It's Not Hard So Pull A Card!

The cat has a game for you. It is going to sell a ton at my zoo. I just know you'll all want to play. It's the Rhyme Time Card Game on display.

Pull a card.
It's isn't hard.
There is a pile,
Don't wait awhile.

Cassie Death Glare.
Whoops, that is rare.
You lost already.
That card stares steady.

Rhyming Ass!
A rhyme must come to pass.
The first to stop rhyming has lost.
Don't stop at any cost.

Drazin Third Person Eyes.
My, doesn't he look wise?
You have to talk in the third person.
If you stop, your points worsen.

Tarsier Man Theme.
Now comes a live stream.
You must sing your theme song.
Sing or it is all wrong.

Search Engine Nut.
Don't just sit on your butt.
Type the weirdest thing ever in Google.
The winner is the one who gets the best oogle.

Nicknames R You.
Nickname your crew.
The one with the best of the bunch,
Gets a free lunch.

Stupid Human Things.
Give your best rings.
The one with the stupidest human trait,
Adds points to their crate.

Cat Hair Galore.
Rip some hair out at your shore.
It can be from anywhere on you.
Then put it where cat hair might come due.

The Tail Card.
This may be hard.
Find the nearest thing at your sea,
And make it a tail on thee. 

Those are just some of the cards at play. Don't you want to play at your bay? Are you jealous the cat has a card game? It will be anything but tame. Things may get a bit crazy and maybe even hazy. You may even get to pass some gas. That is a perk for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I guess I pulled an ace
    To that I will embrace
    a card game at you say
    leaving a rhyme at your bay

  2. Search Engine Nut would be a scary card.

  3. Think I'll stick to simple games here
    this one looks a little too tough
    to try to figure out
    and enough is enough


    1. Could work the brain
      And cause a bit of pain

  4. A card game with forced rhyme
    Sounds like a fun way to spend time
    And no shortage of tail material here
    Plenty of yarn and thread all year

  5. A card game that rhymes
    A winner many times
    Don't go haywire if you lose
    The right card ya gotta choose

  6. Pull a card?
    What a zinger!
    Not as hard
    as pull my finger.

    1. Or in the end
      It won't be as gassy
      So you won't offend
      Some little old lassy

  7. Cats get to have all the fun stuff. Hey Pat.

  8. Kitties really are good at card games!

    1. Knock them on the floor
      A winner forevermore

  9. It's Not Hard So Pull A Card!
    The Cat playing it real sharp
    Many card choices
    With no invoices
    Were they trying to out-smart?


    1. Out smart a few
      Take the dough and escape from view

  10. Card games are fun if you have the right person to play with.

  11. I can't figure out how to play poker or do any magic card tricks, but I'm pretty great at Uno and that counts for something

  12. Ha! That actually sounds like a fun game for your regulars, myself included.

    1. Would be interesting to try
      As I'm sure someway it can fly

  13. orlin N cassie...if we due knot get de card we want due we hafta go fish......coz itz colder N be jezuz heer N we iz knot sure even WE wanna ..go fish !! ☺☺☺

    heerz two an atlantic silverside kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  14. Replies
    1. Not liking playing alone
      Throwing solitaire a bone

  15. I played my card
    to find a bard
    in laughter's yard
    where Pat stood guard

  16. I'm more of a board game kind of girl. Think I'll have to pass on this card game. Darn!

  17. I do so enjoy reading your post Pat, although late in reading this was no exception.


  18. I enjoy card games, but trivia games are my favorite. :-)

  19. I am not the best at a card game
    Some are fun while others are lame.

  20. If we're talking cards, I'd say Go Fish. =-) But if we're talking board games, have you tried Galaxy Trucker... oh the fun.

    1. Never even heard of that one
      Have to see it spun

  21. I love card games! Yours would definitely be a hoot, accompanied with glasses of wine to boot!

    1. Would sure get one going
      With an added wine showing


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