A Buggy Treat To Come And Eat!

The cat touched on this in a fact or two but now you'll get the full blown scoop at my zoo. Soon you may even make some dough. It's a growth sector, you know.

You can pick it,
Whether ant or cricket.
Soon it will be here,
And everywhere far and near.

Right at your door.
At the grocery store.
Need that protein.
It will make you lean.

Might taste like chicken.
None Pat is pickin.
But the cat takes them all.
I eat them down the hall.

Ants you can squeeze.
Forget those fleas.
Have some cricket legs.
Have them with beer kegs.

A caterpillar or two,
May sure fill you.
The butterfly effect?
That may make you umm erect.

A ladybug meal.
Now that's a deal.
It won't get spotty.
So says Scotty.

A stink bug stew?
That may be eww.
But some may enjoy.
Could be a nasty ploy.

Hop to the beat.
Grab a treat.
Don't be a flopper,
Snack on a grasshopper.

Weave a web line.
All will align.
Spiders are other.
But with ketchup you can smother.

And there are more.
Get creative at your shore.
Have a meal of bugs each day.
Soon many will be on display.

Hear that yet? Fine by this pet. Bugs will be the newest food. You'll use them to feed your brood. Aren't enough chickens to go around. So bugs galore will be found. Are you ready to snack on bugs in mass? It would be amusing to see for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I used to have a cat that would sit at the base of a pine tree. He would climb up and eat a few cicada every night. Shrimp of the tree for cats.

    1. A little snack to grad away
      And have a fulfilling day

  2. No thanks. I'll stick to nuts for protein.

    1. Nuts can do the trick
      But bugs go down some slick

  3. Replies
    1. And yet it may come to be
      Bugs across the sea

  4. Eat a bug a day
    No need to spray
    They're good dipped in your favorite sauce
    Show those bugs just who is boss

    1. Crunch and chew
      That little slime isn't so eww

  5. No eating bugs for me
    that will not make me squee
    with delight
    instead I'll recoil in fright
    at the sight
    of bugs to bite

    1. When hunger takes over
      Works for cat or rover
      Humans may have to suck it up
      Or steal the dog food from a pup

    2. dog and cat chow
      is better than most fast food now
      so dipping into their dish
      may not be a bad wish

    3. That is true
      Most of that fast food crap will rot you

  6. No thank you
    Gives me the heebie-jeebies
    Legs wiggling, antenae swaying
    Maybe cats are interested
    Or just playing

    Happy Friday

    1. They can chew
      When in view
      But humans may
      Come some day

  7. A Buggy Treat To Come And Eat!
    Protein galore to overcome meat
    Matter of being used to
    To just gulp not to chew
    Less people more share for one's feed


    1. Have to make due
      As more come through
      Bugs by the ton
      Buggy fun

  8. When on my bike the right time of day
    Bugs in my mouth the entire way
    Hate it but nothing I can do
    But wince and swallow and keep pedaling thru...

    1. haha get your protein to keep you going
      As the bugs start a flowing

  9. I'm aware that many actually eat insects, but I never had the urge to try one.

    1. Yeah, only if starving would I
      But even then it would be hard to give them a try

  10. No way, Jose! I only eat bugs accidentally. Ugg, ugg, ugg! I remember our guide Soluy in Siem Reap telling us that when she was a child and they ran out of food toward the end of each month, they would gather and eat insects from the jungle. He father was a teacher and an animal "veterinarian" in their village, and they were very poor. But then many people in Cambodia were and are poor.

    Cats and dogs are good bug catchers! Have at it Cassie and Orlin!

    1. Wow, I'd try and make the food last
      So I didn't join the bug cast

  11. I do like a good bug every once in a while!

  12. Not sure I fancy that snack at my shack!

    1. One day it may crop up,
      For human, cat or pup

  13. One of my kitties loves buggy treat but I won't approve....! I don't want his beautiful mouth to have such yucky stuff!

    1. lol realize what is in cat food?
      That is probably far more rude

  14. Our cats like to supplement their diets with an occasional bug, but I think I'll leave that particular cuisine to them... although I did once eat chocolate-covered ants when I was in elementary school. Someone brought them in for show-and-tell, and most of us gave them a try. Crunchy!

    1. A good crunch can't be beat
      Not sure though I'd want an ant treat

  15. I had a wonderful cat called Tabitha, she used to get up to everything imaginable. When she was ten she was diagnosed with diabetes and I had to give her two shots of insulin daily. No cat meat for her but the dry variety.


    1. Had to do what you had to do
      To make sure a great life came on due

  16. Dip it in chocolate
    Buy and drop in your pocket
    Eat it for lunch
    the bug's skeleton you'll crunch
    And post photos on your site
    of this yucky plight.
    It's a dumb thing to do
    It takes terrible too.

    1. Yeah, we'll avoid
      Let them fall in a void
      Bugs for a cat
      Simple as that

  17. I will not eat bugs in a stew
    I will not eat bugs here or there
    I will not eat bugs anywhere

  18. My friend was in Thailand 2 years back
    walking with his boyfriend who loved to attack
    a tasty treat over there.
    roasted cockroaches, Yup I swear
    they eat it like chips
    at least they don't go to your hips
    but I will pass on any insect stew
    chocolate, or snack-I just say Ewww!

    1. Blah, that they can keep
      We won't take the leap
      Cockroach stew
      Just gets eewww

  19. orlin N cassie...much az we hate ta ran choola; we wood eat one bee fore we wood eat a bass terd chcikn ~~~~~~~
    tuna finded a earth werm in de garage N eated it then de food gurl freeked that he wood then ...haz wermz ??? ☺☺☺

    heerz two a king oh de herringz kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. haha doesn't usually work that way
      But good protein at the end of the day

  20. Would probably have to starve
    rather than eat some of these things
    all I can think of is with my luck
    one of them would sting


  21. When the cats spot a cricket in the house.
    They'd rather eat it than a mouse.
    First they play with it and toss it about.
    Then swallow it when I let out a shout.
    Poor little cricket.

    1. haha yeah, play it to death
      Until it no longer has breath

  22. Right at the door
    of grocery store
    where I had bought more
    of canned bugs galore
    I heard jokers roar
    At brains of the poor

  23. My girls received some chocolate covered bugs last year as a gift. They wanted me to try them, and even though I'm usually a sucker for any kind of chocolate, I wasn't going anywhere near candy coated bugs. Ewwww!

    1. haha just not for you?
      Even if as a Halloween treat they came due?

  24. Wow Pat, this reminds me of a few people-eating-bugs -for-the-first-time videos on youtube.

    1. Yeah, there are a few of those
      Can sure curl ones toes

  25. Grasshoppers and spiders aren't for me!


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