Intruders Galore With The Same Encore!

So as we gave the month's notice a while back and prepared to move from our shack, which we may or may not have written about by now, intruders galore came with a raised eyebrow.

You have cats?
Asked the dingbats.
Like they didn't see us run away.
Blind as a bat I say.

But there is no smell.
Like what the hell?
Pat has OCD.
He cleans the litter after we pee.

That cat house is huge.
No shit, stooge.
Humans are dumb.
Stating the obvious and then some.

How many cats are here?
We heard that come near.
Heard it more than once.
Three times from the same dunce.

That cat house is a palace.
What is this? Reruns of Dallas?
At least it beats a remake.
Sadly, there was many a double take.

You have two cat towers?
Idiocy must come in showers.
There was two in sight.
So two took flight.

That is one big litter box.
They may or may not have got litter on their socks.
Serves them right we say.
It was the month of obvious statements at our bay.

Do the cats use it?
Nah, they squat and have a shit.
They do it anywhere it all.
Pffft and I'm a dog at my hall.

That is a mighty large house for the cats.
And back to the repeat dingbats.
Can I go take a nap?
Gotta love, not really, the repeat crap.

And what about the place?
What did they say to it's embrace?
Why that one they all repeated too.
There isn't much of a view.

Really, that is all 99.99% of them said about the place. The rest of the time they were taking about us in our space. Don't you think they'd want to know about it and not about the big litter box in which we shit? We ran away most of the time. Once I stalked them and they thought that a crime. I gave a little growl and they stayed clear, quite afraid of my rhyming rear. I like when that comes to pass. Can't beat a ruling little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Intruders Galore With The Same Encore!
    Comments and asking questions to a bore
    Intruders beware
    They're everywhere
    Have right not to respond just to ignore


  2. Moving time can be a pain
    Pound the sidewalk till you're lame
    Find a place that will take pets
    Make a stop-off at the vets

    1. Yep, a pain in every way
      18 times we've moved to a new bay

  3. Wow, I'm the third person here. I usually don't make it this early.

  4. Are they looking to rent/buy your place or your cats?

    1. You'd never know
      By the way they droned on at our former show

  5. Humans sure are confusing most of the time.

  6. I'm somewhat glad I never did the apartment thing.

  7. I am sure you are settled in your new pad
    Hope you are happy & seldom sad
    people sometimes can drive you mad
    embrace the day may a good one be had

    1. Been here a while
      Add another place to the pile
      Easy as can be
      When already crazy at ones sea lol

  8. New home? Who needs cure?
    Many staring,- they jealous, for sure.

    1. Jealous they were
      We left them covered in fur

  9. I'm one of those looky loos
    when choosing a new place to call home
    I've been known to do a little snooping too
    as around the place I roam


    1. haha a snooper are you
      Well good to have a clue

  10. LOL...l we need a cat version of HGTV. People are WACK!

    1. Could be quite the hit
      As they cat would hiss and spit

    2. They were longing to be spoiled like the cats. :)

    3. That they may
      Cats spoiled every day

  11. They were after your life, Mr Cat!/We, humans, will do anything for a pat! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  12. Do the cats... use it?
    Not even just a little bit?

  13. My cat spoke in meanings so true
    More clear than purrs or meows do
    For I quickly knew
    If anger I drew
    ‘cause it left a clue in my shoe

  14. Granted it’s weird
    humans so concerned about cats.
    Guess you're more important
    than apartment stats. :)

    VR Barkowski

  15. Cats don't they?
    I know dogs don't either!!

    1. Well if they pee everywhere
      But otherwise, nope at ones lair

  16. I can imagine the cats are not a fan of so many guests in their space!

  17. Haha I clean box right after my kitties pee, too.
    I also have minor OCD!

  18. Moving time is a upheavel,
    That there is no doubt.
    I recall almost two years ago.
    I moved, and hey! didn't I want to shout.

    Moving day arrived,
    It was a cold February morn.
    Feeling somewhat sad at moving,
    I felt so forlorn.

    I wouldn't move in a hurry,
    It caused me too much pain.
    But it would be a different story,
    Should I be moving back to Spain.


    1. Moving causes much indeed
      Each one something new takes seed
      You just never know
      What will happen where you go

  19. Moving is certainly a pain and the cats are probably not happy about it either. All of the ones here, run for the hills if another person comes.

    1. haha stranger danger sure comes into play
      When a new human joins the fray

  20. Stupid comments from stupid people is why I try not to have much company over most of the time. They always state the obvious then act surprised when you treat them like they are dumb.

    1. Yep, that always seems to be the way
      We enjoy no company at our bay

  21. They are jealous of of your cats because they wish to have a house like theirs and be able to poop in one of those litter trays. The cats have their own room in our house plus so much more. The litter boxes are looking more like big sandboxes that my hubby made. I wonder what they would say about that

    1. haha they would probably stand in awe
      Thinking their life has a flaw


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