Just Ducky With Horse Pucky!

Or should I say shit because people on the internet are sure full of it. At least some that is with their so called that and this biz. But don't believe the cat. Just get a whiff of this scat.

Drinking your own pee cures...
My, thinking that gets purrs.
It cures everything under the sun.
Yeah, and the cat is a nun.

Africa is a country all itself.
Damn, Santa better inform an elf.
He needs to know such things.
Maybe his reindeer really have wings.

Super super secret thingys galore.
They are at every shore.
Weight, lottery, health, even a date.
Oh, how they all sure have a common trait.

Dead people aren't dead.
Elvis still has his head.
He's alive like many an other.
I think I just saw the world's oldest guy's mother.

A quote on a photo is true.
That is too much work to go through.
No one would fake that.
They don't want to chew fake fat.

A world ending thingy is upon us.
Everyone should kick up a fuss.
The Mayans and Y2K were soo right.
Listen to this new one taking flight.

Some rich guy will give you dough.
Yep, Bill Gates is in the know.
He'll just shell out some cash.
Go now, make a quick dash.

Stats are ever so true.
Every one you see at your zoo.
98% of readers who know nothing about it tell me so.
So it has to be true, you know.

A phone update will make it waterproof.
Nah, it is not a goof.
A little update is all it takes.
Use it in water after the phone shakes.

I'm a time traveler back from the future.
Came back to get a suture.
The future is so bleak.
The world only has one creek.

Now do you see that many are full of it? Who can believe such umm spit? But it still gets spread around a ton. At least they provide the cat with some fun. Nuts sure are everywhere and many more there are with an internet lair. Fall for any that have come to pass? They can all bite my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Photoshop has ruined photos, because everything can be faked and posted online now. Anytime my wife shows me an amazing photo, the first thing I look for it the Photoshopping.
    And hey, number one today!

    1. Yeah, that's the first thing I go for too
      As so many are sure untrue

  2. On Friday the 13th
    who would've knew

    Have a good day Alex!

  3. What Elvis isn't dead
    his music is alive
    it even plays in my head

    Ask Blue
    about his suede shoe
    Elvis took it
    In a museum it sits...

    One for the money
    Two for the show

    1. A museum for a shoe
      Who knew
      Not Blue
      Or a stealing may come due

    2. Haha Stealing to sell
      might get him a cell
      better to hide it away
      wear it around his bay

      Three to get ready
      Now, go cat go

    3. Three square meals a day
      And a roommate that may umm play
      Yeah, no so appealing
      Blue may want to avoid the stealing

    4. One shoe to buy a ticket to Bora...

    5. There you can rest
      Or throw a fest

    6. Boat bora a dream come true...

    7. Been dreaming a while
      He sure needs a cash pile

  4. There's an item on YOU TUBE saying Elvis is alive,
    Don't know what to believe anymore.
    Yes there's much S--T about Pat I agree.


  5. Nothing anymore is what it seems
    The internet is full of schemes
    Trust your puppy, trust your cat
    Don't let others cross your mat

    1. Schemes every which way
      Throw cat pee on them I say lol

  6. Just as all the fake news
    Is hogging up all the gullible views...

  7. yep, I believe in that Nigerian prince too

  8. I agree, the full of it is overflowing!

  9. Fake news! Finally, Donald is right about something!

  10. A veterinarian tech years ago
    said don't believe anything on the internet
    I think there was some truth
    some weird things I have met


    1. Yep, a lot of it is crap
      Many with an agenda by some sap
      Or written by some one not really in the know
      And then people believe it in tow

  11. He lives so I shall give a shout
    To Elvis - think I'll ask him out
    On second thought, he's not for me
    His voice is nice, but he's a fat druggie.

    1. Would be rather brittle too
      Nothing will be rocking at his zoo

  12. Oh not another Y2K, apocalypse, or the rapture. lol

    1. lol they come each year
      Sure something to really really fear

  13. You mean I shouldn't believe it just because I saw it on the internet???

    1. Shouldn't even believe me
      I could be lying to thee
      It all could be right
      On each and every other site

  14. I think the cat's made it very clear.
    Don't believe everything you hear.

  15. orlin N cassie....ya noe....sure uz cats will add mit ta lickin R "quarterz kleen" afturr uzin de box...but even we wood eat a bass terd chckn bee for drinkin R own peez ~~~~~ !!!!! ☺☺☺☺

    heerz two a lemon tetra kinda week oh end two all ♥♥♥

    1. haha yeah, so would we
      Dogs though may not agree

  16. Just Ducky With Horse Pucky!
    Is amusing with what you see
    Say what they like
    Let them ride a bike
    Time traveler faster as can be


    1. Time travel away
      Bike may not cut it on display

  17. You can find anything on the internet. People need to stop and think about what they are reading and if it makes sense or if the information is backed up on reputable sites. :)

    1. Yep, and even reputable sites can steer you wrong
      One surely should think before repeating some same old song

  18. I agree
    Most wholeheartedly
    But that's only me
    The words of a flea

  19. Just because reindeer do not have wings doesn't mean they can't fly........

  20. It's amazing what people will believe. It's on the internet so it must be true!

  21. loved your poem's ending line {Most}
    it goes with situation very fine!

  22. My mom would probably think Africa is a country as she thought Cincinnati was a state

  23. Elvis isn't dead?
    Neither is Hitler, so many have said.
    Pee cures all!
    They can go drink it at Their hall.

  24. Well, at least we're going to have a new president in my country who will go after all the fake news! LOL

    1. lol and create more fake news
      Just so he can use


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