The Eve Has Fell, Time To Sell!

Christmas Eve is here. Let's all give a cheer. It's the eve of a day. Yesterday was the eve of today's fray. Can we go all eve eve eve eve at every sea? Only be 365 eves that need to come to be. You could count them down. Or maybe just skip town.

The one eve.
It's ready to thieve.
It's lonely and sad.
More eves were rad.

It's eve time.
Boom, Christmas chime.
Now 365 eves are here.
Ready for next year's cheer?

An eve to weave.
Weave of the eve.
Would that be eves?
Watch the falling leaves.

Snow you say?
Not here on display.
Nope, not one bit.
I'm not on the eve of that shit.

Does that peeve?
I got more than one eve.
Where is this going?
Pffft damned if I'm knowing.

I'm just writing on the eve,
The eve that will soon leave.
There are still plenty though.
Many more eve's to go.

Valentines Day was two eves ago.
Still plenty of eves in tow.
No fat guys in diapers at least.
Who needs such a beast?

Can you do the math?
How many in the eve path?
Too drunk for it?
Was that some good shit?

Might be a bit early though,
Especially if some give #1 a go.
Then they will leave,
Preparing for the eve.

Are the eves even?
Are you believe in?
Are the eves odd?
Think my eve is flawed?

Are you even still here? Did you run in fear? Was it even or odd? Wait, that's math, dear God. I know you said that. 319 eves from Christmas for the cat. I can still say Merry Christmas Eve though. Want to see all those eves in a row? I'm far too lazy to give that a pass. Maybe in another 365 eves I'll do it with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The Eve Has Fell, Time To Sell!
    Eves are there all of them swell
    Some may have too
    Not something new
    Be aware more than one can tell!


  2. Yes indeed Chritmas Eve is here,
    No more worries, no more fears.
    Sit back tomorrow and enjoy the fun,
    Another Christmas Day had just begun.


  3. We are Eve ready and waiting here!

  4. The eve of eve's and all aroun
    The silence is deafening just like a clown
    The stockings are hanging without any words
    Look they are filling.....oh it's just reindeer turds

    1. Turds for one
      Turds for all
      Some shitty fun
      For mutts that fall

  5. I was ready at last night's eve eve, now it's eve day and
    the gang will arrive to stay
    the real day shall be quiet as a mouse
    except for me cleaning house

    entertaining is tough work! Enjoy

  6. Yup, too many eves. Almost time for Santa. Merry Christmas to you Pat and the cats too. Have a good one.

    1. Yep, eves all around
      Hope a great christmas there is found

  7. Replies
    1. Merry Christmas Eve
      and may it be followed
      by a Merry Christmas Day

    2. Merry all around
      Sure is nice to be found

  8. Have a good Christmas Eve Pat and cats.

  9. I wonder if someone thought of eves as a way to extend the celebrating.. .not only the day of, but the day before, too. Oh, those ancestors of ours, they probably needed an eve or two. Hope your holidays are merry. Our winter has given us some snow for the first time in years on the Canadian west coast, but it's our usual wet, slushy stuff.

    1. Yep, that is why they probably went with it
      So they can celebrate before the actual day hit
      Blah to the snow
      Glad it is all gone, for now, at our show

  10. Tis the eve
    We can't deceive
    It starts tonight
    So don't take flight
    Take out the menorah
    and dance the horah
    Happy Chanukah to all
    Let's have a latke ball.

    Happy Holidays, Pat.
    Merry Christmas to you and the cat!

    1. Dance and prance
      Give a glance
      May not be silent night
      As said on your site

  11. Did you write this 319 days ago?
    Is that what I am to understand?
    I know you write ahead
    But that far ahead is really grand!


    1. lol up to 377 days now or so
      2018 is getting my flow

  12. Never fear,
    I'm still here,
    Waiting to see where you were going.
    I haven't a clue,
    I can't think like you.
    But someday I'll understand what you're showing.

  13. You don't need a list of naughty girls anymore from santa, all you have to do is check your FB feed.

    1. Or the junk mail
      They come there without fail

  14. It's eve time
    When bells chime
    to the crime
    of my rhyme

  15. Looking in the eye
    this eve shines
    everyone here
    breathe one air

  16. All Hallows Eve would be my favorite eve, but Christmas is a pretty close second :)

    1. That I would have guessed
      Whether or not you confessed

  17. Merry belated Christmas to you
    From this fur home zoo.
    I was behind in so much
    Had to wrap, cook, clean and such.
    We celebrate Christmas Eve
    It ended up real nice, I do believe.

    1. Good that it ended nice indeed
      As christmas took seed


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