The Time Of Year For The Cheer!

The cat is here and I'll give you a chocolate calendar to fear. Warning, may not smell well after a while. Hmm, would that be rather vile? Do you get my drift? My, you are swift.

The 1st is back,
Back on the attack.
A 1st not like another.
This first has a brother.

It's a magic day.
Pffft so they say.
Who are they?
What the hey.

We'll get there.
Time to spare.
31 days or so,
Depending on when given a go.

You could read today.
Maybe tomorrow at play.
Would that be a replay?
You may be too busy either way.

Back on the attack,
A literal one with a smack.
Steal that marked down thing,
You won't have a happy fling.

Hands will be flung.
Kids pop a lung.
Screaming, I want that.
Some plastic scat.

Trees get chopped.
Birds get dropped.
The Tabbies would like that.
Unless they showed up where they are at.

Electric companies smile,
They are cheery by a mile.
Glad for all the lights.
Take them to new heights.

Elbows are flung.
Kids pop the other lung.
Everything is packed.
You car may even get attacked.

Bad parking galore.
That can be a chore.
Round and round you go.
Where you find a spot, damned if I know.

Isn't this month so great? The holidays are first rate. All the crazies out at one time. That can even scare a mime. The cat is glad he has nowhere to go. I'd make many a foe. I might even run over a toe. Otherwise I'll leave that to Tarsier Man to stoop that low. Ready to be oh so cheery in mass? I'll watch from far away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Another sequel to a prequel is due
    Now, where's my Star Wars shoe?

    1. So many of those
      Where they stop, who knows

    2. They keep going till the end of time
      If only they would rhyme

    3. But they don't
      Rhyme they won't

  2. To scare a mime
    What an extraordinary time

  3. Replies
    1. Good morning Pat!
      Parking is a chore
      at my shopping shore

    2. Shopping away
      No work for the day?

    3. Sadly to say
      working at my bay
      Shopping on the internet is the way
      as the parking goes astray,,

      It has been really bad with parking as i drive around and around with no parking found

    4. Internet is the easy way
      Ugg to parking at ones bay
      Used to have that issue at my sea
      Now with a small town easy as can be

    5. Blue was on the road
      Getting stuck like a blue toad

  4. It's definitely a stressful time of the year, but I'm trying to focus on the reason for the season.

    1. The reason is the way
      As one goes about their day

  5. With two popped lungs, the kids are dead, so more presents for the rest of us!

    1. haha good way to look at it
      We all get more umm a bit

  6. Keeping in light this year
    Making just a little fuss here and there
    Why get all stressed about it all
    Before you know it, it will be fall


    1. Fall shall return
      That's one thing we should learn

  7. Commercialized at all get out
    just to give the profit shout
    Forgetting the true meaning here
    and giving Christmas the proper cheer.
    That's why we love Thanksgiving so much.
    The only holiday without all the muck.

    1. The muck sure comes
      Beating commercialized drums
      Toss the crap in the sea
      Much more relaxed time for thee

  8. Really is stressfull I know !
    But I try to focus in Christmas and love baking !
    Anyway never I buy so much and to this time I dont buy any still.

  9. Ah yes
    It's the best
    to be so full of cheer
    and drink lots of beer
    right before we go shop
    and spend all our money til we drop
    and then cry 'cause we're broke
    and I can't even afford my Coke
    the soda, not the drug
    otherwise I'd just get mugged
    Aren't the holidays great?
    Merry Christmas, Mate!

    1. Could still get mugged
      After you get hugged
      They may really want that gift
      And from you they lift
      Take it and run
      Ruining your fun
      Fighting over the last
      Some may get left in a cast

  10. "All the crazies out at one time." Exactly!

  11. Another year popped a vein
    A time when many go insane
    Turn the page and wind the clock
    Twelve new to go around the block

    1. Around the block
      Comes as no shock
      More to buy
      With a cheery cry

  12. deep breaths and smiles
    stand in lines for awhile
    it's all in good cheer
    as we head to the new year

  13. Okay, I want to know where I can get that chocolate calendar:)

    1. haha could give it to a few
      That deserve it at your zoo

  14. We are big fans of the jolly season here!

  15. The Time Of Year For The Cheer!
    And a month more just to be sure
    Blessed the day
    New year replay
    Just about everyone a year older


  16. First is back already? And another 1st will come in no time! Not a big fan of this month. Too busy! I can use some chocolate calendar to deal with stress :-)

    1. haha not sure a little piece will do that
      But you never know where you are at

  17. I have my Advent calendar all set up
    but it just has pictures, maybe one with a pup?
    I avoid the mall as best as I can
    no need to go there, that is my plan.
    Love the music but no whiny crap
    I play German and classical, with a cat on my lap.
    I do have Bing and even Elvis too
    The best is Bonanza Christmas, then I am never blue:)

    1. The cheery tunes far and wide
      Can sure be grand as in one stays to hide

  18. orlin N cassie; knot for all de trout on thiz planet wood ya get any oh uz two de shoppin mall thiz month; just goin two de drugstore iz inn sane ~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaa........ pluz we iz knot good at time travel but we iz wunderin wear de hell thiz yeer even went !!!!! ya noe ♥♥♥

    1. Yeah, it sure flew on by
      So many in malls we'd like to poke them in the eye

  19. The time is here
    Wife's full of cheer
    With stores to clear
    Charge card kept near
    But I don't fear
    for I've got beer

    1. Get drunk
      Out of the funk
      Easy as can be
      At your sea

  20. No stores for me
    'Til after the tree
    Can't stand the rush
    Love the home silent hush

  21. holiday this and holiday that
    it doesn't annoy me
    but it could make me fat

    1. haha at least no snow
      So a swimming you can go

  22. I'm with the cat, I'd rather stay home.
    Company is nice though, so we won't be alone.

  23. Hate the crowds during shopping but love the deals. Maybe do online shopping more, ha ~

    1. Online shopping can be the way
      Can get the stuff and save your pay

  24. We are grinchy this year and didn't put up any lights. The kids aren't getting much since I want to go to California next summer. It's a low key holiday for us, for sure. It was a magical day because the street crew finally came by and scooped up all the leaves. That counts as something good for this month, right?

    1. California will be fun
      Skipping christmas for such a run
      But ahhh the holiday nazi must be going nuts
      Unless still stuck in halloween ruts

  25. Everyone needs a little extra niceness this time of year. It can be crazy out there.

    1. Crazy it can be
      As many aren't all that merry

  26. This is the month that everyone looks forward to
    and everyone is glad that it's over!!


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