The Bottom Line Sure Does Shine!

The cat and you know that dough rules each corporate show. That is so easy to see a fly could know it comes to be. Maybe that is why they are on a wall? They listen at each hall? Or is that a dumb saying? Bah, not worth replaying.

Look at that ad!
It is so rad.
I want that job.
Gonna beat out old, Bob.

Creative in the title.
I sure won't be idle.
I'll use my creative flow.
I'll be great, I just know.

Creative we want,
So they taunt.
Creative are you.
We'll take two.

Welcome to the club.
Ready to be all rub a dub dub?
We mean that literally too.
Don't get what we need from you?

Creative is more of a suggestion.
It's not even really a question.
More like the same old thing.
Hence the dubbing you will bring.

You see this?
We don't want to miss.
Do it the way it was always done.
But be creative and have fun.

No, don't do it that way.
Creative can go out to play.
We want it done exactly like that guy.
Creative for today may have been a lie.

That was well done.
It was the same as everyone.
See? No need to be creative.
We can't have you going native.

Stick to the plan.
Everyone is a fan.
We keep the status quo.
But use that creative flow.

Stifle it with ease.
It is such a breeze.
Be creative to make the usual align.
For it's all about the bottom line.

Jobs that say creative are usually not. Did you ever notice that plot? The same old shit or copy the last guy's hit. Why think of something new or take a chance? Let's stick with the rip off stance. Creative within the same old frame of mind. Now that is one of a billion or so mankind. I think I'll avoid that mass. I'd piss them off too much with my creative little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The Bottom Line Sure Does Shine!
    Being creative is all being fine
    Creative jobs are not?
    That's not a good plot
    Creative juice is not an easy find


  2. Always read the bottom line.
    Excellent Pat.

  3. Being creative and wanting someone to think outside the box. No comment, it is pretty early in morning to think.

  4. Kind of like a job offering flexible hours
    That is to their advantage not to the employee
    Same thing with creative, it is in the eye of the beholder
    And that is rarely you and me


    1. Yep, advantage to them indeed
      Everyone has a different take on creative at their feed

  5. don't step too far out of the box
    especially if you are a mime

  6. Creative is often paired with works well on own, but rarely are either wanted.

    1. Yep, neither wants to come do
      As they give a big screw you

  7. i for one completely agree, just check out movies one two three
    remakes, retakes, nothing new; they say creative till they're blue

    thanks for sparking me to rhyme, love to stop by - always a good time!
    and preesh you stopping by my Cradle Rock release tour!

    1. Yep, all the same old crap
      Falling into the same old trap
      Prequels and reboots too
      Flush em all down the loo

  8. Stifling creativivty after ask one to be creative, just doesn't make a lick of good sense, does it??

    1. Many have no sense let alone good
      There in there oh so sensible hood

  9. If you have to ask someone to be creative they probably are not!

    1. Or need a great big push
      To get off their tush

  10. I'm still waiting for a job ad that says they are looking for a person that acts normal. That would eliminate a lot of people.

    1. Yep, a lot would be out the door
      And off the floor

  11. orlin N hole dam ad that waz placed by de food servizz gurlz place oh employ waz a LIE.....if they had just rited: hellz open, apply heer ....

    well ~~~~~~~

    heerz two a merry Christmas anda happee one anda blessed one.....see ya ina few ☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Yep, at least you'd know
      That hell was going to show

  12. That's true. Once something's a hit, everybody tries to copy it. And the movies are swamped with sequels and remakes.

    1. That is all they do
      Copy through and through and through

  13. Creative with lies!/That's the way to advertise. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. This secret my fans have oft pled
    How so many ideas I shed
    The answer might stun
    The source of my run
    My wife holds a gun to my head

  15. Dull and boring seems to be par everywhere

  16. We want creative ideas, sounds like fun
    until you give suggestions that they shun...

    1. And shun they will
      Mountain out of a mole hill

    2. That's as true (True!) as gold
      As a pile of BS they sold

  17. I guess I'm lucky at my job
    Creativity and the need for it are no prob!

  18. I think they just try to sound hip and edgy by using words like "creative". We all know most people aren't open to new and fresh ideas.

    1. Nope, they resist change
      Even when they clamor for it at their range

  19. think you are being creative only to discover it's been done or written already:(

    1. haha that could be true
      As much out there is in view

  20. I was confused, I early write
    Posts that hide from my sight

    1. Yeah, screwed up that today
      As two came on display

  21. Ha, it seems to be harder and harder to be creative nowadays....
    maybe it is because my mind is on trying to survive in a trumpian world.

    1. haha that it could be
      Getting bogged down with no glee

  22. Creativity wanted but only within reason
    Do it my way or I consider it treason.


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