Down The Drain On The Useless Train!

Let's all get a degree today. We can do it at my bay. I'll help you all out with ease. It will be a breeze. Just stick your credit card number here. I promise you will cheer.

Need that degree.
Here it is for thee.
But that isn't all.
Plenty more at your hall.

All here for you.
You and me too.
But ignore the me part.
Take the you to heart.

Me? I get the money.
That makes all sunny.
But you get the degree.
Now be a busy bee.

Take what you want.
Go ahead and flaunt.
I'll get you in the end.
Hey, have to keep up the trend.

What trend is that?
Why it's add more fat.
Yep, that is it.
No need to have a fit.

I want you to be well rounded.
Many courses will be surrounded.
They are called elective.
You can be kinda selective.

But you need some.
Beat that drum.
Take the stuff you don't need.
Money for me sprouts up like a weed.

What was that?
You need no fat?
Bah, can't get picky.
That would be tricky.

You still need to pick.
Adding things up brick by brick.
You have to be well rounded and such.
So you must take much.

Glad you agree.
Now you have a degree.
Who cares about the extra debt.
You just made me a rich pet.

Don't you want a degree with me? It will be so great for thee. Forget about the me. Let the money fly free. If you know what you want to do, I still will shove courses down your throat for you. Damn, how did a college person get here. Who authorized that cheer? I'll have to look into it for each class. But you can still get a degree from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. So many ways to get a degree these days. Real or not. Just a way to throw away money. Or remain the eternal college student.

    1. Yep, that is all it seems to be
      One big money suck for we

  2. I wasn't clever enough to obtain a degree but learnt much about life as I've travelled along.


  3. Earn a degree to get a job
    Just as important as corn on the cob
    Push and shove to get a diploma
    Then sit on a bench at La Paloma

    1. Sit and get blisters
      Maybe wish for Oz type twisters

  4. I have a couple of sisters who are well rounded to some degree!

    1. haha I know a few of those
      But I keep quiet to avoid coming to blows

  5. Replies
    1. Hank may be number 1; but he ain't no number 6.

      I got a couple of degrees. Not all of them are from schools.

    2. Those from schools can be best
      Teaches a lot with life's test

  6. I think, if kept to a limited number, electives are good. It broadens horizons. But when it takes 2.5 years to get an assoc. and 4.5 to get a 4 yr degree then things need winnowed down.
    Have a good one;)

    1. Yeah, a few are okay
      But over half gets a no way

  7. Personally, I think online classes at real universities are a joke. A major part of education should be discussion and sharing of ideas. It's just turned into how the university can make a fast buck the cheapest way and the students don't care.

    1. Yep, as they help the old GPA
      They are soooo lame and easy at their bay

  8. I didn't go to college but that's ok.

  9. I got a business degree and MBA, but my favorite classes were art and literature. The degrees got me in doors and made me money. However in regard to my competence- eh...

    1. In the door is what needs to be done
      Then one can have the fun

  10. No degree here didn't want to go that way
    took up a career with transcribing
    which earns money at my bay


    1. Money is the main thing
      Damn the fancy paper fling

  11. Seems every job wants the employees to have a degree; but still pays minimum wage. Of course, minimum wage is so high now getting degree doesn't pay more anyways. Yep, just makes you a well rounded person who is broke and got huge student debt to repay.

    1. haha yep, that sure is the way
      Well rounded with plenty of bills to pay

  12. My colleagues got a degree
    Well, Scooby Dooweeee
    Does that make them great and grand
    Not in any land
    Mine is never mentioned at my bay
    Better do a good job, okay?
    "I've got a degree... Now are you in awe?"
    Nope, you're the lamest [beep] I ever saw.

    1. lol claim to fame
      Degree by their name
      Think they are soo grand
      Give them the middle finger on your hand

  13. For your English degree, we need you to take 3 classes in math

    1. And 2 science classes too
      Maybe history by the few

  14. Though each class in high school I’d fail
    I still was accepted to Yale
    This one thought a flop
    Proved nothing could stop
    A janitor with mop and a pail

    1. All need the cleaner
      Don't need a university screener

  15. I hated school. Never wanna think about going back! If I need degree, I'd go with online class :-)

    1. Online is as easy as can be
      Still boring at ones sea

  16. Thankfully, I have a degree
    Way back when, it was cheap, you see.
    Now it costs an arm and a leg
    But no job after even if you beg.

  17. I neve got that fancy degree, but I expect my girls to though. Seems like you gotta have that oaper these days for any worthwhile job.

    1. And even then there is no guarantee on anything
      One is better off finding a rich person and having a fling lol

  18. Time is teacher
    learning is pleasure!
    don't loose it ever
    wisdom is treasure.

  19. When I lived in southern California a lifetime ago, I remember when a woman earned her Ph.D. in English Literature at 96! That was an inspiring thing to hear. I haven't ruled out another degree. And I can always call on thee!

    1. Hey, there you go
      When retirement kicks in may be fun to have in tow


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