A Baggy Stink The Missing Link?

So the cat was out and about, or Pat was but I give this shout, and I wound up in a job fair. Some of the people made me stop and stare.

Employment is my goal.
An income is my want.
Life can take its toll,
When bills begin to haunt.

I'm looking at it all.
I'll do whatever comes.
Just give me a quick call,
And we'll become chums.

Forget my manly stink.
So I have a little BO.
It makes me likeable I think.
Just let that aspect go.

Forget my hairy crack.
It's there for all to see.
Just don't be at my back,
And you'll be ass crack free.

My baggy pants are in.
You can't deny the style.
I wore them so I'd win,
Get to turning that dial.

The flip flops are swell.
They let my feet breathe.
That toe fungus can be hell.
I've had it since I began to teethe.

There is a form to fill?
I'm sorry, I can't right now.
You see I'm rather ill.
But my experience will wow.
Here is my number and name.
That is all you need to know.
I'll now make any old claim.
I worked for NASA a year ago.

So won't you hire me?
I'll prop your workplace up.
Wait, I just flicked off a flea.
No, I don't own a pup.

What's with the awkward glare?
Are you discriminating against me?
Wait, another flea in my hair.
I hope to soon hear from thee.

It was pathetic as can be. All of that is true at my sea. From ass cracks hanging out to dirty flip flop feet that would make any OCD shout. And they wonder why no one will hire them anywhere. Ever seen such a job fair? The place was decent and such too. Just some of the people looking for jobs looked like they crawled out of the loo. I think I'll hang out with the singing bass. He doesn't show any cracks to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Baggy Stink The Missing Link?
    To make it easy in recruiting
    Baggy pants are in
    Care for a spin
    To make oneself worth taking in

    1. An eye roll gets the way
      With them on display

  2. They say jobs are coming back to the USA
    Beats me, I really never knew they ever went away
    Many HELP WANTED words on the internet
    Wrong kind of jobs, perhaps they made one sweat

    1. Yep, jobs are there
      Just whiners at every lair
      Think they are above that
      Pfffft to such scat

  3. I'm planning a post on this topic, probably in April. Stay tuned!

  4. Sadly, I'm sure they weren't all young people who don't know better either. Shows a complete lack of respect.

    1. Yep, they all weren't young
      Brain full of dung

  5. I thought the rule was to dress for success! It seems some may have failed the test as they did not impress..

  6. Our leaders, if they are working at all, are not working hard enough. All over the world, east or west, leadership is leading us astray.

    We need better jobs and self-employment opportunities, everywhere.

    I think I went on too much of a rant here, Pat.

    1. Hey, rant away
      Fine at our bay
      Leadership is all about me
      screw the we

  7. A fair job is much harder to find than a job fair!

  8. Is your CV up to scratch?/Would you like me to come and watch?/What's your ideal job?/How about looking other people's gobs? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  9. Makes you wonder if they even wanted jobs
    If they presented looking like such slobs


    1. Yeah, seems so
      Probably doing it so unemployment will still show

  10. I could put up with stinky
    Just don't misspell your occupation
    wear jewelry you want on your face or pinkie
    horrible grammar will cause us separation

    1. Grammar and weed nuts
      With pants around their bare butts
      We'd run from
      They can stay a bum

  11. Ass crack showing is yucky
    I bet there is smell from there that would be sucky.
    The toes would smell as well
    So much stink, plenty of show and tell

  12. Maybe some people just don't understand.
    They look at themselves and think they're grand.

  13. Never been to job fair so I don't know the dress code. Flip flop may be ok? but I'm sure fleas are frowned upon lol.

    1. Fleas would sure be a no no
      As an itching all would go

  14. I've been to a mass interview at Circuit City. It was bizarre and I didn't get the job. They closed down literally a few months later. All I can say is...GOOD

    1. Worked out the way it should
      There at your hood

  15. Well look who is allowed to comment on your blog by phone. Screw my laptop.

  16. I shouted more than ears could scan
    I even played tunes on a can
    My interview spiel
    For job I’m ideal
    So they made me real garbageman

  17. So flip flop you say?? For me are OK. :) :)

    1. Work for here and there
      Getting about at ones lair

  18. I don't think I have been to a job fair since I went to one in high school. I am sure there would be lots to see. :)

  19. Some people haven't got a clue. Guess they weren't told that first impressions are everything.

    1. Or they never believed it to be true
      As they smell through and through

  20. Certainly lack of respec there Pat.
    Good verse.


  21. If they crawled out of the loo
    They might like Scooby poo
    Or a stinky blue shoe...


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