A Friendly Face To Embrace?

The cat was out and about the other day and he heard a nut having their say. Or rather Pat heard it. But the cat is going to take the hit. What was it? Why some friendly shit.

You need to smile.
Smile a whole mile.
You need a friendly face.
You don't have one to embrace.

A face is a face.
You can't retrace.
But friendly yours is not.
So join the friendly lot.

Like that guy.
He's spry.
A friendly face.
All want to be in his space.

So smile like that.
Don't let your face fall flat.
Smile and have a friendly face,
Or you'll be fired from the rat race.

That's not it.
Looks like shit.
Smile like you mean it.
Take the hit.

Bah, you can't do it.
You look like you are having a fit.
You'll scare others away.
You have a scary display.

Go back to work.
Don't be a jerk.
Practice some more,
There at your shore.

Be happy tomorrow.
Don't bring the sorrow.
You aren't happy I say.
Look at that frown on display.

That's not your face.
It is not the case.
That is you lying.
So keep on trying.

Just look at her.
Happy with a purr.
Have a face like that.
Now get back to work, stat.

I actually heard an employee at the grocery store getting grossed out for not having a friendly face encore. Then they said a friendly face and pointed at me. If only they knew at my sea. Ever asked to change your face? No wonder there is a plastic embrace. Such idiot managers near and far. Maybe should flatten his face with a car. See, I'm not so friendly with my sass. I'd rather be a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I am epiletic and have fits but I have a friendly face......I think.
    Interesting to read Pat.


  2. A Friendly Face To Embrace?
    And blessed with such ways
    As an employee
    Must always be
    Maintains decorum with grace


  3. I can think of worse compliments!

  4. Put a smile upon your face
    It's more exciting then French lace
    Take off that frown, it's all passe
    Save it for a rainy day

  5. It might be hard to have a pleasant face all day long. It is nice to smile at times, makes people smile back at you.

    1. Yeah, would be tough to keep up
      Especially after a hiccup

  6. Frowns make better umbrellas than smiles

    1. Would a smile be an inside/out umbrella on a windy rainy day?

    2. Keep the waterworks away
      A win at any bay

  7. He certainly wouldn't be pointing at me. My neutral face is not the friendliest.
    However, prompting employees to act pleasant is a good idea. Getting the cashier who bitches the whole time to another cashier or who obviously hates his job, you, and life in general is never a fun experience.

    1. Yeah, those cashiers are never good
      Shut up they very well should
      A neutral ninja wannabe
      Be fun to see lol

  8. A happy face is a good thing but often as rare as common sense!

  9. Well, some customer service phone employees are told to keep a mirror on their desk, check their reflections are they smiling? I guess a smile is felt across the line unless one wears a happy mask then who really knows. Just sayin'.

    1. lol never knew that
      Wow, really don't want the smile to fall flat

  10. Wanna see me smile?
    Might take a while
    They've got to be happy at their sea
    No missing shoes in the place to be

    1. That they have to be
      Or they'll take it out on thee

  11. I appear to have a friendly face and am approachable. People will easily go on to tell me anything. Now if only they'd give me their money....

    1. haha then you'd be rich and share
      Just showing you care at your lair

  12. I once told a young girl
    Who served me with a frown and no twirl,
    "Smile, it won't break your face!"
    Still no twirl, no smile just keeping pace
    With the people she served.
    She gave me my food, nope not even unnerved.
    Oh well, not a great job I bet.
    Hopefully she is happier without much fret

    1. Yeah, probably a sucky job
      Far worse than What About Bob

  13. Sometimes changing our frown into a smile can change our whole outlook. :)

  14. to hold her brings me shakes
    at love sounds that she makes
    as my wallet she takes

  15. I have a curious face
    I think I stare at people too much
    they might feel a little nervous
    and a bit out of touch


    1. haha making all nervous around you
      Could be fun to do

  16. I'm a big believer in flashing smiles, Pat. I saw a video once on the fish mongers at Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Their motto was "Make Their Day." They did everything they could to make their customers smile and enjoy being there. I try to follow their lead. Even pretending to smile can lift your spirits. Have a good one!

    1. A pretend one can win the day
      If I dislike someone I smile and walk away

  17. It really pisses me off when someone tells me to smile when I'm out in public. Mind your own F*cking business. I have a painful illness and sometimes it takes all I have to get dressed and get out the door. Don't tell me to smile when you don't know the hell I've been through that day already. Grrr!

    1. lmao hit a nerve there
      Yep, many a time one has too much shit going on to care


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