In It Goes The Nasty Nose!

On top of getting as nosey as can be, you humans sure nose around from sea to sea. That nose is stuck everywhere. Remind me never to touch a nose at any lair.

You nosed it out of the way?
Nosed what at your bay?
Was it nosing a bus?
Hopefully your nosing didn't make a fuss.

Was it on the nose?
Smell like a rose?
Hopefully so.
On your nose things could grow.

Would that be brown nosing?
Suck if you were posing.
Such a nose would take away,
From everything else on display.

Wouldn't need your nose in the air.
A brown nose is rare.
At least rare to see.
Many brown nose like a busy bee.

Guess that wouldn't work,
For a clean nose perk.
Keeping one's nose clean,
Can be tough in the brown nose scene.

No skin off your nose?
Is that how it goes?
Can you scrape it off?
That may make one scoff.

Couldn't poke your nose in.
That wouldn't be a win.
You would be spotted.
No spy time would be allotted.

But could avoid it.
Who needs brown shit?
Just put your nose to the grindstone.
That may hurt and make you moan.

That could make it bleed.
Would be a rough deed.
End up paying through the nose?
Who'd want the snot that flows?

Maybe humans are just blind.
Wouldn't be the first time for mankind.
Can't see past the end of their nose.
Striking a nose in the air pose.

Did you know your nose was into everything? Ever stick a nose to a grindstone at your wing? That would sure hurt a bit. Who wants to do that shit? Speaking of which, a brown nose would make us twitch. You sure can nose around in mass. Although I'd avoid nosing around me gassy little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A nose on the grindstone would take off more than skin. No more sniffer.

  2. I like to be nosey when I smell a posey.

  3. In It Goes The Nasty Nose!
    No wish of being bellicose
    Nose in the air
    Would they dare?
    Rather be sweet as a rose


  4. This is rather a nosy post Pat.
    Great to read.


  5. I have a bit of a big nose
    that seems sometimes to cause harm
    if I let it go where it shouldn't go
    then it can be a bit of an alarm


    1. Your nose ups and walks away?
      My, could sell that trick for pay

  6. How can you win by a nose?
    Is it something you can buy at Lowes
    Is it a prize in a cracker jack box
    Or do you find it in Xmas-filled socks
    Is it a prize at a race you do win
    Is "giving noses" advertised as a sin
    Jimmy Durante would certainly say
    The old schnozolla brought fame in my day

    1. Win by a nose
      Win by a hair
      That how it goes
      Whether or not fair
      But with a prize
      Or with some socks
      One should be wise
      Stand back from the box

  7. My nose
    Is froze
    Fingers too
    At my zoo

  8. I know lots of people with brown noses!

  9. Since the nose is in the center of our face,
    It's no wonder that we'd find it everyplace.
    With or without a nose we look kind of odd.
    Maybe it's a part of the sense of humor of God.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Could have gave it as a joke
      Or something for one to poke

  10. I might be a little nosy when it comes to my neighbors. I will sometimes look out the door or window when they cops are at someone's apartment to see what happens. lol

    1. lol watch out for bullets flying
      Don't want anyone dying

  11. oh yeah - I'll be nosy, especially when folks talk loud on their cell phones in public. I'll listen and give an opinion. ha!

    1. haha they are asking for it
      As they yap a bit

  12. Better to not be nosy but it sure is tempting to see what is going on.

  13. Noses are best kept to one's self which is a lesson we all need to be reminded of year after year!

    1. That we surely do
      No nosey business need come through

  14. orlin N food serviss gurl said her could tell who walked down de hall way at skewl; bye lookin at de noze markz in de ceeling ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. That is a good way
      Stuck up ones at their bay

  15. I never stopped to think how many idioms about noses exist! I'm trying to put my nose to the grindstone less and have more fun. After two intense hours of line dancing class, I'm going to take a nap. Have a good one, my friend!

    1. haha damn, that is a while
      As you dance to the style

  16. I better keep my nose down though I find it fun to air pose !

  17. Who knows the nose
    better than toes
    For in whiffs of Woes
    comes echoes of nos

  18. Some noses are big, some noses are small.
    We're thankful for them all.

  19. The nose knows unless it grows or begins to look like a hose. That would not look good, I suppose

  20. And I wonder if a brown nose,
    also has brown toes?
    Mainly only wondering,
    for the purpose of rhyming.


    You bring out the goof in us all, Pat. Fun post.

    1. haha while one very well could
      If step in poo they should

  21. My uncle stole my nose when I was a baby. At least, he pretended to by pinching my nose and showing me his thumb and said "I got your nose!"

    1. haha seen many try that one
      As they gave it a run

  22. To hold the nose
    is what one must do
    when in a locker of bros
    looking for their stinky shoes.


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