Can I Irritate On This Date?

The cat can irritate with ease. It really is a breeze. Maybe it is a skill? No way will I chill. If I want that lap. You are going to give it to me and let me take a nap. I'll bug until you do. Better go before I irritate you.

Time to irritate.
Might lose a mate.
Might lose an eye.
All depends on the girl or guy.

But is it bad,
Or rather sad?
This you don't see.
Irritation is free.

Free to you.
Free to come due.
Free to list.
Free to be missed.

What's with free?
Have I lost thee?
Confused and abused.
You know I'm amused.

But stay whelmed.
My point will be helmed.
As in ready to show,
As away we go.

Irritation is free,
Like a repeat spree.
I said it again.
Irritating at my den?

Irritation is free.
Irritation is free.
Irritation is free.
Rolling eyes at me?

Who got irritated?
Who was just baited?
It wasn't little old me.
It was thee for free.

Starving and broke.
No irritation for that bloke.
Busy with health.
Irritation has no wealth.

It holds nothing at all,
To many a hall.
Why? Because it has a cost.
The free is then totally lost.

Did you follow the cat? Got it good where you are at. If you can afford to be irritated at your sea then you are in the irritation for free. If you can't afford irritation because your time has much more important a delegation, like finding food or dough, then it is a costly show. Are you irritated that I showed you your irritations are pointless as can be? Especially sense they are free. Free to have and free to lose. You are the one that lights that fuse. Now I am done with my eye opening pass. I'll go back to being an irritating little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Can I Irritate On This Date?
    To await lest it gets too late
    And it is free
    As you can see
    But not to tempt too much of fate


    1. No need to tempt fate
      For could backfire at a higher rate

  2. 2 well what you know!
    i lost my capital letters
    what happened to my period?
    uh oh someone stole the commas too
    it is all so irritating

  3. Our cat is too old to irritate
    but the other day he got out of the gate
    Oh how we did lament and cry
    we thought Old One Eye was going to die
    But find him we did
    the poor fella was hid
    and a lesson he learned? Probably not
    When the door opened again, it was freedom he sought

    1. haha try and try again
      There at your den
      Orlin only got out once at our sea
      And the dog chased him back in with glee

    2. He still hates her though
      As he sneaks to and fro

  4. Cat won't irritate me, but a few slow drivers might do the trick.

    1. Those can do it with ease
      Until by them one can breeze

  5. Thinking about irritation irritates me. Come to think of it, if we go into something thinking of irritation, we will most likely end up irritated.

    1. Yep, a self fulling irritation
      Causing no elation

  6. Why the need for irritation
    Then we dwell in lamentation
    Toss the ball and hit the bell
    Strife in life will run like hell

    1. Send it straight there too
      Then on it take a poo

  7. I never get irritated when I find food!

  8. Sometimes I have time to be irritated and sometimes not so much.

    1. Time is the key
      Without any, no irritation comes to be

  9. Just get irritated by people who can't speak English right
    and have to listen to them all day long
    otherwise no irritation here
    and that makes me sing a song


    1. Those can grind on the nerves
      And send one for a few swerves

  10. Replies
    1. I'm an irritation
      Did my job then at my station

  11. Loud obnoxious kids irritate me. Not much else irritates me though.

  12. It's what they do. And they do it so well:)

  13. Is this the cat's revenge? Perhaps because of its owner's long-lasting stench?You see, I am now the irritant/Like your feline, I am a militant! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Oh it wasn’t that hard to see
    If my wife was angry at me
    Yes I learned a skill
    To gauge if wife’s ill
    And credit card bill held the key

  15. And people are the main source of irritation

  16. A man was irritated with me the other day.
    He said we closed his bank account....Oi-Vey.
    I told him we have no access or ability to do this
    He kept talking, saying " yous guys" was not bliss.
    I shut him down with an irritating frown
    Sent him on his way, thinking he needs a dunce cap as a crown.

    1. Someone other than him has to take the blame
      And so he just dropped your name

  17. I admit it's sometimes fun to irritate someone further when you know you've found a sore spot. Niggle. Niggle
    oh that makes me giggle

    1. haha yeah, that can be fun to do
      Especially when they annoy you

  18. I'm told I'm always irritating,
    So there's nothing more to be said.
    Yes! irritating from morning,
    Til the time I go to bed.


    1. At least you are consistent at your sea
      Points for that for thee lol

  19. My dogs really irritate me
    When on a barking spree
    Usually barking at the delivery man
    Who just threw my box then ran.

    1. haha wanted none of that
      Much louder than a mouthy cat

  20. Cats are master irritators for sure! They'll get what they want!


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