few. Can you list two? Too many questions come to pass? I'm sure you can work together to answer my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. Morning Truedessa! The Ninja has already attacked.

    2. That I see
      too quick for me
      #2 it will be

    3. Good Morning Alex
      with the ninja attack
      here at the cat's shack

    4. It's a rare day I can hit that. Hank and Blue must be sleeping...

    5. Sleeping some deep
      Snoring at their keep
      Or on the road
      Like a toad

    6. Congrats Alex!
      Great Ninja attack
      Hank's on the road
      On different mode!


    7. Out and about
      Unable to shout

  2. Togetherness especially doesn't work at work. That's why I wear noise-reducing headphones at work. No one can bug me then.

    1. Yep, that can sure annoy
      Especially when they shove it down your throat with their togetherness ploy

  3. Snow is on its way here this weekend
    How much we get it depends
    on prevailing winds of the day
    to shoveling it's NO I say

  4. Togetherness is a strange word for me also,
    I will be alone at Christmas but will find something to do no doubt.
    Great verse.

  5. Helpful government would be my favorite.

    1. Help themselves to what they want
      The only helpful that will haunt

  6. Daddy Warbucks and Annie too
    Stick together forever, just like glue
    That puts Annie in a pickle
    That Warbucks guy is pervy fickle

  7. When I think of things that go together, I think of food.
    There are many pairings that are not considered rude.
    Peanut butter and jelly
    in front of the telly.
    Crackers and cheese
    if you please.
    Coffee and cream
    tastes like a dream.
    Soup and salad make a great lunch.
    You won't eat that, I have a hunch.
    But I remember something from your past
    and that one I saved for last.
    It's chicken nuggets and ketchup.
    They were your best dinner set-up!
    Tyson and Heinz, I'm guessing.
    Each got your blessing!

    1. haha should have guessed food
      As you mix and match to feed your brood
      M&Ms nuggets they were here
      Been over 4 years since they were near
      Ketchup still works though
      Only bad thing that goes in me at my show

  8. easy to install
    is usually not at all
    after what seems like years
    nothing is together and there were tears

    1. Yeah, that never works
      Installation rarely has perks

  9. Lots of things go together. Christmas and lights, Christmas and Rudolph, Christmas and good food. Me and cats.

    1. haha all good things to go together
      In any kind of weather

  10. We have really good Wal Mart greeters in my town. One of the benefits of small town life- after a while, you know your greeter!

  11. Beautiful snow?
    All wet, cold, and icy?
    Hate it, you know.
    Shoveling sucks, walking's dicey.

  12. We have a shortage and you'll have a surplus of snow

  13. Snow is always pretty as long as it is at someone elses place!

    1. Yeah, that is it's way
      Keep it at some far off bay

  14. Beautiful snow
    no go
    bring the shovel so
    I don't slip and sprain my toe!

    A perfect book
    let me give it a look
    it begins with a hook
    to get you to read a book.

  15. I think I would like to be a greeter at WalMart
    and just welcome people who come to shop
    as long as they wouldn't ask me anything
    or make me go hop


    1. Hop this way and that
      To get where they are at

  16. orlin N cassie....stoppin bye ta say happee week oh end ; we iz later N an over doo bill gettin round blog land two day ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  17. Accused me of being a crook
    So at me the judge threw the book
    To new life I’m heading
    As tears wife was shedding
    And pictures of wedding folks took

  18. Can't Weather The Together?
    Like a fun run ran asunder
    Being together
    All the sweeter
    Holidays' convenient offer


  19. Our Walmart greeters are hit or miss. The disabled ones are always lovely. The old ones, not so much.
    Beautiful and snow should never be put together in the same sentence, but last year some weird stuff happened with the weight of the water in the snow here and I swear it looked like glitter falling from the sky. It really was lovely. Other than that, snow sucks.

    1. haha look from afar
      As it covers another's car
      Sucks every which way
      With its white display

  20. Snow is beautiful to me
    It glitters like diamonds and I decree
    That I am not nuts
    It's pretty, no ifs, ands or buts:)

    1. haha I'll stick with nuts
      For those in snow ruts


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