It'll Fit Because I Say It!

Some humans really can't take it they were wrong. They sing the denial song. That and say the same crap over and over. I'd much rather deal with rover.

It will fit.
I say it.
So it will fit.
Takes no wit.

Whoops, dinged the car.
I still got par.
So it fit.
Insurance will buy it.

Whoops, I broke the door.
But done with that chore.
It fit into the room.
Who needs a door to loom?

Whoops, can't move away.
For the truck I did pay.
I got the small one.
Hey, can say we are done.

Whoops, says the hick.
Lost it some slick.
The poor sheep fixed him.
Hey, got some lovin on a whim.

Whoops, says the clothes.
They cause woes.
Shove it in and boom.
Closet sprouts like a mushroom.

Whoops, says the box.
Shove in those extra socks.
Box breaks all around.
Look! A bed for a hound.

Whoops, says the head.
Almost ended up dead.
Stuck between the stair rails.
Love the sound of wails?

Whoops, you're a cat.
Forget all of that.
We'll fit anywhere.
Had to add that at my lair.

It still fit.
See my wit.
I made it fit.
Don't be a nitwit.

Are you a denial case? Do the "it will fit" you embrace? Then you end up with more of a mess. Come now, you can confess. The cat won't make fun of you much. Maybe just a touch. It is the right fit to come to pass for my ever so fit little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      In with a nice flow
      11 minute's late
      But still made it!


    2. Still got on in
      All sleeping at their bin

  2. Growing up is hard to do.

    I was bad at making excuses to my dad for being careless. Then I was out on my own and thinking of an excuse and realized. Who was I kidding. I was paying the price. That was easily 45 years ago. Time moves forward; but, some lessons remain. Life is a teacher.

    1. Life shall teach in many a way
      Learned that rather quickly at my bay

  3. Sing the denial song and make it fit
    It will do, just a bit
    Push that fat into those jeans
    Thinking you look like beauty queens

    1. With your ass all out
      Hey, at least you can float about

  4. It'll fit because I say it
    Got it done with all the grit
    Fit in not a mess
    No denial at best
    Giving way little just a bit


    1. A little gave away
      With the shove come what may

  5. That really should be easy since humans are mostly wrong!

  6. I deny anything and everything unless there is compelling evidence. Talking of fitting, I am really worried if my clothes will fit me this time next year.

    1. haha well if it is a good thing
      Then that is fine if they don't fit you come spring

  7. Can't deny it fits
    If it busts at the seams
    Then it bursts your bubbles
    And shatters your dream.


  8. Nope I am not a jammer
    No easy fit or fix
    Clear out whatever to do it right
    That is how I get my kicks

  9. I had that happen to my car one time years ago. A woman was trying to park next to me and ran right into my car door. She was in a hurry and pulled in too fast.

  10. One of my closest friends has an 'it will fit, because I say so' mentality. I love her anyway. ;)

    1. haha doesn't always work that way
      But can be fun to watch their display

  11. If I'm in the wrong I ALWAYS own up.
    Loved the verse Pat.

  12. You know the old cat saying, 'if it sits, it fits.

  13. Last week I was convinced I could still fit into the dress I wore at 15. I was very wrong

    1. haha well at least you tried
      Now the dress you can hide

  14. I told prince charming the glass slipper was mine
    oops, sorry it really didn't is
    for Cinderella and she lives in a storybook.

    I hope you are enjoying your Sunday :)

    1. lol may be crap outta luck
      As in the story it stuck

  15. Whoops,said you're cat
    Forget all of that
    Acting the brat
    Where's the food at

  16. My daughter thinks she is never wrong. She's definitely one that's in denial. I think she should join the debate team in college so she can find other like minded people who are also in denial about never being wrong.

    1. lol the Denial Club goes debating
      May have an inflated rating

  17. It's irritating to be around people in denial, especially if they try to push their lack of common sense onto you.

    1. Yep, that is when you push back
      And hope they have a heart attack lol

  18. LOL! Got a kick out of this, Pat! You'd be amazing at all I've learned to fit into a small carryon bag. It's like a 3D puzzle as I try to outwit baggage fees. It started with our honeymoon when Terry wouldn't tell me where in the world we were flying, and I couldn't check a bag! Have a good one!

    1. I can fit a bunch in too
      The one and only time I flew lol

  19. Whoops, I am trying to make my budget fit. ;)

  20. All I could think of were the spandex whales in Walmart who think they look great in a size 8. When they should be in a size 18

    1. Yeah that can be a scary sight
      Run away in fright


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