Melt Away Those On Display!

The cat is back,
Back at my shack.
To be back wouldn't I have to go?
Damned if I know.

Though I do.
So damned at my zoo?
 Damn, need to watch those words.
Whoops, how about them birds?

Yeah, on with it.
As here we sit.
I'm sitting, are you?
Bet more than a few.

Insecurity is the name.
Isn't that word lame?
Who needs it?
Hey, gives a rhyming fit.

Want it gone?
Easy with no con.
Just let it melt.
Screw the hand dealt.

Frosty is toast.
He sure can't boast.
He went down under.
Whoops, the sun did plunder.

Now he's a puddle.
Around him kiddies huddle.
He just wanted to see a kangaroo.
One that wouldn't steal his shoe.

He came, he saw, he died.
The poor kiddies cried.
The kangaroo hopped away,
All went on with their day.

Wow, that was depressing.
Is that what you're guessing?
A mythical snowman died. 
Pfft screw the depressing ride.

Melt like mythical him.
Insecurity gone on a whim.
Then a new hand can be dealt.
For you skipped folding and went with melt.

Wasn't that wise of me? Hmmm yeah, I'm a bit crazy at my sea. But there could be something in there. At least I didn't repeat the fart one at my lair. Look! I used the new badge too. I guess that means this was the first post written when that came due. Could also mean I'm a tad slow or too lazy to make the other one go. We'll go with the first one of the mass. That is much better sounding to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I do so love reading about your cats at your shack.Brightens my day Pat.

  2. So sad about Frosty
    sort of melting away
    but at least the cats were out
    a bit and doing some play


  3. Poor Frosty, I always cried when he melted away
    But that magic hat made him comeback for another day

  4. Woo hoo
    finally the new badge at your zoo
    it only took forever and a day
    for you to get caught up at your bay
    poor snowman melting to water
    maybe inside him they found a quarter?

    1. Maybe they found riches
      Did the old badge cause twitches?
      That's what happens when the cat is far ahead
      400 posts put to bed

  5. No melting cheer
    as it's quite frosty here!

  6. Hey, I'm all for frying Frosty. Always thought he was a bit creepy.

  7. Yaaay a big funeral, let the party begin
    Have a blast celebration, you bring the gin
    Frosty and humans don't exit the door
    They both say bye bye as huge puddles on the floor

    1. Then looky lous come
      Fall on their bum
      Hint, might not all be melted snow
      Just so you know

  8. Let the insecurity melt. I like the idea though at times it can be harder than others.

    1. Yeah, sometimes need to get toasty
      To make those insecurities roasty

  9. Insecurity gone on a whim,
    that would make every slim. :P

  10. You're so far ahead of the rest of us. Frosty needed some slimming anyway.

    1. Yeah, he was getting rather fat
      I am one mouthy cat

  11. I don't think insecurity is in your vocabulary, or you are good at hiding in. Nonetheless, you set a great example and are supportive of so many. No freeze out in your world

    1. Nope, too crazy at my sea
      No time for an insecurity on me
      Support I'd rather do
      Here at my zoo

  12. Melt Away Those On Display!
    Frosty got wind of the delay
    Insecure catch
    In with a dash
    Friends may help give them a say!


  13. Guess I would be insecure too if I were Frosty. Warm weather and he is out of here.

  14. I'm ready to let the insecurities melt away.
    Never come back, especially on cold days. :)

    1. Let them be gone with the cold
      And never again join the fold

  15. While reading your words,
    You stopped me at "birds".
    In L.A. no snowmen here,
    And no kangaroos to bring children cheer.
    Not much insecurity that I can see,
    But pompous asses saying, Hey, look at me!"
    Yes, here I am in the land of the stars--
    A land filled with freeways covered with cars.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Smog in the air
      With few that care
      Head up their own ass
      Or a bimbo plastic lass
      All wanting to be a star
      While driving a fancy car

  16. If our skies squeeze out a dusting of snow this winter, I'll scrape enough together to make a tiny snowman. May all our foolish insecurities melt away as quickly as a snowfall in Georgia.

    1. Let it melt away like that
      Just don't roll up any dog scat

  17. Frosty the Snowman
    is one happy chum.
    Because you know, man.
    The snowblower's come.

  18. A lesson about life's temporary gifts. :-(

  19. I am 100% inspired. To do what, I don't know, but I'm definitely inspired.

    At least Frosty wasn't put together on a yard that contains a lot of dogs. That's a quick way to get a pair of yellow snow pants.

    1. And those coal eyes could be brown
      That would make frosty frown
      Inspired to do something is a win
      Beats nothing at ones bin

  20. Hope Frosty, and his insecurities, stays away from my bay:)

  21. Those snowmen are always asking for trouble!

  22. I have to admit,
    here at my computer as I sit
    I like your brand of crazy,
    and never find you to be lazy.
    You always bring a smile to my face
    and it really does help me to keep up the pace.

    1. Glad the cat can help
      And not make one yelp
      As crazy I go
      To and fro

  23. Brilliant advice
    worthy to read over twice.
    Insecurity be gone!
    Off our heads, hearts, and lawns.
    When insecurity we dwell
    our terminus is hell.

    (Wait! Did that even rhyme?)

    VR Barkowski

    1. Rhymed for the most part
      Can take that to heart
      And no Hell
      That is swell

  24. Poor Frosty, maybe he should listen to that Frozen song "In Summer"!

  25. We let insecurity melt away and build a new Frosty with positive mind :-)

  26. We're all here
    to revere
    the good cheer
    rhymes will clear
    Frosty's tear

  27. Melting snowmen make me smile
    That means the sun is out for awhile :)

  28. My favorite way to see Frosty is in a puddle on the ground. Snow sucks!

  29. No melting of Frosty today at my bay
    Just checked the mercury and gasped, "No way!"
    What does it say?
    -15 degrees today!!!

    1. ugg you can keep that
      That cold can surely scat

  30. Glad you're back!
    Craziness can be a good thing, at least that's what I keep trying to tell myself!
    Here's to the status quo!

    1. Craziness can sure be fun
      Depends on how it is given a run

  31. If you make Frosty toast, there's no more christmas gifts anymore. Especially if you're an evil and incompetent magician with a traitor bunny.

  32. Love hearing rhyme
    And your header is sublime.

    Happy Holidays
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  33. Frosty is toast,
    but thankfully not a ghost
    I like him the most
    because he doesn't boast!

  34. Frosty is dead meat with global warming...just saying.


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