With This Embrace We Go To Space!

The cat has found another obsession in a long line. You humans sure do provide plenty of material for the feline. What is this one you ask? Why it is a beam me up task.

Things in space.
It's quite the race.
Who needs a moon?
Sing that tune.

Off to space.
We're an ace.
Off you go.
Quite a show.

A car in space.
Wow, what an embrace.
A tractor too.
Damn, that's new.

A duck in space.
Quite the case.
Throw in a towel.
That makes all howl.

A pointy rock.
That spells space shock.
A hillbilly banjo.
Way to go.

A half eaten pop tart,
As a work of art.
Some counterfeit money.
Aliens will find it funny.

A run down tank.
Take that to the bank.
A lucky rabbit's foot.
Won't be covered in soot.

Some mouth wash.
That idea we won't squash.
Viagra may as well go.
Just in case, you know.

A bag of cat shit.
There we have it.
A light bulb or two,
Along with a port-a-loo.

Some dog hair.
They have plenty to spare.
Maybe even some tax man bills.
Now those would bring thrills.

What would you send into space? Anything you'd embrace? I hope that is not the case. You humans are a strange race. Whoopdi friggin doo is all that can be said at my zoo. Wait! Let's send to space some grass. That would sure, not a chance, impress my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. What would I send into space?
      Colleagues and neighbors.

    2. Haha you are 1 & 2
      maybe space has your shoe
      floating to infinity and beyond
      as you dream of a golden pond...

    3. One times two
      Two came due
      One plus two
      Three for you
      Math in space
      Wins the race

    4. Haha math wins
      To the space spin

    5. I'm with Blue!
      Colleagues and neighbors, shoo!

    6. Many I'd send in
      Math or not for a spin

    7. I'm with the fox
      Put them in a box
      With a load of dirty socks
      Might given them the chicken pox

    8. Then you'd have to have it too
      That would just be ewww

    9. The socks did, not me
      Scooby Dooweeeeeee

  2. All the scammers that I know
    Send in space, watch 'em go
    Scam the rocks upon the moon
    ''Tis your IQ level, you're loony tune

    1. Let them fry
      Suffocate and die
      Without a trace
      They float deep into space

  3. Dang I could have been number 1 this morning. I could have taken that space. Who cares about outer space. I don't want to be the first woman on Mars. I heard the seats aren't that comfortable.

    1. They'd be hard on the ass
      Much time you'd also need to pass

  4. Don't want to go to space or send anything there
    don't like to be that high
    so I'll stay contently on earth
    and let out a big sigh


  5. I'll stay earthbound. I'd rather explore the ocean.
    If I went into space, I'd scream...
    and they say no one could hear you

    1. Not heard as aliens attack
      Causing much flack

  6. Snowflakes: that's what I'd send
    Put intergalactic relations on the mend!

    1. Flying through the air
      Snowflakes in space would be rare

  7. I'm still waiting on all the celebrities who said they'd leave when Trump got elected. Still waiting, but you can send them to space if that would be quicker.

    1. haha yeah, all soooo full of shit
      Drama is all because of it

    2. Morning, Bijoux
      Does that rhyme with a blue suede shoe?

  8. I saw the movie Passengers
    sending people out in space
    Two awaken to a love embrace

    1. Lovey dovey in space
      Quite the embrace

    2. But was it great, meh or fun?
      Did you hate him for doing that thing to the one?
      Or was it okay... for he's good-looking and all?
      Or did you want him to fall?

    3. So many questions from Blue
      Maybe Angie has him on a time out at his zoo lol

    4. That might be true
      At my Scooby Doo zoo

    5. lol truth from a cat
      How about that

  9. That was good Pat! If I could I would send our evil neighbor into space!

  10. Do I get a say
    in the next to go away
    far, far into space
    with a small portion of the human race?
    The night skies would turn orange - that's a clue.
    His cabinet would go too.
    Peace would resume for more than a few.

    1. Yeah, I'd help indeed
      A rocket would take seed
      Shove it up his ass
      Watch as he goes with rocket gas

  11. I just watched Independence Day 2 so my head is still in space. lol

  12. I think sending solicitors into space would be a good idea. :)

    1. That would be fine
      Let them go to Mars and dine

  13. orlin N cassie....we wood bee a fraid ta sendz stuff inta space for feer it wood fly bak down N land on R headz ~~~~~ de food gurl N her best friend bear reed a time capsule when they waz like ten.....talk about a looooooooooooooooong time ago.... her haz wondered everee know & then if it was ever dug up.....her canna troo lee even remember what waz in it ! ♥♥♥

    1. haha someone may find it one day
      Maybe there was something in there worth a lot of pay

  14. With This Embrace We Go To Space!
    But what a discovery at the place
    Even lots of Dog hair
    Lots to choose there
    It'll just leave one all in a daze


  15. Would I meet Martin Landau and Barbara Bain? Sometimes I want to send my hubby to the moon, like in the Honeymooners, does that count?

  16. I'd send my son into space
    and fatherly pride I'd embrace
    and while he is gone
    his room at home drawn
    I'd move to a different place

    1. Whoops, up and moved away
      But have a nice day

  17. There aren't any objects I can think I'd like to send into space. People, though, is a whole other story.

    1. People are easy to find
      So many to toss in mankind

  18. I'd send the UK'S Health Service into space.
    They're cutting back I hear.
    I bet they're cutting back on the older folk.
    Especially this time of the year.

    Loved the posm Pat.



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