What Type Are You At Your Zoo?

There are bloggers of all types here and there and I can figure out the types at my lair. Are you able to? I guess we shall see if most of these you knew.

What type of blogger are you?
Why do you blog the things you do?
Today the cat will share with you,
The many that come due.

Are you the looky loo,
Wanting many a view?
Letting all know when you cried.
Stats matter to your pride.

Are you the poor poor me,
Going on a pitiful spree?
Trying for sympathy from all,
With each and every post call.

Are you a fun in the sun,
Giving what you want a run?
Not caring what others think,
As out your thoughts sink.

Are you an all about me,
Who never goes to another sea?
Thinking all should come to you,
Pretending you don't have a clue.

Are you a blog connector,
Hopping over many a sector?
Finding friends far and wide,
Having many by your side.

Are you a promoter,
Ads running your motor?
Always selling this and that.
Trying to make your wallet fat.

Are you a neglector,
Always being a varying detector?
Popping in once a year.
Having nothing to say with your cheer. 

Are you a mix and match,
A bit of a blogging batch?
Doing that and this,
Everything giving you bliss?

What type of blogger are you,
Why do you blog the things you do.
Did the cat hit on you?
Has your blog habit come into view?

That was just fun to do as the idea popped in at my zoo. Did the cat hit on one? Maybe a mix and match with your blogging run? The cat just does it for some fun and enjoys hopping around to everyone. But that you knew at your zoo. At least I hope you knew that in mass. I can be a confusing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. What Type Are You At Your Zoo?
    Special character whenever due
    Right promoter
    Or a connector?
    Do your own thing right on cue


  2. Bloggers come and go, they do have their way
    They gather information just like the CIA
    Some use that information for covert sleazy schemes
    Stick with the smiley bloggers who send you sunshine beams

    1. Those are who you stick with indeed
      While hoping the others meet an untimely end at their feed lol

  3. I am what I am Pat. I write what I like
    I sometime share when I go for a hike.
    I am what I am for all to see.
    If it don't meet with approval it don't bother me.

    Great verse Pat.


    1. A great way to be
      Screw the bother at any sea

  4. I guess I'm a mix and match. I used to never post pictures and now that's all I seem to do. I ran out of general topics!

    1. A mix and match is a fun run
      Just act crazy and one can post a ton lol

  5. I'm a promoter, a connector, and entertainment info type of blogger. And that's fine by me.

  6. Well, I'm one who is sleeps a lot!

  7. I like fun posts about my cats and the birds.
    I enjoy telling readers about good books.
    Promoting my stories is also a goal.

    1. Three ways to post
      Sure a great way to be at ones coast

  8. Aimless and wandering that be me
    But tied to a tree
    Tethered by a rope
    But one day, I'm going to jump that moat

    1. Jump and don't fall in
      Don't let crocodiles get a win

  9. Hopefully I'm a variety of all the good,
    a fun spot to see in the neighborhood.
    I've dropped a few blogs that I faithfully visited.
    When they don't visit back, it makes you feel jilted. haha.

    1. Yeah, there are a few I did too
      That or they are just too hard on the head with all the whining they do

  10. I do blog because I enjoy seeing the other blogs and seeing what the cats, dogs etc. are up to.

  11. I'm all that type you mentioned of a blogger
    a little of this and a lot of that
    but careful with names and pictures of family members
    don't think I'll be changing much of that


    1. Yeah, wise to keep that at bay
      Never know what they really want you to say

  12. You know, I'd never really given it much thought, but you caught all the variables out there.

  13. Variety is nice
    Add movie spice
    Try to visit a steady group
    Stay in the blogger friend loop

  14. Books tend to be what I blog about and authors. Riddles too. I always enjoy visiting blogs- though sometimes I get a bit behind. :)

    1. Good way to blog at your sea
      Yeah, not all have ocd lol

  15. What type of blogger am I
    I thought I'd give idea a try
    but found that old age may apply

  16. My blog has diminished to being just reviews. I don't like to put much that's persona because I don't want my ex and his family feeling connected to me, lol. It's not even paranoia, every once in awhile I check my blogger stats and see they're still looking. phft I've thought of pulling it all together, but I like blogging. And I like the folks I interact with online from time to time too, like over here. :)

    1. Hmmm that is a conundrum indeed
      Too bad one couldn't block some from their feed

  17. Some I'd define


    Fashion girls

    video game people

    family/mommy people

    Just pictures of stuff (often with little to no words)

    People who quit after 1 month

    and a few I can't recall off hand

    1. The quitters are easy to spot
      Sometimes pictures can say a lot

  18. So I now belong to some label?
    I can whine at my table.
    I talk about stuff at times, I know.
    Maybe that makes some be filled with woe.
    I mainly talk about film and making cards
    It brings me joy, ....ingive my best regards:)

    1. Joy is the best way to be
      A mix and match works at any sea

  19. I think I'm quite the mix here, except for the asshole who never connects to other bloggers. Blogging is a connecting and community effort. You learn pretty quick who's only here for themselves. And, that's fine I suppose. I just don't visit those types.

    1. Yep, those assholes we steer clear from
      Can kiss my little rhyming bum

  20. I had no concept of blogging when I started. I was encouraged into it by Ron at "From Sophie's View." Without him and Jim egging me on, I never would have discovered the amazing blogging world. Certainly I never anticipated that blogging is all about the friends you make on line. I'm a connector for sure! Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Yep, so many friends you make indeed
      I never would have guessed it at my feed


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