On This Day Cheery May Go Away!

The cheer may be gone as many fall for the con. What is the con? The con that will dawn. That is just grand. Aren't I confusing in my land? That is nothing new. Now on with it for you.

Support desk, what is your issue?
Do you need more than a tissue?
Wait, that is not right.
I have to direct you to our site.

There you are.
Help was on par.
Have a nice day.
That's all I can say.

Ring, ring, ring.
A button pressing fling.
Hit one for this.
Hit two and don't miss.

Maybe try three.
Better hope you don't have to pee.
If you hit four,
You'll get a world tour.

The time it takes to answer that is.
We've got more important biz.
Solitaire I need to beat.
Plus I also need to eat.

Listen to the tune.
You can dance like a loon.
That will pass the time.
Your carrier may charge you more than a dime.

Support desk, what is your inquiry?
Better hurry before your expiry.
That is not a death threat.
We just have many in the net.

We don't have all day.
Out with it we say.
Oh, that is on the site.
Go there and everything will be alright.

I hope we helped you.
I know that hope is true.
Come back any time.
To not to would be a crime.

Ring, ring, ring.
Have a button fling.
Press one, two or three.
Enjoy the button spree.

Some may be looking for help with things they bought. Whether returning or fixing a broken lot. This is what they may find. Don't you love the help desk for mankind? Hmm, maybe they need one as a whole. There the brain dead could take a stroll. Another post that could be. We shall see. Don't you love dealing with them with each pass? They are so annoying to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It's now 3 in a row
      Right from the word go!


    2. No minutes late
      Exactly on go is your fate

  2. As there were no cheer at my pad.
    I'm hoping today will be better.
    As I didn't get any cards or presents.
    I don't have to write any "Thank you " Letters.

    Loved the verse Pat.

  3. On This Day Cheery May Go Away!
    Support Desk should not delay
    With such a job to do
    Better be there too
    They expect lots of fair play


  4. Happy day after Christmas. Luckily, we have nothing to return. Have a great day.

  5. Dreading to do the few returns we have. Just dreading it.

    1. Can sure bring the dread
      Would rather stay in bed

  6. Yep, it's the day after and we ordered a big bowl of nap!

    1. With lunch on the side
      When the clock turns to that ride

  7. I ordered a bedside commode with droppable arms designed to handle 1000 pounds. It was delivered to someone in Sacramento California. I've yet to hear from the company. But I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when the people in Sacramento opened the package.

    1. lol that would have got a wtf moment indeed
      When that took seed

  8. Help, return
    Help reaffirm
    Help, it's broke
    It ain't no joke
    What a waste of time
    I'd rather rhyme

  9. I hate the automated customer service BS. Have to press several buttons just to get to a real person.

    1. Yep, and then maybe several more
      To get the encore

  10. Hit 2 for Scooby Doo
    Hit 3 for Scooby Dooweeeeh

  11. Just came home from some face to face returns. Helpful clerks. No hassles. No tears or meltdown. Success, then lunch
    Win win. Press 1 to enjoy your Monday.

    1. haha that is the way
      I'll take easy peasy any day

  12. Then when you finally survive the ordeal
    there will an email appeal.
    Fill out this survey, please!
    How did we do? Be honest. Don't tease! haha.

    1. haha and they can take forever
      With their rate this this this and that endeavor

  13. Well that was that
    says Christmas brat
    it'a back to Pat
    where's rhymes are at

  14. Thankfully, we didn't have any issues this year except for one gift we have to take back to Walmart. However, I would rather be on the phone with "Jim" from China in customer service for an hour than deal with Walmart's customer service any day!

    1. Yeah, walmart is rather bad
      Not a fun time will be had

  15. Did not go out at all yesterday
    Treat it still like. Holiday.
    No returns that I have to do
    But my hubby does, that's nothing new.

    1. I never left the house for days
      Screw going through that maze

  16. So glad that's not the tune at my show
    Although when back to work I go
    The help desk may make headaches grow

  17. This year was no problem. No gifts, family too scattered.

    1. Easy peasy for you
      Hopefully some fun came due


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