The Gift Of Not Making Your Spirits Spot!

The cat is here to help you today. Although you may not like what I have to say. The cat is fine with that though. Get ready for what is about to show.

Gifts are grand,
Gifts are great.
Many across the land,
Will soon be a trait.

Wishing and wanting,
All want some.
Some so haunting,
While beating the drum.

Sorry to say,
Not really one bit,
That in your fray,
You won't get it.

A winning lottery ticket.
Ha! Fat chance.
Was that a cricket?
You broke out of your trance?

A Ferrari.
Yeah, and aliens will show.
You may get an Atari,
Just so you know.

A mansion in the hills.
Nah, not even in this market.
Sorry, no playboy thrills.
There you can't park it.

A book deal from the big boys.
No one works on Christmas day.
So you are better off with cheap toys,
As that won't be on display.

A trip around the world.
Whoops, the ticket got lost.
In the sand no toes will be curled,
Maybe a ferry ride at a cheap cost.

A windfall from a dead relative.
How morbid are you?
Do you have one in captive?
Yeah, a cheat rhyme came due.

Whoops, dreams are dead.
Not sorry about that.
No sugar plums in your head?
Gonna wish death on the cat?

Did the cat burst your bubble? Want to bury the cat in rubble? Hey, I just wanted to make sure your hopes weren't gotten up. But you may find a poop eating pup. What could be better than that? Right, a no poop eating cat. It is okay if you give the cat sass, it is enjoyed by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall. 


  1. Replies
    1. Good Morning Hank
      Happy Friday, office
      Xmas today oh what fun

    2. Good morning True
      Xmas comes

    3. Good morning True
      Xmas comes early


    4. Party away
      At your bay
      Early and drunk
      In a funk

  2. Replies
    1. Haha 2 @ 7:22 did you see that cat?
      Synchronicity is what I call that!

    2. Well I like to beat on a drum
      and my dreams aren't dead
      they are floating in my head
      while a xmas song I do hum

    3. Ok now my rhymes are done
      I hope your day is fun⏳

    4. Fun can be had
      At our pad
      Dreams aren't dead
      But stuck in the head

  3. I got a guitar for Christmas one year, so I'm really hoping my wife doesn't try topping that this year. My dreams are for a scaled back Christmas.

    1. That was a nice gift indeed
      Scaled back is what many need

  4. I have a few dreams I'd like to fullfill.
    So I will bang my drum....I certainly will.

    Have a great week-end Pat.

  5. I think back to the gifts I got from students. Some really nice things but some unusual ones too. I was always serious about no gifts. Adults don't exchange gifts in my family which makes Christmas a lot less hectic and a lot more merry. That is our opinion. But frankly, stuff don't make it better.

    1. Nope, tons of stuff
      Really ends up being fluff

  6. Gift of not Making your Spirits Spot
    And Ferrari making it an item so hot
    Gifts galore
    Wanting more
    Most opportune Xmas gifts to be bought


    1. That they sure are
      For rich only near and far

  7. Christmas gifts, holy smoke
    Take it easy, don't go broke

    1. Can't go broke when you are already
      haha then none come steady

  8. Just buying for the kids this year
    saves more money and less stress
    rather get together and enjoy each other's company
    than get into that shopping mess


    1. A much better way to be
      Brings more holiday glee

  9. My Christmas wish this day
    Is for hubby to be off so in the snow we can play!

    1. Build a snowman or ski
      Or roll in it with glee

  10. My dreams will never ever die, and this year, I'm getting what I've always wanted. That schmaltzy song about "All I want for Christmas is you" has always been my mantra. Finally, my hubby agrees. (Of course, the flu MAY have something to do with it...) :)

    1. haha I guess the flue has one perk
      As it allows your dream to work

  11. A winning ticket
    I've wanted badly.
    Doubt that I'll get it,
    I will say sadly.

    A worldwide cruise
    Is not in my wishes.
    It's probably a ruse
    To be food for the fishes.

    I am quite happy
    With the car that I own.
    It may not be snappy,
    But it still gets me home.

    But I'll keep being sunny
    And dreaming my dreams.
    Cuz I don't have much money
    For now so it seems.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hopefully that ticket
      Will come all aglow
      Maybe we should picket
      What? I don't know

      No need to be fish food
      Turned to poop in the sea
      That would be rude
      And not a good look for thee

      Dreams keep one going
      For you just never know
      One day there may be a showing
      Could have your own cruise ship in tow

  12. man, bring us down on a Friday
    but I won't fret
    If you don't ask for much
    there will be no regret

    Ray and I always end up spoiled enough

    1. Yeah, no regrets come due
      With no big things in view

  13. It doesn't matter what the gift is, it is the thought that counts. Just a nice peaceful Christmas day with all animals nice and healthy.

    1. That works for me
      All staying healthy as can be

  14. Someone else can have the gift, this cat just wants the box it came in!

  15. Now that I think about it, "Santa" hasn't been here lately has he?

  16. My kitties happy and healthy, that's the greatest gift for me! And I give them lots of gifts, the material kind :-)

    1. That is the best gift indeed
      No health woes taking seed

  17. Every once in a while I get a good freebie. What more could I ask for.

  18. How about an island in the sun
    For each and every bun?
    Hey, it's Friday...
    Such a fun day!

    1. Nope, not gonna get it
      Not any little bit

    2. I've got an island of snow
      piling up no place to go

    3. Snow a plenty here
      Something to fear

  19. Ha, I think sometimes the best gifts are gifts of 'presence' rather than gifts of 'presents.'

  20. Whenever the lotto I’d play
    Right numbers to pick came my way
    Just one little trick
    I needed to lick
    Was learning to pick the right day

    1. The right day can be tough
      As nailing the numbers is rough

  21. Greatest gifts are not always the biggest and cost $$$$. Gotta scale down the sites.

  22. I always get exactly what I want because I go buy my own gifts then have hubby wrap them up to give back to me.

    1. haha that is nice to gift to yourself
      Be your own magic elf

  23. Winning Amazon Gift Cards fixes any holiday ill. My family are house gifters. If you don't live in the house or are close relatives (mostly even then) then no gift for you. Made us grow up knowing how important it is to stay around people whose company you enjoy. When there's no gifts flying around you learn quickly who you truly can or cannot stand.

    Merry Christmas Pat! And leave my bubble alone cat.

    1. Such a win
      Is nice at any bin
      That isn't a bad way to go about gifts indeed
      As you sure do learn at your feed

      The cat may pop it
      Just a little bit

  24. I like to give and receive consumables.

  25. Instead of store bought gifts- lets spend time together, smile, laugh and treat each other with kindness. We don't need more things- but we need more spreading of things that sooth our souls. :)

    1. Yeah, that is the best way to be
      Things most people just pitch in the sea

  26. Whether it is Xmas, Valentines' or someone's birthday, gift giving is getting a bit too extreme.

    Gifts should be voluntary. In addition to whether or not someone wishes to gift something, the timing too should be spontaneous.

    1. Yep, it has gone to a whole new extreme
      Valentines day pfffft that can go die in a stream
      Love should be all year
      Not one day a year coming near

  27. I love giving gifts to family and friends
    I love seeing their faces because it sends
    The right message, we don't need a diamond or a car
    Socks or a movie can go real far


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