Care For An Advance Glance?

The cat has to join in. This just has to be given a spin. You are all here everyday so you just deserve it at your bay. What is that? Just follow the cat.

For the special ones,
Comes an advanced screening.
Now don't get the runs,
And no stomping, pushing or leaning.

Each take your turn.
Sit down and wait.
For then you will learn,
What will be on plate.

Maybe that's on deck.
But I really don't care.
What the heck,
Could use a spare.

Now that your seated,
A new rhyme shall show.
Today you will be treated,
To an advanced screening glow.

Others have to wait.
Those not here at seven.
Be glad you took the bait,
This screening will be heaven.

Remember not to tell.
I don't need bad press.
But then if you raise a little hell,
People may come more not less.

The credits shall run,
And my name shall be shown.
More credits when we're done,
And maybe a hidden scene all alone.

Get your food now,
And maybe a drink.
You better hold it somehow,
Because you won't want to miss a wink.

Plus I have no human loo,
So you'll have to use the litter.
That doesn't go over well with a human crew,
And may make some bitter.

And now you've seen it.
The screening has been shown.
Wasn't that some good shit?
Leave your reviews at the tone.

Aren't you happy now? You were all chosen to see an advanced screening of my meow. You were only the special chosen few. The cat knew that would impress you. Now you may go use the loo. Just be sure and give a review. Ever see an advanced screening come to pass? Now you have, thanks to my rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. The 6th in a row
      And still no dough!


    2. Good morning Hank
      but, will 7 come to show
      you just never know

    3. 6 has been done
      7 shall be spun

    4. Good morning to you, too
      Hoping for the best True!


  2. Care For An Advance Glance?
    Sneak preview if there was one
    One gets sighted
    And gets invited
    No waiting and enjoy all the fun


  3. Chosen, chosen, what a day
    Advance screening on it's way
    Meow is special, watch it through
    Only meant for just a few

    1. Then just a ton
      Have to suck dough from everyone

  4. Loved the screening that I red,
    Great to be one of the chosen few.
    I loved the read and the verse.
    My congratulations to you.


  5. I'm not sure the meow lived up to all the hype.

  6. I'll take some buttered popcorn
    looking for a seat to enjoy the show
    what will you see and read in early morn
    what will appear one never really knows

    Will Hank walk a plank
    Will Blue find his shoe
    Will the ninja attack at the cat's shack
    Will Belva meet someone named Melva
    Will Nashville cats join in a chat

    1. Will the cat let out a loud meow
      that will astound all who come around
      with a tip of your hat, take a bow

      ok fun with rhymes came to play
      now I am off to face the day!

    2. Lots of fun
      As what was spun
      You just never know
      Who or what shall show
      Maybe even a treat
      With good old zombie feet

    3. Well I did see a cat that looked like Orlin in a commercial...wish I could remember what they were selling....

      There you go the cat cam make dough in the commercial biz..

    4. haha they get big bucks too
      We'll go and make a few

  7. Not the best meow on your lawn
    Needs a photo of a mighty yawn
    With a great big kitty stretch
    Top ratings that would fetch

    1. haha wasn't photogenic today
      Meow was all he'd say

  8. Most interesting screening I have seen
    and all due to a cat
    imagine how different it would have been
    if done by a rat


    1. Cheese would have came due
      And some chewing too

  9. An advanced glance is often all it will take
    To realize seeing it
    would be a mistake.

  10. Advanced screening by the cat
    the hardship endured and all that.
    but what is a sin
    is that it did not end with "Fin".

    1. Damn, more to come
      From my little rhyming bum

  11. Maybe I'm dumb
    Or maybe just dense,
    But this catty rhyme
    Didn't make sense
    I'm scratching my head.
    What should have I seen.
    Guess I'll go back to bed.
    Is this all a dream?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Sense and me
      Confusing thee
      That is the sense
      Past or present tense

    2. And now I'm more confused,
      But at least I'm amused.
      And that's better than being abused
      Or being unfairly accused.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    3. Confusion is fun
      When it is spun
      A final goal
      The cat's main role

  12. jI hope it wasn't just a passing glance!

  13. advanced meow
    take a bow
    reviews are good or bad
    pull the plug if you are sad

  14. OK, I am ready to see the show or did we already miss it.

  15. This is my first screening. Is popcorn provided or do I bring my own:)

    1. May have to bring your own
      Can share or eat alone

  16. Replies
    1. One of the privileged few
      Oh what the cat can do

  17. orlin N cassie....bee tween ewe N uz....we R shirley ta winz several a cad a meez thiz yeer ....itz oh kay if we bringed in live fresh dead seered perch isn't it; we noe de theaturrz get all crazed if ya dont buy frum them but like whooz got 152.50 fora soft drink ~~~

  18. Nothing but a iltter box?
    I will have to pass
    I'll leave the box of sand
    to your rhymning little a$* :)

    1. haha works for me
      As when you gotta pee you gotta pee

  19. If I only knew
    Of coming of mew
    I'd put on best view
    In tux and tie too

  20. Well, isn't that nice!
    You won't have to ask me twice!
    I'll come to watch
    even if it's just your litter box. ha.

    1. haha they can may give the stink eye
      If on him you spy

  21. I feel like Charlie with the Golden Ticket!
    Thanks for that special preview. I shall remember it forever :)

    1. A golden ticket who can provide
      Fools gold far and wide

  22. You can see a advanced screening of the Trump presidency from the Kremlin

    1. Watch from afar
      The Russians have the door ajar

  23. Oh lucky me!
    An advanced screening, I did see.
    Now I can die content,
    because the cat was such a gent.


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