Length And Time For A Chime!

A bit slow are you? Well many humans seem to be at their zoo. But that you knew. The cat just can't help telling you. What one is it today? I don't have any length of time to have my say.

Whoops, I was wrong.
I can sing a cheery song.
Those blue guys can join in.
Those movies were a sin.

Fall for the trap,
With the DK rap.
Maybe talk to inka dinka do.
But that few knew.

Have I proven it?
Yep, just a bit.
Proved also I'm full of it?
Yeah, I have such wit.

You can't hold it?
You're having a fit?
Not for any length of time?
Damn, ruined that chime.

You can't stand them?
You are spitting up phlegm.
You hate them that bad?
Not for any length of time at your pad?

You can't write?
Not day or night?
Not for any length of time?
Damn, by typing it you ruined the chime.

You can't exercise?
Is that wise?
Not for any length of time?
So you move less than a mime?

You can't talk?
Not even as you walk?
Not for any length of time?
Whoops, you said that chime.

You can't understand?
Damning my confusing land?
That will amuse.
I like to confuse.

For any length of time.
I'm in my prime.
At least for a time.
Now go kiss a mime.

How long did it take? Figure out the point I was trying to make? No? You failed? Damn, I bet it was nailed. You just have to take the time. Okay, I'll drop a dime. Even a millisecond counts as time, so you can't even fool a mime. The any length of time excuse doesn't fit. Maybe you can't do things for long before you take a hit. But you can do most things for some length of time. Even if you are a mime. I'll stop picking on humans and the mime mass. They may send killer mimes after my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I can't talk and text simultaneously for any length of time, or I'll inevitably start typing the words I'm saying.

    1. lol practice and you may not
      Or you may end up with a weird plot

  2. I'm certainly slow, all behind.
    I've had troubles with Google.
    So today I'm catching up,
    With the enevitable struggle.


  3. Length And Time For A Chime!
    Not any time is it a crime?
    And have your say
    Whatever you may
    Keep it short should be fine!


  4. I'm more behind than slow thank you very much.
    You do have to slow down and decide what you do want to do
    Time moves with or without us.

    1. Time will keep on keeping on
      So have to do what one wants to dawn

  5. If you really want to do something, you'll make the time.

    1. That you will
      And not make excuses to foot the bill

  6. I seriously get tired of people who tell me how busy they are! Don't have time = Dont want to!

    1. That is what it means
      In every persons screens

  7. I'm pretty busy with my napping schedule!

  8. Some are busy all day long
    Shine and polish like a song
    Others sit and take a pose
    Up their nose with a rubber hose
    Organize and do it now
    Enunciate and say "brown cow."

    1. Brown or blue
      Can get to you
      Or you to it
      Brown like shit
      Nuts abound
      Better off with a hound

  9. Time does go incredibly fast
    on the weekends at least to me
    wish it was like that at the workplace
    than that would give me great glee!


    1. Yeah, that would be grand
      Get through the 9-5 land

  10. Time flies
    when you blink your eyes!
    Could do with a bit extra
    so I can write more than just texts!

  11. I can always count on coming here and leaving with a smile

  12. Take the time and as Shia LaBeouf says, "Just do it!"

  13. Finding time? Can you really find time as time is now? So, if you don't do it now, will you do it tomorrow, wait tomorrow never comes as then it is today, will you do it today is the question? Now, I am talking in circles.

    Congrats on the new release! I just saw it on your sidebar..Let me buy you a drink of your choice..water for you something stronger for me in the place to be...

    1. Circles you go
      Time to and fro
      Or fro and to?
      Time has got you
      Wins in the end
      A timely trend
      Water works
      Has its perks
      As I stuck up Book 8
      A fine fate

  14. Always take time for friends, family, and nature. And reading.
    Time is relative

    Happy Sunday and too much time spent on football ( but there will be snacks!)

    1. Relative it is
      With the timely biz
      Blah to football
      You can have it all

  15. I've heard that the only time we have is "this minute."
    The last minute is past; the next minute hasn't arrived.
    So we should enjoy this very minute, before it's gone.

    1. Minute by minute, day by day
      Time can sure fly away

  16. My hubby always says, "I don't have time"
    I tell him that comment is a crime.
    One just has to find a way
    To find the time, you'll have a better day.

    1. Yep, that one has to do
      Just an excuse, through and through

  17. Clue to this rhyme
    still doesn't chime
    solution to crime
    need some more time

  18. This made me feel guilty for being sedentary because I've got pneumonia. XD

    1. Well that is a good excuse
      Blah to germs in use

  19. Time flies. Use it wisely. Half of my weekend is spent sleeping and it's a good way to use time, right? :-)

    1. Keeps you energized for the other half too
      So a win at your zoo

  20. I can't take it any more
    The Patriots got the last score
    Trump's team pulled ahead
    What's is store, I do dread.

    1. Trump seems to come up roses
      With his Oompa Loompa poses

  21. Sometimes I feel like the white rabbit. No time, can't be late. I always seem to have an important date.

    1. Always something to do
      Running around at your zoo

  22. I am really bad at doing more than one thing at a time. But when it comes to focusing on one thing single handedly, I am really really really really great at getting distracted by something else.

    I wonder how many people are like that.

  23. I may not use time efficiently, but I'm sure having a lot of fun. I am grateful for the gift of every day.

    1. Fun to be had
      Is the best at any pad
      As long as one has dough
      And not to the street corner they go


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