Obsession Much? Just A Touch!

Humans sure have a few things they obsess over. At least it isn't the things of rover. Well in some cases I suppose. Let's just hope not many stoop to such lows. Time to rank and you can take that to the bank.

How was it?
Good or shit?
Great or grand?
Give it a hand?

Nope, not at all.
Trash on call.
Wait, it was great.
Don't give it hate.

....been there, done this.
What could be amiss?
Oh right, the rank.
At least it isn't dark and dank.

It was between one and three.
That is my ranking spree.
I'd put it above four.
But one and three take the tour.

Of those it would be a three.
That is the way I see.
Of that it would be number 6.
1,5,3,7,9 it couldn't nix.

Can't you rank?
No gas in the tank?
Rank it against more.
Give it an encore.

Make a fine list.
Nothing can be missed.
Rank it against all.
You can do it at your hall.

I'll pull rank if you don't.
Rank it you won't?
Well I rank you a zero.
You are no ranking hero.

How about you?
Ranking came due?
You get to be ranked 5.
That is great to survive.

I need to rank more.
Ranking is such chore.
This is ranked 1024 out of 2204.
Don't you love my ranking tour?

Do you insist on ranking everything? Do you give rankings a fling? The top ten this and that or best to worst of such and such where you're at? Humans seem to have to rank all and then give sass. Can't have anyone disagreeing with this pass. That is just oh so crass. Pffft I'll just let something rank come out of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Kind of like going to the chiropractor and asked to rank your pain. Sort of like compared to what. So I just make up a number.

  2. Obsession Much? Just A Touch!
    To effect ranking just as much
    It creates a target
    And not easy to get
    But to outdo each other as such


    1. That the outdo comes
      Beating the ranking drums

  3. Sometimes rank things here
    but not so much on other days
    got too much going to think this way
    that is all I will say


    1. Yeah, can't always think
      Or can be lost in a blink

  4. Rank it, tank it, any way you crank it
    Thank it, spank it, maybe even shank it
    Bow to the left, curtsy to the right
    Don't rip your britches if they're a little tight

    1. Or out comes a full moon
      That may swoon to the tune

  5. I enjoy a good ranking. Might need to do a post with a rank soon.

  6. I'd rank this blog pretty high as a fave. Mighty competition with Alex, Robyn, and Penwasser Place.
    None shall walk the plank
    or sank

    1. Getting in the top four is grand
      Works for our land

  7. jSome humans we know are pretty rank too!

  8. I do rank things here
    In my own world sphere.
    Movies, of course
    That is just one source
    Oh well, what can I say,
    Not much, I guess, ok? :)

  9. I don't do ranking myself, but I do find rankings on the web for restaurants, products, etc very helpful :-)

    1. Depends where you find them though
      As they can be manipulated at ones show

  10. Ha! Such timing again, Cat!
    At my bay today covered that!

  11. Looking at book rankings can drive one crazy. But restaurant rankings are good.

    Have a very Happy New Year!

    1. Yep, first may drive you nuts
      The later will keep you out of bad ruts

  12. I do rank
    At my bank...
    Friends and relatives who actually like me come first
    Then comes dough to quench my thirst
    And pay my medical bills
    No money kills
    So it is
    As I'm doing the ranking bizzz

    1. Kills it will
      With each bill
      So not a thrill
      Especially when ill

    2. Being ill is expensive, all right
      As you get billed day and night

    3. That you do
      Bills up the wazoo

  13. We wish you a Merry Christmas... oh wait, that's over. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Hoping 2017 is an awesome year for you. :)

    1. Awesome would sure be grand
      Been a while since one of those in our land haha

  14. Ha ha Pat. Keep spinning into the new year. May it be the best ever...that would be No 1!

  15. I seldom rank things. I like it or I don't or maybe a little. See I can't make up my mind.

    1. haha well you get to pick from three
      So kinda ranked by thee

  16. Great read Pat and very interesting also.

  17. For doctor I have the best
    He is why my health is blessed
    To add to his art
    These gift he’ll impart
    His bills that put heart to a test

    1. Knows how to see
      Whether or not you'll drop dead from the fee

  18. Usually just restaurants, movies and books I rank. I don't give much else though when it comes to a ranking system.

  19. Oh, ranking is a bitch. :D
    Merry Christmas!


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