The Cry Of The Lie!

So we all know lies float here and there, they float about with many to spare. The cat can spin a good one. Not that any here need to be done. But then trust is gone. Or is that all a con?

The sky is falling.
Some may be balling.
The waterworks may show.
Whoops, a lie stooped low.

A nuke went boom.
Some go all doom and gloom.
Stocking up a ton.
Whoops, a lie was spun.

A....shut up already.
We know you lie steady.
Cry wolf is all you do.
We won't believe you.

This is the best.
It beats all the rest.
Try it today.
Come and play.

Whoops, didn't work.
That isn't a perk.
It must be a mistake.
It sure can't be fake.

That is so grand.
All have it across the land.
Buy it with cold hard cash.
Come and make a dash.

Whoops, it was no good.
I must have misunderstood.
That is on me.
After all, it was on TV.

An awful product here.
Don't add it to your gear.
Stay far far far away.
Go somewhere else to play.

Wow, it was really grand.
They must have took a new stand.
No must really mean yes.
That is how they confess.

For the media can't lie.
They sit upon high.
No lying comes through.
It was on TV to view.

Ever notice that? One can tell a liar to scat. But they believe the media even when they cry wolf a 1000 times over. Are humans as dumb as rover? Might be insulting rover there. The media sure cry wolf to spare. I'll just roll my eyes and give them sass. That is all they'll get from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Blue was snoring
      Or out exploring

    2. Yes, I did snore
      Like a blue boar

    3. Such a snorer
      But no dream explorer

    4. Good Morning Hank
      Good Morning Blue
      Good Morning Pat
      Good Morning Cat

      Good Morning Snow
      can you please go :(

    5. No snow here
      Wrong post I fear lol

  2. My mothere reared me to be honest and to myself be true.
    This I have tried to do.
    Loved the read Pat.


  3. Best lie I like to rebuke
    is the one saying when the world will end
    like the person saying it is privy to some news
    that I know is not truthful my friend


    1. Yeah, that is so full of shit
      Person is nothing but a twit

  4. How many lies can you tell before you die
    How many birds to make a black bird pie
    How many raindrops to fill up a sky
    How many vowels to ask the question why
    How many twists in the braid that you tie
    How many peanuts from a dollar can you buy
    How much misery does it take to make you sigh

    1. How many questions can you rhyme
      How many before a certain time
      How many minutes before you punch a mime
      How many times have you done a crime
      How many times did you fall in grime
      How many stairs in a day do you climb

    2. Lots of hows at your sea
      Scooby Dooweeeeee!

  5. The Cry of the Lie
    Expecting one to buy
    Media spins
    Knocks it in
    One learns how to get by


  6. Im agree with you cat!
    I dont trust in liers and are many here and there.
    I prefer the truth. Maybe not easy but better.
    Happy new year to Pat and the cats :)

    1. Truth is better
      But we always get the false lying letter

  7. Just turn on the tv
    And you will see
    All kinds of lies be told.
    No mattter what, it never gets old.
    This means people believe the lies
    Put out that dung and watch all the flies

    1. The flies come a calling
      As the shit never is a stalling

  8. Sounds as if your ear has been near
    The weather forecasts over here...

  9. are humans as dumb as rover
    well, yes as they roll in the clover
    believe what you hear and read
    buy it, give common sense no heed

    1. Common sense is dead
      People are "touched" in the head

  10. We usually have our fair share of whoops around here.

  11. Reminds me of Entertainment Tonight. They are not so much doom and gloom but they can jazz up any story so much it's ridiculous. They can make you care about a homeless man eating an apple.

    1. Yep, add in some flare
      To make any story care

  12. Hey it was on tv or on the internet, it must be true.

  13. Hey Pat in the Hatt,
    Before I scat
    The more they tell lies
    What a surprise
    They start to believe their own bullshit
    Makes me want to spit
    No lie
    I gave prose a try
    Bye Bye.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary.

    1. The bullshit they believe more and more
      With every single encore

  14. My wife said she wanted a pet
    Something of Joy in times of fret
    To help ease the tone
    When she felt alone
    (So) I bought her her own TV set

  15. You just can't trust the media these days. Always spinning lies to fit their own agenda. Not cool!

  16. spin a tale, tell a lie
    -your publication they will buy


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