City Or Town Which Makes You Frown!

We've done house or apartment a while ago, now let's see which way this wind will blow. Which is your foe? Which one sinks more low?

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City or town?
Does one make you frown?
Should country be used?
Country and town for this are infused.

Country has a town.
Many could take the crown.
If you count country as a whole.
Not as green grass where you stroll.

Which is for you?
Much coming due?
Lots to be done.
Around to stores you can run.

Traffic galore.
Suck on gas at your shore.
Not to mention the smog,
As you go out to walk your dog.

But can get what you want.
Nothing will haunt.
Can usually find it with ease,
Whenever you please.

Although more crime,
May not be sublime.
Could get shot.
That may hurt a lot.

Where as the town,
No traffic will make you frown.
Can get to where you need to go,
10 times faster you know.

Maybe 5 times.
But there are no mimes.
Quiet as well.
For some that could be hell.

But then less work,
That isn't a perk.
Then again more people in the city,
So can't even get a job out of pity.

Which is for you?
Fast, smoggy and things that are new?
Or slow, clean air and same old thing?
Maybe in the middle you have a fling.

Got a preference at your sea? Both have their perks for me. Sometimes depends where you are in life too. Tried out both at your zoo? Can be quite the difference indeed. Towns are cheaper, usually, to live in at ones feed. But then many are dying out in mass. You were made to think today by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. City Or Town Which Makes You Frown!
    Cities are stressful problems abound
    Towns are relaxed
    Efforts less taxed
    Little perks enjoyed are more profound


    1. Less is more
      Or more is less
      What's in store
      Could be a mess

  2. I've lived in both and while towns are more relaxing and safer, cities have more to offer.

    1. But then you pay for it too
      Plus traffic up the wazoo haha

  3. I live in the town of quietness
    Waking to the sound of sleepyness
    Outside the city of busyness
    Traveling the bridge of dizziness
    working in a place of craziness
    I sing a tune of blueness
    seeking a sky of cloudlessness
    Raising to a higher consciousness
    in a world full of colorfulness
    I like to drift in dreaminess

    1. Ness got you going
      With today's showing
      As the 9-5 you are towing
      As the city starts growing
      Until you escape to where there's mowing
      And stars are a glowing
      Finally repeating the knowing
      With another 9-5 showing

    2. Forgot one the cat is full of cleverness

    3. Clever sure works
      Has its perks

  4. I like the city over a small town
    more opportunities for things to do
    don't have to drive in rush hour traffic
    so that makes it fun at my loo


  5. I've walked the streets of city and town
    Lived in each without a frown
    The bustle of city was hard to ignore
    A need for excitement in youth did restore
    Mayberry's my choice, now I am old
    Quiet and friendly, don't break the mold

    1. Mayberry with a whistle
      Maybe some healing thistle
      With the city a drive away
      Can go any old day

  6. We live in a town next to a city, which is fine for this kitty!

  7. I grew up in the country
    It felt lovely and free.
    The city offers more for sure
    But too busy for me and not a cure
    For feeling happy for me.
    I'll take a townany day, you see.
    Actually the country is where I'd like to be.

    1. The country has lots of space
      Sure can be easy to embrace

  8. I live in a city suburb, and could enjoy a city too.
    I want choices for restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, etc. I work in the country and hate the crappy roads out here and the bad drivers with stuff flying out of their truck beds. Ugh. Give me some smog please and an art museum!!

    1. lol smog beats crap flying at you
      And smashing your windshield ruining your view

  9. I've mostly lived in suburbs. The cities I've lived in had poor public transportation, so there were really no benefits to it. I'd love to live somewhere that a car wouldn't be necessary.

    1. There are a few places like that
      But most cost a mighty fine stat

  10. I prefer the size where I'm at. Not huge but certainly not a small town. My sister in law is from a town called Iva in SC and it apparently only has a subway and a gas station

    1. haha that is rather small
      Doesn't sound like much to do at all

  11. I like where I live, it might be a big city but a lot of stores are open 24/7 which makes grocery shopping easier to do when it's 117F outside during the day.

    1. And lets one gamble away
      When they go there to stay

  12. Hm. I'd have to say I prefer country to town.

    1. Hidden away
      At your Grammar Nazi bay

    2. Duh, I meant to say I'd prefer country/town living to city dwelling. :)

    3. I got what you were saying
      Didn't think a mountain cabin fox you'd be portraying lol

  13. orlin N cassie......letz see.......still thinkin ~~~~~

    trout TOWNE for sure...tho we wood like ta livez in de countree N knot de citee ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Cities can have lots of noise
      But towns have birds for joys

  14. Which is for you
    Much coming due
    My little zoo
    Room with a view

  15. Somewhere in between, close to the city hub and a little bit of quiet ~ Really hate the noise of traffic and cars ~ Have a good week Pat ~

    1. Yeah, cars going every which way
      Can sure ruin ones day

  16. No big city for me
    Bad enough to work in the metro sea
    Couldn't pay me live there, definitely

    1. Not even for a million bucks?
      Could go feed the ducks lol

  17. I'm more of a small city/town girl. I don't want anything too big, but I like the amenities:)

    1. The amenities can sure be nice
      But they always come with a price

  18. I also like small towns. My husband would love to move to a big city like Chicago, but all the traffic and crowds just stress me out.

    1. Yeah, rush hour would give me road rage
      So in a smaller place I'll wage

  19. Both city and country appeal to me. I need nature, but I also enjoy the cultural and scientific opportunities that come with city living. I really want to be near a great airport and (unfortunately) need to be near a busy hospital.

    I'm very curious to see how my siblings will adapt to retirements spent largely in Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia after living in Calgary and other large cities. Much as I love the Cove, I think I'd go out of my mind if I had to live there year round.

    I would enjoy a nice condo in downtown Denver, but Terry hates the snow. I'm even more curious about where we will eventually land. It's an ongoing negotiation ~ LOL!

    1. Yeah, I can imagine retiring there would be quiet
      Wouldn't want you to start a riot
      But then you travel everywhere anyway
      So all year there you wouldn't stay lol
      I agree with the snow
      That crap has to go haha

  20. Having lived in both, I've found that I'm not actually sure what I like better. There are certain appeals to both. I grew up in the DEEP woods of North Carolina but now I live in one of the greatest metropolitan cities in the US...Soooo...

    1. There are always perks to each one
      Depends on which we want to give a run

  21. I thought I liked the big city, then i moved to the country and loved it too. Now I'm in a small city and I think that trumps 'em all. :)

  22. I#ve lived in both Pat, as long as I'm reasonably healthy and happy I don't care where I live.


  23. I live in the city
    So it's not a pity.
    Plenty of diversity,
    But also perversity.

    So for maybe a town I'm better suited.
    Not much to do, but peace is included.
    Just to sit on a porch rocking away.
    Blogging at times and sleep half the day.
    Watch some TV--I've got satellite--
    Reading a book at times is alright.
    Either way I guess I'm just fine
    As long as I'm here in a home that is mine.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Perversity is everywhere
      One just needs to be aware
      But yeah, as long as one is in a home their own
      And not like E.T. who needs a phone
      All will be fine
      As life does align

  24. The city
    Is shitty
    I live in a town
    Where I'm the clown
    Been the village idiot
    And slept in a pit.

    1. At least you were known
      Hopefully you slept alone
      No rats
      Or dingbats


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