Drop By On The Fly!

Just drop on by the It's Rhyme Time. You'll only have to pay a dime. A dime times ten thousand or so. Other than that you'll positively glow. Why is that? There is lots of scat.

Guys Making A Bed.
Wow, that beats club med.
Wouldn't you love that show?
I bet it would glow.

Vacuum Cleaner Wars.
People will want tours.
Those sets will be so grand
You'd want to touch them with your hand.

Who's Got The Greener Grass.
You can watch and sit on your ass.
What a way to spend your time.
I think I'd rather watch a mime.

Look What My Dust Bunny Did.
Viewers will flip their lid.
It will be such a hit show.
That I surely know.

Things That Float.
You'll sure take note.
That will catch every eye.
Look! It's a floating french fry.

Empty Plate Guessing.
Nope, I'm not messing.
It will be that good.
Guess what was eaten at your hood.

Adventures In Floor Waxing.
That show will be so taxing.
You'll watch it with your tongue out.
It is one all will talk about.

Cat Hair Wig Making.
That is a course you'll be taking.
After of course you watch the show.
All will stoop that low.

How To Make A Hole.
A hole is their goal.
A hole in the wall or ground.
Fans everywhere will be found.

Clouds In The Sky.
Watch as they fly by.
It will be clouds 24/7.
People will be in hippie heaven.

Don't they all sound grand? Wouldn't they be great for TV land? If you say yes there is no hope for you. You heard it here first at my zoo. Are reality shows just getting more dumb? Damn, they are pathetic and then some. I bet some would watch wars over green grass. That is just sad to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Drop By On The Fly!
    Lots for one to try
    Empty plate guessing
    But what's missing?
    There are none to buy!


  2. It's one of life's pleasures
    To drop in on "It's Rhyme Time".
    It puts a smile on my face,
    As I continue the many mountains I "Climb".


  3. It was good reading your words:)

  4. Is your desire of the soul
    In learning how to make a hole
    A valued skill to use in life
    As useful as a fork and knife

    1. Fingers get it won
      Saves on any knife fun
      Unless on a murder spree
      Then a knife you may see

  5. I bet there are really people who make wigs out of cat hair. Run, Cat!

  6. Don't think any of these would catch my eye
    if they appeared in TV land
    have much more important things to do
    than watch these things which sound bland :)


    1. Yeah, way better crap to do
      But such stuff is out there to view

  7. No reality TV for me
    But before that line I see
    Gold mine could be your whimsy
    As I read each title to be

  8. It's not even time for spring cleaning. :D

    Fun new header.

  9. dig a hole is already a popular show in TX - construction on every corner with five guys peering into a hole. Whee!

    1. Yippeeee, what a sight to see
      Oh it must cause glee

  10. Might as well
    Sit in TV hell.
    All those chores
    Is me evermore.
    Come watch the TV me
    I do it all as you might see
    If I were on the air
    In my cozy lair.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Could get a kickback
      There at your shack
      Plus lots of fees
      They could please

  11. Here Comes a Fat little pageant wannabe redneck with her obese mother along with the mother's child molester boyfriend.

    This was the new title of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo but they couldn't roll with it so that's why they cancelled it

    1. Damn, didn't pass the censorship
      So it never became a radar blip

  12. You are soulmate when it comes to TV reality shows. I can't believe people watch them. It's such a waste of life.

    1. Yeah, one big waste of life indeed
      With that crap that takes seed

  13. Well, we could sure supply the cat hair for the wigs, couldn't we, Pat?:)

  14. If the dust bunnies ever take over the vacuum we are all in trouble!

  15. I'd like to see Dog Hair Wig Making. I have plenty of dog hair for that!

  16. Look what my dust bunny did? Are those things going to come alive in the future/ Damn, I better get the dust mop out. Those things might have fangs.

  17. Ok, Pat. Just so you know, I love some good reality TV. Seriously, 90 Day Fiance was gold!

    I think you are onto something.....how about a reality show featuring hotel maids at a high end resort in Tahiti? Doesn't that sound tantalizing?

    1. Oh yes, that sounds sooooo great
      Gold? Does it come with a high interest rate lol

  18. I have to pay a dime? That's a crime! :P

  19. People actually watch and care about Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so I guess those shows you mentioned might be hits as well haha

  20. I sure could supply the hair with cat hair for the wigs. I am just not into reality shows.

  21. I have sufficient reality to deal with. I can't take anyone else's!

  22. They do seem to want to make a TV show about anything these days!

  23. orlin N cassie...speekin oh green grazz...de last batch we home grew suxed...werse than a vaccumm masheen...thiz could bee a show with in a show... !!☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Double up on ratings
      Throw in some grass matings

  24. A vacuum war I definitely would play,
    That's one chore I don't really mind day to day,
    The instant satisfaction of a sucked-up mess,
    Never, ever fails to impress.

    1. Sucked up and gone
      Much easier than mowing the lawn

  25. I still think "reality show" is a misnomer.

    1. Yep, all a bunch of bull
      As of it they are full

  26. You should have seen girlfriend turn green
    When in kitchen cockroaches seen
    Some pest spray let’s buy
    But I asked her why
    When they help keep my kitchen clean

    1. Clean up all the crumbs
      But what about what comes out their bums?

  27. Sounds like a cartoon.
    Or a weird way to clean a room.

  28. Don't watch those reality shows; too busy with my own life drama and adventures ~ Keep warm Pat ~

    1. A much better way to be
      Worry more about thee

  29. I think reality shows have always been stupid, but it sounds like they are really grasping at straws with some of these dumb ideas!

    1. Yep, they are going to the bottom
      Coming to you next autumn

  30. I've never watched and don't plan to start.
    Not interested in that kind of 'art'. haha.

    1. Art is a strong word
      Fart might go for each turd

  31. I might have a dime to spare
    Just don't touch the hair

  32. A-holes Making A Hole
    Now that show would be full
    of something that starts with "bull."

  33. There are sad people who beg for a guy
    He gives a rose to the ones he passes by.
    It ends with one after many he kisses
    Others cat fight and there are many hisses.
    Ughh this is a hit show
    I just shake my head and hang it low.

    1. Yep, sooooo pathetic as can be
      But all comes back to the money

  34. It's a rare tv show that catches my eye these days, Pat. I can't believe some of the garbage that's on tv. The first episode of how to dig a hole might be beneficial. My dad played a trick on my brother and me when we were little by sending us out into the backyard to dig half a hole. We made several attempts, and he kept rejecting our efforts because we kept digging whole holes not half holes. That memory is right up there along with the card game Fifty Two Pick Up, which all five of us fell for as we were growing up. My Dust Bunny is Bigger Than Your Dust Bunny could become a horror show cult! Just saying! You always make me laugh, Cat!

    1. lmao that hole trick is a good one
      I'll remember that in case it need be spun
      Yeah, so much crap is out there
      Of Dust bunny wars one has to beware

  35. I'm way behind on all of the new shows (years behind), so these could come and go and I wouldn't even know. :)

    1. haha get no ratings from you
      But also not a bad review


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