Holy Cow That Is Wow!

The cat doesn't get impressed much. I guess I'm out of touch. Or maybe I'm just a cat. We think everything is beneath us and scat. But after seeing this commercial 1000 times at the other sea, we are so impressed we have to share with thee.

Wowweeee, it's a site.
A site taking you through the night.
It is so damn great.
You can use it and relate.

Which site is that?
Won't be named by the cat.
No free PR.
Hardy har har.

Look, you're related to Sam.
That is so great, damn.
Sam who though?
Beats me at my show.

Hitler is a relative of yours.
Might want to avoid tours.
But isn't that great to know?
Nah, who wants to sink that low.

You're related to beer.
Wow, wasn't that fun to hear?
Maybe you are just a drinker.
Could be you're a free thinker.

Einstein is your relative too.
That gets a whoa hoo.
But you're not smart?
Damn, enjoy Wal-Mart.

You're related to an ape.
An ape with a cape.
We have it on tape.
Brain of a grape?

You're related to Timbuktu.
Yep, it is so very true.
Related to all in the place.
So many relatives to embrace.

You're related to the King.
That must impress at your wing.
Elvis is great after all.
Too bad your relative is the king of some mall.

The best of all.
You can stand tall.
Santa Claus is related to you.
Believe it because it's true.

Who cares I must ask? Woweeee, a famous relative found as you lift the mask. Does that make you any better or worse at your sea? Nope, so it won't impress me. Just like the whole relative rhyme, the cat just gives a meh chime. You are you, whether you have famous or crap relatives at your zoo. The cat is all done with his sass. But enjoy such sites says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The best part of ye could be underground, oh my.

    We've done the DNA thing. Not too exciting in my book.

  2. Not really interested in my heritage. I'm a mix of several countries anyway. American now, that's all that matters to me.

  3. Last year, I was on a site that showed I was a descendent of a king/queen of England (can't remember which). My husband just kept saying, "Show me the money!"

    1. haha what? no money came due?
      Damn, I think they lied to you

  4. I'd be a mix too,
    If I sifted through the ancestral stew.

    On a different note:
    Yesterday I downloaded a special Alone Cat app,
    To impress the cat sitting on my lap.
    She turned up her nose to the moving dot on screen,
    Damn that pussy is so mean.

    1. A mix and match
      Added to the batch

      lol screw that
      To much effort for a cat

  5. So, you are really related to the Pied Piper
    Like Cupid, is it true he wore a diaper
    No need to stick your head in sand
    They followed him in every land

    1. Followed and loved
      Whoops, in crap he was shoved

  6. Hubby's brother visited such a site
    and did the test too
    and then found some interesting places they were from
    but now they wonder if it is true


  7. No test for me!
    Already know who's related to me!
    Brothers and sisters at my sea!

    1. All one needs
      Unless going for land deeds lol

  8. I count on being a mutt
    throw in a few nuts
    it's a sloppy mess
    no need to claim celebrity at my nest

  9. I've had my ancestry done.
    I thought it kind of fun!

    1. ...not necessarily to see if I had any famous kin
      but to see what kind of blood I live in!
      Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, too.
      Some surprises to what I already knew!

    2. Surprised you?
      That is new
      Wouldn't you know
      With your ocd all aglow?
      Papers piled nice and neat
      At least you're not an Indian giver at your street lol

  10. I think I know what commercial you're talking about. lol

  11. I love ancestry
    and would love to be on the registry
    but this costs money
    and that's not funny.

  12. I would just like to try a lifestyle of the rich and famous!

  13. Someone I know
    Had money to blow
    So sent in their DNA
    To see what those blokes had to say.
    They said they were from all places
    And had blood from all races
    Except for ones we knew
    That were true.
    I think it's a hoax
    Just money for blokes
    Who say whatever they may
    To who's willing to pay.
    Real research is deep--
    It can put me to sleep--
    It takes lots of time
    With results the fake computer report won't find.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yep, all a bunch of crap
      To fool any old sap
      A little of this and that
      Pretending to kick out a stat
      When really they are in imaginary ruts
      Better off wasting money on donuts

  14. Oh, yeah, I've seen those commercials, too. Never had the urge to try the DNA thing, though. I learned enough from regular genealogical sources.

    1. Yeah, no need to pay them dough
      When you can do it for free at your show

  15. orlin N cassie....de food servizz gurl sayz 87 purrcent oh de rel a tivez her noez.... her wished her dinna....therz noe way in hot hell her wants ta noe bout any mor ~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    1. lol yeah, no one wants to know more
      Enough already at ones shore

  16. I have no idea if I'm related to anyone famous, but to be honest I don't really care haha

  17. I too am related to fame
    That's why ego is so hard to tame
    I'm the proud son of what's his name

    1. What's his name is grand
      All are related across the land

  18. They're not inviting you over for dinner, even if you're family, so meh, who cares. :)

  19. I gotta check that site. It's far from possibility that I'm related to Santa. Maybe the Grinch? LOL. Kidding.

    1. lol Do you have a shade of green
      There at your scene?

  20. I got mine awhile back. What most people don't realize is they never ask for any of your information like if you're white, black, asian, etc. The only thing they base it on is your DNA.

    The majority of it was no big surprise but they did detect a small amount of European Jewish in my genetic code.

    1. Yeah, but that can be easily faked too
      No saying it is, but can come due

  21. No famous relatives here that I know of. I agree with Rosey again. They ain't inviting us to dinner or any Bora Bora vacations, so even if I do have a rich, famous relative, who cares?

    1. Unless they die and leave you in their will
      Then that may be a thrill lol

  22. Although late in leaving a comment this was great to read.


  23. I might be partly cat
    Snoring on my mat

  24. I participated in the National Geographic Genome 2 Project, Pat. I was delighted to find out I had Neanderthal DNA. The money was worth it to me because I was contributing my DNA to their study. I'd like to do Ancestry.com (probably your site!) also. I'm supposed to be primarily Scottish, but my NG DNA study showed up more Mediterranean sourced DNA than expected ~ must have be those Spanish Armada shipwrecks. I'm fascinated with the story of human evolution and dispersal, so I can't resist participating. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. haha I knew you'd be the one to find out
      As you want to know what was about


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