The What Is In A Rut!

The cat is typing out a rhyme right now. No, he is not giving a meow. I am going to type and hit post soon. But that you knew at my sand dune. Didn't you? Some humans don't have a clue.

I'm typing away.
All through the day.
Just typing right here.
Have no fear.

Maybe fear for you,
And many in view.
For they are dense.
Maybe sat on an electric fence?

Why is that?
Why fall flat?
Too many reasons to name.
But this post has a claim.

What are you doing?
Umm, I'm not chewing.
I'm typing like I said.
Can't get that through your head?

What are you doing?
You I'm now shooing.
Get the hell away.
Go drown in the bay.

What are you doing?
Is this some kind of wooing?
Are you as blind as a bat?
Maybe drowning in scat?

What are you doing?
Soon I'll be suing.
You won't like that.
Sued by a cat.

What...shut up.
Go bug a pup.
Can't you see?
I'm having a pee.

I'm driving a car.
I'm walking far.
I'm vacuuming the floor.
I'm resting at the shore.

I'm sitting on my ass.
I'm passing some gas.
You I'm now booing.
But what are you doing?

Can't you humans see? Why ask when you are beside me? That is like talking about the weather when two humans are together. I'm doing what I'm doing. No fat needs chewing. Not like I'm chopping a foot off. So there is no need to scoff. Now I'm passing some more gas. It just wants to come when humans are near my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The What Is In A Rut!
    Ending up like a dud
    To keep asking
    What is brewing?
    Oh,a mutt sniffing a butt


  2. Even now when I'm rarely on the computer anymore, people grouch that I'm on it. One of my friends recently came over and I told her I had to finish what I was doing and would just be a few minutes. She grouched and grouched that I was on the computer every waking minute of the day. I couldn't finish with all the nagging, so I stopped what i really needed to do (that's still not done and now it's been a few days). grr I should have told her she nags every minute of the day and tho shush for just a few minutes. I knew it would be hard to find time to get back on and finish. ;)

    1. haha with friends like that
      Who needs enemies where you are at?
      If they can't wait a moment or three
      Let them clean the litter of cat pee

  3. The Cat's driving a car? That I would like to see.
    Fortunately my wife doesn't ask what I'm doing when I'm in front of my computer.

    1. Might not last long
      As his driving isn't strong
      Yeah, plain to see
      Just walk by thee

  4. Replies
    1. What are you doing, Cat?
      And how is Mr. Hatt?

    2. Out the door
      With the snore

      Still a doing
      With no shoo-ing

    3. I see
      In the place to be
      And I'll raise you
      A Scooby Dooweeeee

    4. Raise me some dough
      Then off to bora we'll go

  5. I've asked my hubby "what are you doing?"
    As the one cat sat there, mewing.
    "What do you think", is what he said
    He wishes that question would go the way of the dead.

  6. Wonderful poem and a great read to cheer a dreary Thursday morning.


  7. Hubby never asks what I'm doing on the computer
    Nor do I ask him what sites he sees
    sometimes we share things that catches our eyes
    but otherwise we just let each other be


    1. That is a good way to be
      Not letting the asking fly free

  8. My husband's answer to that question is "causing trouble". Indeed that tends to be the case

    1. haha nothing wrong with that
      Keeps things interesting where you are at

  9. When I do what I do
    I do it and I don't say boo
    If I ask you what you do
    Silly questio through and through
    If I leave and don't come back
    You'll rightly know you got the sack

    1. Beats an attack
      Like being kicked in the sack lol

  10. I probably ask my dog what he's doing 30 times a day. He'll come over wanting to play and I'l say what are you doing. lol Eating something off the floor...what are you doing? lol

    1. lol he has you trained I'd say
      As you ask 30 times a day

  11. I may have a clue
    but folks give me a glance.
    I wonder, could it be due
    to checking the mail with no pants?

    1. That it may be
      But you know one thing
      Makes it easy to pee
      Or have yourself a fling

  12. Yesterday, not only did I wrestle with passwords, had to call computer tech to fix glitches and viruses. An exhausting day on the computer. No fun at all.

    1. Damn, that got full of crap
      Downloading XXX things on your side of the map? lol

  13. orlin N cassie....

    this iz kinda sorta all most like when we see de food servizz gurl

    say....fixin a meel, we ask...what cha doin. !!!!

    ore lay rite by de sink when herz tryin ta due dishez....

    yea, we R annoyin like thiz !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. haha attention is at hand
      No matter what she's doing at her land

  14. Every time you asked "What are you doing?" I thought "I'm reading!"

  15. Why is that?
    Why fall flat?
    Purred the cat
    Hiding bat.

  16. I dreaming of spring...smiles.

  17. I don't drive but I can fall flat on my face!

  18. "I can explain" always goes well after "What are you doing?"

  19. I hate it when I run into someone at the store and they are like "what are you doing here?" What the hell do you think?

    1. haha yep, been there done that
      Their brains sure fall flat

  20. Frequent question at my bay
    While on the train crocheting away
    What are you doing with that hook
    Makes too many take a look

    1. Hook them in the finger
      Then they won't linger


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