A Full Cart Of Smart!

The cat is good at this and that. Or would it be that and this for the cat? Beats the heck out of me. But there are sure some things you'll never see me good at at my sea.

I'm so great.
A common trait.
A human one.
Always spun.

I can do this.
Ego can't miss.
I can do that.
So full of scat.

Rocket science it is.
That's my biz.
Can't tie a shoe.
Whoops, boo hoo.

I can build a tower.
Can even fix a shower.
Whoops, can't plant a flower.
Now I'll go and cower.

I can write a book.
So great at my nook.
Whoops, I can't get the ball in the hoop.
I was thrown for a loop.

I can sell a car.
I can go far.
Whoops, can't sell clothes.
Damn, that curls my toes.

I can cure your ails.
Maybe pound some nails.
Whoops, can't play cards.
Have trouble mowing yards.

I can fly a plane.
Landing in the right lane.
Whoops, can't drive a train.
That leaves me with a pain.

I can go to space.
Puts a smile on my face.
Whoops, can't public speak.
Now I'm up shit creek.

I can write a blog.
Don't get brain fog.
Whoops, can't draw a lick.
Unless it involves a stick.

Don't you love those humans that think they are great at all? Just because they can do one thing they can do them all at their hall. Now you can get better and learn. But there will always be something that makes you feel the burn. I can't sing like that singing bass. There, I admitted it with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. I am not number one
      It seems Hank got that done
      I guess that makes me two
      Two for true
      Or would that be four
      at your door
      Or now even five
      at the cat's hive

    2. haha counting today
      Ready for the work day
      Hank got you all geared up
      So there will be no hiccup

  2. Worked with a few people
    Who thought they were the best
    But when push came to shove
    They failed the test


    1. Yep, when comes to light
      They prove to be a fright

  3. It appears that Hank has got the knack
    At being "Number One"
    Must try to beat him one day,
    Trying will be fun.


    1. As long as fun as had
      One should go to it at their pad

  4. Lots of people think they just know everything, especially the young ones.

    1. Many never learn they don't at their sea
      Some old farts sure still think it near me

  5. Apologies very much in order
    For getting all asunder
    What exactly went wrong
    One just couldn't fathom


  6. I'm really good at the important things, like being able to open a bottle of wine quickly.

    1. What about sucking it back
      In that do you lack?

  7. I can do anything you can do, better
    Bread slides off a peel or I knit a sweater
    There is a song that says that same thing
    A familiar sound with a copy-cat ring

    1. Yep, a ring that's rang
      Trying to go out with a bang

  8. The bigger the boast
    The huger the roast

    Amazing and tremendous shall collapse

    1. Farther they will fall
      Not bouncing back up like a ball

  9. They do look strange patting themselves on the back all of the time!

    1. A monkey wannabe
      Except they, usually, have no flea

  10. There are things I can do
    And some that I don't.
    Some that I will
    And some that I won't.

    I've a talent to write,
    But athletic I'm not.
    My teeth still have bite--
    I hope they don't rot.

    I can walk down the stairs
    And still go back up.
    Yes, I get around
    But not too abrupt.

    I've racked up some years
    Though feel young in my head.
    So let's raise some cheers
    For at least I'm not dead.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Still having breath
      Is sure a might big win
      Beats smelling of death
      With a saggy old chin

      Years that are racked
      With memories made
      Sure are fine to be stacked
      As long as the mind doesn't fade

  11. I know some people like that. No matter what you've done, they did it first, and/or they did it better.

    1. Yep, and pffft to those nuts
      One here that does it and shakes his beer belly guts

  12. I admire people with enough self-confidence to try new things without fear, but when they're so full of themselves they brag ceaselessly about their yuge abilities and nobody-ever-has-or-ever-will-do-better accomplishments, it's disgusting. Wait! That kinda reminds me of a certain world "leader"...

    1. lol what timing at my sea
      As it can work for such a spree
      And yep, such people can pound sand
      While they give themselves a hand

  13. orlin N cassie....de food servizz gurl haz met a few like that; once her toll sum one....hay, due ya think ya can all sew part de red sea ~~~~~~


    heerz two a uaru kinda week oh end; himz act shoo a lee a prette awesum fish; see ya twoozday ! ♥♥♥

    1. haha be fun to watch them try
      Then they'll try the sky

  14. Everyone is blessed with some sort of talent.
    Sometimes it takes a while to find it.

    1. That it does indeed
      Have to use it though when it takes seed

  15. My wife always says I’m the best
    A feeling which brought me much zest
    One night wild thoughts flew
    In search of a clue
    I wondered just who were the rest

    1. haha top of the pile
      Hopefully doesn't stretch a mile

  16. Hand that man a wooden spoon
    Let's see if he can sing a tune.
    Bet he really could
    even if he doesn't think he should!
    Could sing a duet with that bass!
    Sweet harmony with that fishy lass. lol.

    1. lol ears may perk
      Sending all berserk
      If such a thing came to pass
      Drowning the poor singing bass

  17. At snowflake making I am great
    I'm sure upon your nerves that will grate...

  18. Our new fearless president is unabashedly the best at everything since the beginning of human history. It must be nice to have such confidence in one's self. Take care. This is the one blogging thing I'm doing today; as I wait to scare the flu away.! Take care!

    1. It will be a huge blow to his ego when he becomes a one term president

    2. The flu will hopefully go
      As the orange muppet will still blow

  19. I'm teaching myself a new skill right now. Thought it would be easy since crafting tends to come naturally to me, but damn it, crocheting is killing me over here!

    1. I wouldn't even attempt that
      As I'd surely fall flat

  20. The cat isn't lacking in confidence. I am constantly finding out that I have a lot to learn about so much. :)

  21. I hVe met people like that and when I can't ignore them or get away from them, I start to have fun at their expense....evil grin

  22. I can rant all day
    Impressed at your bay?
    I can throw my neigh off our roof
    Would that make him aloof?
    I can watch Weekend At Bernie's 2
    And pretend it's Scooby Doo

    1. That last one sure is a skill
      Not sure it would thrill

    2. All it takes is a drink
      Before you sink

    3. Sunk in the sea
      Treasure may come to be


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