A New Loving Mate To Lovingly Date!

You know the cat has to. I have to help at my zoo. I want you all to have love. So I'll give you many choices from above. You'll want every single one. I just know it with today's run.

Looking for the one to grow old
Sorry, no life insurance pay out will take hold.
I love to spend time washer, fishing, hiking...
Is washer some kinky thing to your liking?

Courtney girl
So you give two country names a whirl?
I love everything about the woods
Even bear poop or scary banjo playing hoods?

I don't have anything to say here
My, won't you get many a peer.
I'm very down in earth.
Journey to the center of worth?

Major unsolved date.
So you are a mystery mate?
Business as usual down here
Do I even want to come near?

I'm in your area so gie me call
Nah, go back to your Facebook wall.
Sweep me off my hands.
You have a thing for hand stands?

Let's sea how it goes.
Nah, no sinking woes.
I like long walks on short beaches.
Hmmm, maybe your math skill reaches?

If I like you...can I keep you?
No Misery wannabes allowed at my zoo.
Looking for someone with a gambling problem like me.
Now that is a great first line for any to see.

Be my good boy
Get a job for that joy.
Why can't this be quick and easy?
Isn't that not so umm pleasy?

Like being outside garding
Do you have a gift for carding?
I'm trying this seen for a change.
You still may need a little rearrange.

I want failure of the heart.
Damn, maybe you need to fart?
I have no body to call my own.
So you are a robot that leaves a message at the tone?

Don't say the cat never helped you out. Now you can have some love about. Don't you want to grab one today? They sure sound so great with their say. Yeah, you may be better off with a blow up mate. At least they'd be a cheap date. The cat is through with his dating sass. They are just scary to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Looking for someone with a gambling problem. Well, she knows what she wants and who she is at least.

    1. That she does indeed
      Bet all your money gone takes seed

  2. I've found that those who claim to be down to earth are anything but! Maybe they came down to earth form Mars!

    1. yep, that usually seems to be the way
      Ship them back to Mars we say

  3. A New Loving Mate To Lovingly Date!
    A love so wonderful to have it made
    Comes from above
    With all the love
    It takes little effort to persuade


    1. That it will
      Some fit the bill
      Few do though
      At one's show

  4. People can build themselves up
    any which way they may want to
    until they meet their potential mate
    and then it all comes out in the loo


  5. Several people that I know
    Found a mate in the green card flow
    It took two years of "lets pretend"
    Or back they go, the law would send

    1. haha hopefully they got paid well
      For the fake wedding bell

  6. I will stick with Ray
    I have him trained my way
    He laughs at my jokes
    No need for a yoke

    The thought of dating again-ugh
    I was never good at that game

  7. Love is in the air
    It's not a dare
    Only fate being fair
    Love is coming to the cat's lair

    1. haha love to hate
      That's the cat's fate
      Anyone comes near
      The look of death is clear

  8. So let me get this straight,
    Are you looking for a date?
    Or a mate for your cat--
    I don't know about that.

    For me it's no dates in my life
    As I've got a partner now and she's my wife.
    She'd get rather peeved if I started looking
    For women and didn't stay home with the cooking.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Yeah, you can't do that
      You'd get turned to scat
      These are just nuts online
      That amuse the feline

  9. Dating is certainly not on my schedule. Too old for that stuff. I have all my cats to keep me company and they don't talk back to me.

    1. Well I bet some meow
      But you can ignore them with a raised eyebrow

  10. I'm a little shocked online and blind dating never combined. Imagine the fun there if you don't know what the other person looked like. And by fun I mean horrible encounters

  11. I needed this morn's laugh attack
    Perhaps later today I shall be back
    "You're math skills reaches" was my fave
    And the ones who say
    "I have nothing to say"
    Should just go away
    for a long walk on a short beach
    for them it's a reach
    they might figure it out
    being alone is the safest and easiest
    no doubt.

    1. Yep, safest and easiest way to be
      Get a cat or dog and call it a day at ones sea
      The I have nothing to say
      Whether dating or blogging or whatever should just go away

  12. Those are hilarious! I'm not sure which is my favorite the honest gambler or the suicide call to take a long walk off a short beach.

    1. The long walk one may sure win.
      As they go out with the tide, what a sin

  13. Be my good boy sounds a bit scary
    Do you reckon he loves.... hairy?
    Ah the good ole bear poop is back
    To keep the sniffers right on track
    Keep that failure of the heart
    Unless your name is Wart

    Well, that was fun
    Would that mate want a bun?
    Not a chick
    On a stick
    Or a toad
    On the road
    Or a cow
    Rrrright about now?

    1. Maybe a rhino
      On a wino
      Or a wino
      On a rhino
      With the remains of a dino
      Going all whino
      Sounds scary indeed
      No matter what takes seed

  14. Farting robots can be really scary!

  15. orlin N cassie....well...leest de one with de gamblin problem add mitz it up front... sew later on itz knot like TA DA ~~~~~~ surprize ~~~

    "sea" all most had uz but then they dinna spellz letz & goez rite !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. haha sea was a close one
      Until the rest was spun
      And that is true
      No ta da will come due

  16. I thankfully already found my mate,
    so for me that means, no more to date,
    however that doesnt mean life is all smiles and glee,
    it means that i work hard to stick with monogamy.


    1. Hard work is what it takes
      No going out and doing hippy shakes lol

  17. I certainly don't wanna failure of heart :-)

  18. I think my favorite is "Looking for someone with a gambling problem like me."

    1. Two gamblers going for the gold
      Nothing wrong there will ever take hold

  19. How To Pick Up A Girl – Guaranteed Method (give it a whirl)

    Make sure you can manage the weight
    Remember to keep the back straight
    Then lift slow not quick
    That should do the trick
    You’ve just learned to pick up a date

  20. What I want to know is if you will have a date?

    Have a good week Pat ~ Keep warm ~

  21. I think the dating pool needs a little chlorine added in. Some of these people sound like real winners.

    1. They should choke of the chlorine
      That would be serene

  22. Oh yes, I've seen these galore
    Always try not to be a bore.
    Why don't they say, I have one tooth
    And I drink a ton of vermouth.
    But now the wife I must slap
    Cos she gave me the clap.
    For some reason they never say that
    That would be funny especially to the cat.

    1. Yeah, that would be grand
      We could make fun of just one at our land

  23. I am looking all the time, but I am not really sure what or who I am looking for.

    1. That seems to be the way
      Until they pop into our display

  24. I have given up looking after my last experience.


  25. I don't need a new mate
    But if that were my fate
    I'd write something like
    "Going for a ride on my bike;
    If you'd like to pedal along,
    You'd better not be Mr.Wrong!"

  26. Imagine if dating taglines were actually honest?

  27. Scary to me, Cat! Although "I'm very down in earth" might appeal to a geologist!


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