We Sure Know When We Go!

Cassie is a bit more wiser than I as things catch her eye. Hey, she's done it way more. That is my excuse at our shore. She can tell when it's time to go. But I don't take too long to get in the know.

Cassie knows.
No stuff in rows.
She's just aware,
With one quick stare.

See? I learn.
We won't return.
My cat house is apart.
I don't take that to heart.

Into hide mode I go.
High, not low.
Can't reach me. 
But you can still see.

Can't now.
I don't meow.
I have the dark.
Here I will park.

 I'd rather stay,
Then deal with the other bay.
A basket case is just what I need.
There they grow like a weed.

A scaredy cat.
I like that.
Can chase her away,
Any old day.

The box cat.
Who needs that?
I can pack him up though.
Mail away another foe.

The bouncer kitty.
He's not in a city.
That is where he needs to go.
So see ya later to another foe.

The fluff ball.
Chase him down the hall.
He can be a duster.
After all the dusting he looses his luster.

And then there's the poser.
What a brown noser.
 But if he gets too close to me,
On him I'll do number 2 with glee.

I guess I have a way of thinning out the pack. I just need to go on the attack. Do you have foes to stop? Have such a big crop? The mutts I'll have to work on next time. Dealing with those butt sniffers is just a crime. At least I took care of one furry mass. They won't be bothering my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Sorry for the double
      Not intended as you know
      HP posting spells trouble


    2. Double away
      Phone gets you each day

    3. Clones but no reboots, I hope
      Or else I couldn't cope

    4. Thanks Adam! Didn't see it that way!


    5. Yeah, no reboots
      Rather have newts

  2. Awesome pics of the cats. loved the verse.
    Anything to do with felines I adore.
    Remind me should I ever come to your pad.
    Not to fall over them on the floor.


  3. Who doesn't like a hard cleaning fluff ball?

  4. We Sure Know When We Go!
    With Felines none so slow
    They are just hot
    Some with faults
    But with a beautiful flow


  5. Put that fluff ball duster in his place, Cassie! Ask them if they can smell anything with those flat noses.

    1. I'll find out rather quick
      Pass some gas some slick

  6. Cats hate to move it has been said
    They try to hide far under the bed
    I'm like a cat, don't leave my home
    No thanks to moving or to roam

    1. Yeah, hate they do
      But they got over it fast at our zoo
      Used to traveling about
      Just with the cage they want the hell out lol

  7. I leave my home daily
    to go to work
    Eating you know
    is a fine perk ;)

    Love the pics!

  8. Butt sniffing is normal for us kitties but more and more humans doing it is a bit worrying. Hey, home is where the cat is, always!

    1. Yeah, humans are nuts
      That is true, no matter the huts

  9. The cats always know
    to the other sea they go
    Cassie just wants them to leave her be
    Orlin would attack and in a shoe he might pee (lol)

    ok, that just had to be said...

    1. lol attacking he will do
      Thankfully he just eats a shoe
      Or more or less the string
      Also eats anything baked at our wing

    2. Hey, I read today is hat day..lol..

      So, with a tip of my hat
      I wish you a good day
      Pat Hatt...

    3. Hat day for me
      Always that way with the last name of we

  10. I think I would be a bit scare
    if I opened a cabinet and saw a cat
    that's why I prefer dogs over them
    they don't climb to much and that is that!


    1. haha dogs just go in and eat
      They will get there to get their treat

  11. Sniff with disdain
    Do not suffer a fool
    If they do not leave
    Chunk 'em in the pool

    That's how we deal at our lair

  12. Of course girls rule,
    the smartest of the dual!
    Hey, when are the twins due
    to make an uncle out of you?

    1. Cassie is always in the know
      As away we surely did go
      Another two months or so
      Before the poop machines show

  13. Sometimes I wish
    I were small enough
    To get in a cabinet
    And hide from stuff.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. haha be nice
      But for a price
      You could buy a big one
      And give it a run

  14. Is this a potty post? I'm confused!

  15. Do I have foes to stop, you say?
    Do you have all day?
    Colleagues and neighbors that make me sick
    I'd rather have them sitting on a stick
    If you know what I mean
    At the kitty cat scene

    1. Sitting on a big stick
      That would sure crush their umm wick

  16. I love these pics so
    Joy puts on a show
    My heart says Oh Oh
    And I thank you bro

  17. This introvert likes to withdraw into her cave when she's had too much people time, no matter how awesome the people are. Move over Cassie, I'm joining you in the cupboard!

  18. Are you on the move?
    I bet the kitties don't like this groove.
    They would rather stay and sleep.
    'Cos they don't give a bleep

  19. I also lose my luster
    after one brush of the duster
    But when I mope,
    I plop and drop.

  20. Squeee I enjoyed kitty pics! Love the basket cat and box cat :-)

  21. Some days I like to hide away as well. Sure beats dealing with stupid people.

    1. Yep, stupid people are everywhere
      Rather hide away at ones lair

  22. I need to move where I can get a cat. Love all the pics and the verse aimed to please. :)

    1. Some places don't allow
      And they suck with no meow

  23. Great pictures. I sometimes wish I could fit into a cupboard like that and hide away from the world!
    That's Purrfect

    1. Sometimes it would be neat
      Hiding away ever so sweet


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