Get A Drone At The Tone!

Call the cat today and I'll send a drone your way. Yeah, I'll fly it right to you. What? You don't believe this to be true? But drones are so much fun. I want to give one to everyone.

They can fly.
Fly real high.
They don't jerk.
That is a perk.

So they can fly.
I mentioned real high.
They have a high speed.
What more do you need?

Maybe take pics from the sky?
I said they could fly.
They can do that too.
Doesn't that impress you?

They can peep on the neighborhood.
You'll be king or queen of your hood.
Have the secrets of everyone,
As around they run.

You can deliver a payload.
No, not bomb mode.
But the cash you owe.
Damn, the bank fees in tow.

Make your own work.
That is another perk.
Deliver pizza you bake.
You won't be a fake.

No need for gas,
Or driving first class.
Just add your need,
And it will do the deed.

Got a big home?
Don't want to roam?
Fly things to the other side.
In your mansion you can hide.

And when in a funk,
It's time to get drunk.
No designated driver is needed.
Alcohol on demanded can be seeded

Did I mention it can fly?
It can fly really high.
Gets yours today.
I'll fly it your way.

Don't you want one now? Don't drones truly wow? They are just so woweeee. One should be had at every sea. They are only $967,896.54 from me. Why not buy three? They fly really high. And did I mention they fly? I may have said that in mass. I sure droned on with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


    Such fun!
    Drones will cause a lot of dismay
    At everybody's bay
    Spies and boms and pizzas too
    Maybe they can locate my shoe

    1. Can scan you inside out
      As they fly about

    2. And crash through your roof
      Hopefully you're bulletproof

    3. Or shingle proof
      And not aloof

  2. I've been seeing a lot of drone photos online. Very few seem all that good to me.

    1. Yeah, meh at best
      Not really passing any test

  3. Drone delivery is a really bad idea. Fly one over the South during hunting season and it will get shot down within minutes.

    1. They'll think the russians are coming
      Or maybe some aliens chumming

  4. Wouldn't want a drone
    probably would crash it
    then I would have spent all that money
    and gotten nothing but s@@t.


  5. I've wanted a drone. Like I got time to play with one. But, I would like one.

  6. It would be fun to have a drone, but I would probably crash it too.

    1. We'd crash it in the sea
      Then on it the fish could pee

  7. We do have a pesky drone here, at least until I can get my paws on it!

    1. You'll put an end to it
      And there it shall sit

  8. neighbor had new toy - a drone
    learning to fly
    it soared over the our fence
    ever so high
    then they tweaked the wrong switch
    it made a hitch

    oops, a pool dunk
    sad that it sunk

    so much for that Christmas toy

    1. Blew that gift
      Ever so swift
      Should have used an open field
      Not pools as a shield

  9. They are so easy to purchase. The sky will get really busy if everyone has one. Would the pizza get cold quicker if delivered through the air? Questions?

    1. That it may
      Unless heated packaging comes into play

  10. The thought of them just bothers me... Too many opportunities for misuse.

    1. Yep, and crashing into this and that
      As people have brains full of scat

  11. They fly real high
    right up in the sky!
    Oh look! A plane
    there goes the drone down the drain.
    The plane goes down too
    Dear Sully, We need you!

  12. I think I could afford the fifty-four cents.......

  13. whitefish waves frum uz and copee & paste…. anda happee new yeer two ewe all R sneekin round blog land two day iz gettin tuffer bye de minit… de food gurlz place oh employ iz ta blame… we wanted ta say hope de new yeer bringz everee one lotz oh happee nezz & health & perch samichez …ore even trout !!! ♥♥♥

    1. Damn those employment places
      Need to get more secure spaces

  14. Drones have uses by the ton
    Settle in like Twiddel Dum
    Fly it through the soupy fog
    Navigate it with your dog

  15. I bought a drone
    who felt alone
    so bought a clone
    with problems of its own

  16. I kind of want one for fun but I'm sure it'd crash and break

    1. Yep, money flushed down the drain
      As it goes kablooey and parts rain

  17. I like one please just for fun to take pictures of me going on a trail or hiking ~

    1. Until you hit a tree
      Then it may cease to be

  18. Probably fun for a day- but I don't have the money and I couldn't risk one crashing. :)

  19. I think all three of my boys would like a drone, and maybe even my daughter (though probably not). The ones that are high quality though, do cost an arm and a leg.

    1. Yep, they cost a ton
      Can buy a car and have more fun

  20. I've seen too many Fail Army videos of people crashing those drones to waste my money on one for myself.

    1. Smart move to make
      As I'd also crash it into a lake

  21. Great verse Pat sorry for the late comment.

  22. Haha, Pat! I dread the day that drones fill the sky delivering things here and there. One of my cousins brought a drone to Smith's Cove (near Digby) a summer or two ago. All the male relatives were having a ball standing around and flying the drone. All the female relatives sat on the deck drinking wine and watching them. The males got the brilliant idea of flying the drone over to Bear Island and back. The batteries ran out on the return trip, and ithe drone dropped into the ocean a little offshore. The guys had to wait a couple of hours for the tide to go out far enough to retrieve it. My poor cousin soaked the drone in rice overnight and did everything he could to revive it, but the salt water destroyed it. We females still like to sit on the deck drinking wine and chuckling over drones. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. hahaha no drone for you
      As into the ocean it went on cue
      Those batteries can be tricky
      Where one flies they have to be picky

  23. The mini drones... have you seen???
    Having one for photos might be a dream!

    1. As long as you can fly
      And it doesn't crash and fry


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