A Little Log Of Real And Blog!

The cat has noticed a thing or three. As I do at my sea. I'm sure you do as well. Not hard when in blogland you dwell. Unless you dwell in the dark side of blogging. Then you can enjoy your umm flogging?

Blog of this.
Blog of that.
No kind of kiss,
Toward things like scat.

Life going out.
Life going in.
What's that about?
How do I win?

Need a task?
Just let it fly.
With a little ask,
Bloggers give it a try.

Need a task?
Run far away.
On comes the mask,
What's in it for my bay?

Need a hand?
Settle in.
Ask blogland,
They give it a spin.

Need a hand?
Hide your two.
Bury them in sand,
As a chopping may come due.

Not even a need.
Just something there.
Helped at a blog feed,
No ask to spare.

Not even a need.
Wave bye bye.
Walk away at top speed,
Like they can fly.

Together they pull.
Together they try.
Not dealing with bull,
Reaching for the sky.

Together they flock,
A whole other way.
At best they balk,
With a face as if they have an egg to lay.

Bloggers will sure do a lot with ease, just ask and away they breeze. Real life people can be more tricky. Many a time they seem to think the what's in it for me dohickey. Ever notice that? Or is it just the cat? Not that I bother much, but bloggers are much nicer by a touch. Let's ignore the scary and poor pitiful me blog class. They don't count for this post from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. And yes, bloggers do seem to be "nicer by a touch." :)

    2. Yep, that's me, Truedessa...

      Wonder where Hank is?

    3. Hank unfortunately not as sly
      He just has other fishes to fry
      He is around
      He'll be found
      Perhaps now others will also vie


    4. Hank has an adversary that's new
      With the #1 view

      Fox shoveling more snow?
      Or just had to go?

      That's two in a row
      Yep, bloggers less of a foe

    5. Hank will be back
      at the number 1 rank

      Good morning Hank
      Good morning Pat
      Good morning cat
      Good morning all

    6. Morning all
      Hank will heed the call
      After he fries some fishes
      Or maybe the Fox is saying, "he wishes"

    7. The Fox was number one?
      I missed out on the fun!

  2. Well can a borrow a few hundred
    I'm sure you can spare a few
    Now it's up to you
    Can I borrow a few hundred
    Words to rhyme in my head.

    1. The cat can do that
      And won't let it fall flat

  3. Cheered me up this cold Friday. Yhanks Pat.


  4. But what about psychopaths planted in the corn?
    Slimiest people ever been born
    Like Chauncy the Gardner, they mirror on the net
    Better watch their back when Guido's on the set

    1. Maybe they'll help it grow
      Could be better for you than GMO

  5. Your blog is one of my favorites Pat/cat :) :)

  6. Bloggers do seem more helpful than people in real life.

  7. bloggers are dreamers
    tend to be nice
    also will share recipes
    add this spice

  8. Yeah. Bloggers and people who read blogs can be interesting. :D

    1. Interesting in many a way
      So can some you run into during the day

  9. Donna hit the nail on the head
    More personality with those well read
    So glad a few still read
    Makes my world better indeed

    1. That there surely are
      Glad for them at my sand bar

  10. Some of the best people I know
    write very interesting and helpful blogs
    while others I know real life
    are like bumps on a log


    1. Sit and do nothing at all
      That's what some do at their hall

  11. Met so many bloggers
    More and more each year
    Most are very friendly
    Even the Cat and his rear!

    1. The rear might be the gas
      From my little rhyming ass lol

  12. I have made lots of friends in the blogosphere. Fun to connect with people I might not ever have met in "real" life. :)

  13. I think there's a lot of terrific people in the "real world," but it isn't as easy to make friends with them as it is to forge online friendships while sitting on our tush in front of a computer. Even the biggest introvert can be brave and gregarious from behind a keyboard.

    But you're right. Bloggers, as a whole, tend to be awesome.

    1. That is true
      Introverts can let typing come due
      Hide behind their screen
      And all is so serene

  14. jIt's hard to beat the friendliness and the heart of a bloggr!

  15. There has only been one blog where I've found nasty, unhelpful folks (commenting). It's surprising how nice and friendly most bloggers can be.

    1. There is always one in the bunch
      That sure has to be out to lunch

  16. Bloggers are friendly and so very nice
    they offer so much and don't think twice
    I love to read about see many things
    and I avoid the nasty ding-a-lings

  17. A blog can be fun,
    But sometimes a chore.
    Some days I'm stunned
    That I keep doing more.

    Those who are nice
    Keep me coming back,
    But I have to think twice
    When they don't give me slack.

    But still, over all,
    They're a quite friendly crowd.
    So I'll keep heeding the call
    And never be cowed.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. A good way to be
      There at your sea
      A chore it can be
      If not ahead like we

      Some can get miffed
      But let them get whiffed
      They can ride a bike
      Or take a short hike

  18. I determined years ago that readers are by nature, intuitive thoughtful types and those types are wiser and friendlier. And since most all bloggers are readers, it just makes sense that the blogging world is a kinder world than the one outside our door.

    1. Yep, that sums it up indeed
      As people are more open as they read

  19. orlin N cassie....thatz why we iz heer N knot on facebook ....we haz hurd peepulz over ther can get plane rood nastee crazed witha cap a tull Z ~~~~

    heerz two a green spotted puffer kinda week oh end !! ♥♥♥

    1. Yep, we avoid that eye rot too
      Better off taking a poo

  20. Blogs can be fun
    Some even stun
    Some come undone
    when not warmly run

  21. Bloggers are some of the nicest people I've every met.
    They listen politely when I talk about my pets.

  22. I met one of my best friends from blogging, so I'd say I do think bloggers are pretty nice people. There are a few asshats here though, but like you said, those don't count ;)

    1. Yep, screw the asshats
      They can fall in pee from cats

  23. Really true, Pat. The blogging community has really inspired me and encouraged me over the years. Great people, bloggers are. I need to give back more (and I do have goals to do that). Great rhyme you've got here about blogger life. :)

    1. Blogger life sure is grand
      All across the land

  24. They come all shapes and sizes

  25. It never occurred to me that I would have a blog during my retirement. I fell into blogging and stayed because of the amazing people I've met. Even a cat!!!

    1. The people sure got me to stay
      Here at my bay


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