Get Swift With A Shift!

Humans love this one. They can mix it with a whining run. We've done that though. No mix and match needed at my show. This one can provide a year's worth of rhyme. Humans do it all the time.

Why didn't you wait?
I was only an hour late.
You should have been there.
Why couldn't you have time to spare?

Why didn't you take out the trash?
You could do it in a flash.
Who cares if I said I'd do it.
Here I would rather sit.

Why don't you get fat?
Would make me feel better where I'm at.
Exercise is too much work.
Get fat like me, it's a perk.

Why don't you bring change?
I so want things to rearrange.
But I won't do any of it.
Here I would rather sit.

Why don't you get a second job?
I need more corn on the cob.
I need that new game as well.
You working more would be swell.

Why didn't you tell me once more?
I ignored the latest encore.
I even missed it written in pen.
You should have told me again.

Why didn't you get gas?
Three gas stations I did pass.
I was the last one to drive.
But I have to do things to survive.

Why didn't you land on my number?
I dreamed about it in a slumber.
You should have hit it.
It's rigged, every bit.

Why didn't you warn me?
The warning is there to see.
But you should have told me.
I blame my poisoning on thee.

Why didn't you...insert something here.
Insert a shifting blame cheer.
Throw in a poor pitiful me,
And you've got it at your sea.

Are you a blame shifter? I hope you are a tad swifter. Such people need to go away. The cat will throw a cashew jar filled with his waste at them at our bay. Then they can blame me all they like as they take a hike. Now I will finish this rhyming pass.No shift needed from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. 8 minutes late
      Still made it!


    2. Don't worry, I will never be up at that hour (six am my time) on a Saturday. And if I have to be up that early, someone please just shoot me.

    3. Alex, You did it
      Many times you got me beat!


    4. haha better watch what you say
      In the south one make take the shooting literally at their bay

  2. At ther moment a blame shifter I am,
    I'm trying to fight the medic's
    They say I heven't got the illness I believed I had.
    I was told 30+ years ago I was an Epiletic.

    They have taken my medication away.
    Without giving me back up treatment.
    So I blame the medics here where I live.
    Which will make me feel more decent.

    Great poem Pat.

    1. Well that is their fault
      Stuff them all in an air tight vault

  3. To blame others, first there is trust
    To wait for another, I'd turn to rust
    Without expectations, there is nothing lost
    I do it myself, at a better cost

    1. Yep, when one can do
      Do and get on with it at ones zoo

  4. I can only blame myself when I'm the one mixed up!

  5. If I failed to do something, then I'm the one who screwed up!

    1. Yep, that is how it goes
      No blame game who knows

  6. Get Swift With A Shift!
    Blame shiftier's blitz
    Quick on the draw
    Leaves one in awe
    Who should be given a miss


    1. A miss to another
      Friend or brother
      Seems to be the way
      At the end of the day

  7. Nope, I don't do that. I don't think I've said, "Why don't you..." in a long time.

  8. It's everyone's fault but mine!

  9. Why didn't you tell me it was the cat's birthday??? :) Headed over to give belated well wishes. ;)

  10. I blame you
    I must check your blog each day
    No time for other stuff
    I am busy saying hey

    Happy Saturday

  11. Sounds like a married couples dialog to me:)

    1. I guess the cat is in the know
      Without marriage at his show

  12. Why didn't you land on my number?
    I dreamed about it in a slumber.

    haha - that I've done..but, yet I have
    won a time or two, just not enough money
    to bring about so called change...or maybe
    it was just small change in the grand scheme
    of life.

    1. Small change is all we can win
      As we give it a spin

  13. Not a blame shifter here
    More than often take the blame
    But that is okay to do
    Not to be considered shame


  14. "It's your fault"
    is blame's high vault
    and must be taken with
    a dash of salt.

    VR Barkowski

  15. How come you didn't cure me
    In the place to be?
    What kinda doc are you anyway
    At your Doc Ock bay?
    Why didn't you tell me I snore
    Would you like some more?
    Why didn't you make me rich?
    Where's that rich guy itch?

    So many things to say
    Night or day...

    1. Why can't you get to the bora shore
      are you drifting on a boat with no oar
      Why can't you find that blue shoe
      Perhaps the answer is inside of you
      Why can't some money flow your way
      maybe like fe is about more than pay
      Why can't some dreams be ful-filled
      Does the snoring have to be stilled

    2. So many questions come into play
      after a very long day...

    3. Damn, look at you go
      A whying double show
      Why would I add
      You got it down at my pad lol

    4. A double show it is
      As Blue and True Blue are doing the Why Biz.

    5. haha the why biz from coast to coast...

    6. Get your own radio show
      A whying you go

    7. Sounds like a plan to me
      In the place to be!
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Doooweeee!

    8. Could get some dough
      With advertisers in tow

  16. Unfortunately I think a lot of people are blame shifters nowadays.
    I know we have a major blame shifter in the White House!
    In fact, he is a poster child for blame shifters! Sigh.

    1. haha yep, put him right on the poster
      Maybe give him his own coaster

  17. No matter how hard the man tries
    Or size of the tears that he cries
    Nor wishes on clover
    Or blames put on rover
    Can pull the wool over wife’s eyes

  18. All the why didn't yous can make us tired. It is easy to look back and see a different course of action, but hey that is life. :)

    1. Yep, hindsight is easy
      The rest not so pleasy

  19. I dislike people who can not take the blame when it is obviously their fault. Actually my best friend is divorcing someone like that.

  20. I'm pretty sure you just summed up my 3 siblings in this post. They honestly believe they do nothing wrong ever. Someone else is always to blame.

    1. I have one like that
      Gets an eye roll from the cat


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