A Little Tire On The Wire!

The cat has seen it in a comment or ten here at our den. It was admitted too. So they weren't fast readers or confused at my zoo. What is it? I'll say before you get tired and hiss and spit.

Snacking on kids?
That will flip some lids.
Whoops, it was a hen.
I won't report your den.

You peed on Santa Claus?
That sure won't get an applause.
Oh, you watched him pee.
Hmmm that is still a creepy spree.

Dancing in the nude?
That may be rude.
Oh, under a full moon.
And even with a spoon.

You chewed off human fat?
How did you do that?
Oh, the phrase for talking.
I guess I'll go walking.

You bought a girlfriend?
That you may need to amend.
You bought something for her?
Damn, my eyes are beginning to blur.

You are a rhyming dog?
That is a new log.
Oh, you are making fun.
I am now almost done.

You fought the law?
Hit them with a claw?
Oh, you got out of a ticket.
No guns to make any picket.

You are going on vacation?
That brings elation.
You were lying?
Why am I even trying?

You....I'm so screwed.
Can't take it, dude.
I have to get some sleep.
I'm seeing things at my keep.

Tired as can be.
Good night to thee.
You are wishing to be in my bed?
Whoops, that was just in my head.

Ever read things when half asleep and screw them up at your keep? The cat may have done it a time or two but I usually catch myself at my zoo. Then again who needs sleep? Just give a meep meep. Then you'll say nothing wrong, funny or crass. You can trust, probably not, my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. A Little Tire On The Wire!
    Sleepy head made for hire
    Working real hard
    And working smart
    Success is then a sure fire


    1. Smart wins the way
      Not dead head during the day

  2. If you bought it for a song
    With that price you can't go wrong
    I'll belt out a tune for a new car
    And visit friends that live from afar

    1. A car that can go
      Might guzzle gas though
      As you hop around and visit each
      At least the internet has them in reach

  3. To sleep late was my goal. But one dog or another starts complaining to go out.

  4. I have misread things when tired. That's when I know it's time to go to bed. :)

  5. Well, there are a lot of full moons here in the Southern U.S.!

  6. I work half asleep some days
    and then go back to read what I typed
    and amazed at the mistakes made
    glad I fixed them or it would be a big hype


    1. Yeah, done that sometimes
      Thankfully no half asleep rhymes

  7. My misreading is on the rise. Yikes!
    YOU have a great weekend.

  8. That's never been a problem for me, but sometimes I'll read a sign incorrectly, with funny results.

    1. Think something is on sale that's not
      Could sweeten the plot

  9. I have often read things half asleep. Not so great- but better than when I write things half asleep. ;)

    1. haha yeah, that can end up bad
      With a re-write needed to be had

  10. Yup, I have misread things when I am half asleep and reading does put me to sleep usually.

    1. Good way to get a nap
      When out like a light one wants to snap

  11. Is that why we don't see "Santa" here anymore?

  12. It's really bad at night after I've taken my sleeping pill. I mess up all kinds of things.

  13. It's your subconscious talking/Or maybe the police on your door knocking. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. My nights aren’t what they use to be
    My wife’s always tired you see
    Those good times have fled
    When my wife would shed
    A story at bedtime for me

  15. Ha, I get confused all the time
    whether or not I try to rhyme!

  16. Late again with a comment. An excellent read as one can expect at your pad.


  17. I've probably done that more times than I know
    and left a weird comment somewhere below
    that made people wonder what the heck.
    Might have even done it here, I bet! lol.

    1. lol if it were the case
      I'm sure Whoopdi Friggin Doo would embrace

  18. A whole lot of what not to do's set to rhyme!

  19. I have misread some pretty amazing things that I had to look at it twice. Usually it is quite naughty which tells you where my head is at.

    1. The gutter is where we go
      Remain there most times at our show

  20. All the time! I even do it when I'm awake, often having to do a double take!

    1. Have to be on your toes
      With even awake word flows

  21. A vacation you say?
    You mean like some day?
    When will then be now?
    Once in a blue moon?
    Will it be grand?
    Will it be in Bora Land?
    Or just on some cheap ass hill?
    Will there be another Kill Bill?

    1. Hopefully not
      That can rot
      Cheap ass hill
      Sure wouldn't thrill


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