A Written Return That Will Churn!

This rhyme came due but I can't show you. Why is that? Just because where I'm at. This rhyme came due but I can't show you. It was another one. Damn, doesn't want to be spun.

Was that a hole?
Damn, not a goal.
Can't have that.
It has to scat.

Hole is fixed.
It has been nixed.
But that word doesn't work.
It just isn't a perk.

Swap out the word.
No longer absurd.
Another hole there.
Not good to have a spare.

Hole's been plugged.
Things aren't bugged.
It goes out straight.
It can leave the gate.

Whoops, a rhyming dog.
That lands us in a bog.
We can't have that.
Need a rewrite, stat.

Start all over.
Get rid of the rover.
He has quite the stink.
That could bring one to the brink.

Have to change that.
From dog to cat.
Look another hole.
Three more take stroll.

Words don't fit.
Need to fix that shit.
It's repeat land.
Those words take a stand.

Repeat the fix.
Repeats to nix.
Repeats done.
Repeated a ton.

Fixed with a cat.
How about that?
Whoops, the cat doesn't rhyme.
Have to rewrite one more time.

Ever get into rewrite land? Thankfully no rhymes get out of hand. I can do those in my sleep. But rewrites can run deep. Plot holes galore or something doesn't work and needs an encore. All kinds of reasons for them to come to pass. It's good that no one can rewrite my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Stumbled in but slow
      Late by 3 minutes
      But still made it!


    2. Still got the top
      No 3 min flop

  2. A Written Return That Will Churn!
    Re-writing venture and set to burn
    Hole is plugged
    Done with luck
    Pushing dog to cat all in silence


  3. Spend your time on a rewrite
    Print it out on a paper kite
    Fly it high above the trees
    Watch it float on a summer breeze

  4. Complete rewrite only once - thankfully!

    1. Those completes can be a pain
      I flushed one down the drain

  5. Sometimes even the rewrite doesn't go right!

    1. Nope, can screw up
      Sounding like it came from a pup

  6. Rewrite wrongs
    In a circle of hell
    Final results can
    Turn out swell

    Or not.
    Happy Sunday

  7. Don't rewrite because I don't write to begin with
    keep things simple here at my sea
    then don't have the stress of rewrites
    and I am as happy as can be


  8. on the blog i've used pictures more than once. Deadline due or something like that, and I didn't have time to search or take new ones before I had to leave the house. I've probably repeated myself here and there too. It happens. :) I don't write for a living though, so none of that here. I'm a high school teacher now though, so I repeat myself several times a day for each class. By the end of the day, it's coming from memory only. ;)

    1. haha repeat as you deal with teenagers by the ton
      Now that must be fun
      Bet you enjoy teaching away
      There at your bay

    2. Better than any job I've ever had, even the ones that paid far more. :)

    3. That is a good job to find indeed
      Still have yet to find such a thing at my feed

  9. I rewrite quite a bit. I write posts and schedule them ahead of time and check them right before they post. I end up rewriting some of them because they don't sound right.

    1. I check mine a month out
      Sometimes I change the things i spout

  10. Not much rewriting going on here except for an occasional word or two. Too much trouble to rewrite.

  11. I rewrite sometimes but not much because I don't write so much anyway :-)

  12. Sometimes I start a post and then can't remember where I was going with it. Gets the trash can instead of the rewrite.

    1. haha get lost in mid thought
      That has to suck a lot

  13. Rewrites...not an easy task. smiles...Happy New Year!

  14. A wife wishing at wishing well
    When down the well her husband fell
    Insults he was dishing
    As she heard him swishing
    But boy did her wishing work swell

  15. Eye haeight win Aye macke typwohs

  16. Long time no chat, hope all is well, Pat. Happy New Year! =-) So this rhyme strikes close to home! I'm finally resurfacing to blog land after a major and complete novel rewrite, lol. Thank you for the clever post as always.

    1. Good timing then from me
      Welcome back to the blog land sea

  17. I'm not a writer, so not much to rewrite here. I do rewrite my grocery list by aisle so I can get what I need in one pass through the store though.

    1. haha that is ocd a bit there
      In and out quick at your lair

  18. Great verse and a great subject, always have to rewrite especially spelling mistakes.

  19. I can rewrite even with my blog
    Especially when my brain is a dog.
    I bet this is normal for every writer
    I bet many will concur.

    1. Yep, normal as can be
      Asa a rewrite comes to ones sea

  20. I rewrite all the time. It's the bane of my existence, because I can't resist it. I think rewriting makes my writing better, but it also makes writing a maddeningly slow process. I find when I'm writing something challenging, rewriting, revising, and editing help me clarify my thinking and discover what I'm really trying to say. It would be so much easier if I could just make and outline and stick to it, but that's never worked for me. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Yeah, keep on editing away
      Unless in one spot you forever stay
      Then nothing gets out
      can't be a trout lol


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