A Sky Death Beam Reusable Stream!

Have you noticed remade plot devices at your sea? Remakes aren't good enough for you and me. Nope, now they have to remake the same thing. It has to be oh so threatening at ones wing.

Look, it's a remake.
 I still give Blue a head shake.
But do you see the giant death beam in the sky?
Keep an eye on it as the ghostbusting is given a try.

Oh look, it's back.
A green glow it may lack.
But it's the sky death beam.
Iron Man didn't even need a team.

Wow, can this be real?
Call the man of steel.
It's another sky death beam. 
Even took it down without a team.

The death beam is back.
A trash one is on the attack.
It takes a whole suicide squad to stop it.
Trash death beams in the sky are the shit.

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Let's transform things.
Whoops, out another springs.
Those transformers couldn't change.
 Is that ironic or just strange?

The death beam is coming.
Do you hear the humming?
It may be the technodrome though.
 The TMNT are the only ones to know.

Oh look, it's still hear.
Iron man has nothing to fear.
The whole avengers take down this one.
Sky Death Beam 2.0 was spun.

Has in the death beams sunk?
This one rather stunk.
You might not even know.
No one watched this Independent death beam show.

Right on the poster.
Not even good enough for a coaster.
Complete crap through and through.
But oh, the sky death beam is still in view.

And they say building hopping was bad.
At least it was original by a tad.
No sky death beams to show.
Then again, they got 3 sequels to go.
Have you caught on to the sky death beams yet? I say that now yes would be a safe bet. What is it with death beams from the sky? Do these writers even try? Maybe Justice League and Avengers 3 will all go death beam 3.0 at their sea. Hell, maybe they'll skip to death beam 10.0. You really never know. I can fend off death beams with my gas. That just had to be added by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Sky Death Beam Reusable Stream!
    Remakes that will make them scream
    Are they that innovative?
    To make them looking stiff
    Whatever, it definitely is coming


  2. Considering I have rarely seen the original, I don't get worked up about remakes. Though I suppose if they touched The Breakfast Club or Ferris Buehler, I'd be pissed!

  3. I've seen all of those films. Some I'm not proud of.
    Makes you appreciate films like Arrival that had no death beam.

    1. Yeah, they actually used a different plot
      Shows some still have thought

    2. I was shocked to find no beam
      No laser guns or 5-wave theme

    3. Not even a beam me up
      To fill your cup?

    4. Arrival was one of my favorites last year
      To that movie I give a cheer!

    5. Sure made one think
      No repeat blink

  4. Blazing death beams in the sky
    Oh Fiddle-de-dee, oh me, oh my
    Scarlet's in the cotton stubble pray'n on high
    Never to be poor again until she die

    1. Sure shall never be poor
      With death beams galore

  5. Death from above
    isn't spreading much love
    maybe they only know hate
    or are afraid of being late
    to the sci-game
    and fear being lame
    so they do what others do
    in order not to fling poo

    1. And yet fling they do
      With nothing new
      A remade plot
      All hot to trot

  6. Why they try to re-vamp things or change them around
    I never can understand
    sometimes the results of which
    can be rather bland


    1. Bland sure comes out
      Rather watch a singing trout

  7. The only thing in my sky is snow.
    I just knew you would want to know! :)

    1. Blah, we're going to get it here
      Can't you keep it near?

  8. they stole the death beam idea from the look my mother could give us if we even thought about doing something wrong

  9. Beam those remakes up, Cat
    Or crush them on your mat
    90% is cap anyway
    Good day!
    So it is
    Doing the crap biz

    Great post
    From coast to coast!

    1. Crap every which way
      As the death beams shall stay
      The remake plot
      Of the lot

      For meee

  10. F4 was certainly the reboot nobody asked for.

    1. Yep, giant piece of crap
      Blow it off the map

  11. Remakes are rarely better but now and again a good one gets through!

    1. Every once in a while
      One stands out from the crap pile

  12. If it makes money, there's sure to be remakes:)

  13. Remakes lack the best beams!

    1. The beams have no glimmer
      Hardly ever shimmer

  14. orlin N cassie

    therz a lot oh lazee in mooveez two day...imaginationz getted lost sum wear sum how sum place...may bee a death ray sky beem took it all !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. Maybe it death beamed it all
      So now we just get a repeat call

  15. Star Trek used the beam most
    Beam me up Scotty
    quite the catch phrase
    still used today

    1. Still used many a time
      No death beams from such a chime

  16. The sound of a trumpet’s flat blare
    As strange movie’s scent filled the air
    And each tear was met
    By gasps of regret
    As noses shout get out of there

  17. I never watch them except if I like the original movies ~ Too lazy these days to out in the cold ~ prefer to watch movies on netflix ~

  18. Yea. Death beams from the sky. Such an issue in fiction. haha

  19. You've stumped me, Cat
    Imagine that
    Not a single one of those lit skies
    Looks familiar to my eyes

  20. Remakes Suck. Sky Death Beams Suck Even More. But I guess you can't have a sci fi story without one.

    1. Some aren't even sci fi
      Still death beams come from the sky

  21. Most enjoyable to read Pat, albeit late.


  22. Maybe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy had the right idea.

    1. That it may
      Not the crap movie though on display

  23. My favorite sky beam suddenly spiraled out of Minas Morgul in the movie ROTK. Scared the heck out of me the first time it shot up into the sky. It wasn't a death beam, but it was a thing of horror. I guess moviemakers can't resist the visual drama of death beams in the sky. Even Zeus can't claim to be the first casting death beams from the sky.

    1. Yeah, death beams go way way back
      In story telling they sure don't lack


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