Not Tagged But Flagged!

You can't say much now a days or you'll get looked at with a hateful gaze. Not that the cat cares. I'll take all the evil stares. Then just smirk away and go about my day.

You did what?
Kiss my butt.
You said what?
Are you a nut?

You've been flagged.
That post lagged.
Flagged for it.
Every little bit.

Person was said.
You should drop dead.
"son" is all male.
That is such a fail.

Crazy was used.
I'm not amused.
You are insulting the mentally ill.
You are so run of the mill.

Flagged, flagged, flagged.
You'll never get shagged.
Not with your evil ways.
You are lost in some hateful maze.

You made fun of an elf.
You made fun of yourself.
Degrading little people everywhere.
Showing for yourself you don't even care.

You rolled your eyes.
That is not wise.
I'm offended by that.
Flagged you where you're at.

Now you'll get banned.
I hope you get canned.
How can you say such stuff?
Per"son" is so manly tough.

Equal it should be.
Say people at your sea.
You got flagged for that.
I flagged you where I'm at.

But don't use "you people."
I'll throw you from a steeple.
After of course you get flagged.
I can't believe you bragged.

Ever get threatened by a nut saying they will flag you for some stupid thing at your hut? I just saw a comment on some blog as I was hopping and they gave the flagged dropping. So I went with it. In blogger can you even do that flagging shit? Such people are nuts, crazy, bonkers, whatever in mass. I guess I just offended a whole bunch of cashews, peanuts, etc. with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. I've been flagged a couple of times on Craigslist. That's about it.

    2. Fox was up with the sun
      Maybe he had to make a pee run? lol

      I got flagged on ours, kijiji, a time or two
      Then just used words that were new

    3. Congrats Silver Fox you are a sly one

    4. A sly Fox
      Grammar Nazi got the #1 box

    5. I slept somewhere other than home last night, and didn't sleep well. So I was up early. Didn't know I'd make such a splash.

    6. ohhhh sleeping around
      Was a snorer found?

    7. The secret is out the silver fox gets around

    8. A player he is
      More than just Grammar Nazi biz

    9. Nothing so glamorous. I was at my sister's, so I could be there to shovel her sidewalk after an overnight snowstorm. Ha!

    10. haha aww shucks
      well that sucks

  2. You're so right about when speaking your mind you get a hateful glare. Happen all the time at my pad.
    Wonderful read to start the day.

  3. I hope Hank is OK.

    I've never been flagged. This man wrote me a nasty comment yesterday and when I went to see who he was, well I was blocked. I'll just never know who told me I was stupid on Twitter.

    1. A a wee bit late today that's Hank
      Nice now seeing you often here Ann!


    2. Hank is out and about
      On the road like a trout

      Those always come due
      Twitter has them through and through

    3. Good to know Hank is OK.

      I've yet to find the charm of Twitter. I appreciate the guy. I've rounded out a character in a book with that twist. lol

    4. haha see, there you go
      There is a perk to the crummy Twitter show

  4. Insult an elf, get no presents. Or no help on your quest to Mordor.
    Not been flagged. I'm sure someone somewhere has been insulted by a post though.

    1. Yeah, can't not insult someone
      Damn, there goes our Mordor run

  5. Not Tagged But Flagged!
    It roiled one for a fact
    No getting slacked
    For nuts do that
    Not to be worked up on a snag


  6. About flagging, I'm not surprised
    They probably never are all disguised
    I am most politically incorrect
    With snowflake minds I don't connect

  7. I know I usually rhyme when I post, but when you mentioned offending an elf, I couldn't help but think of the movie Elf and that scene, "Say elf one more time." I love it! And then beating commences. Hilarious!

    1. haha that was a great one indeed
      Like the only Will Ferrell one that took seed

  8. Flagged when you speak your mind
    yeah sometimes :)

    hey Pat
    How you doing?
    All good in my hood.

  9. You cannot please everyone
    There will always be someone
    who wants to flag you
    for all to view...

    1. That there will be
      At them throw a jar of cat pee

  10. I had not heard about flagging. I had to look it up. Thanks again, for broadening my horizons.

  11. not tagged or flagged
    maybe I'm bland
    try to not stir up crap
    never been banned

    (that I know of? hm)

    1. haha never know
      Maybe they didn't tell you so

  12. I think some sites will flag
    if it is an offensive thing posted there
    but I haven't seen too many around
    at least that I was aware


    1. Yeah, most are normal or eye roll worthy at best
      None really need a flag fest

  13. I've had a few pictures on fb reviewed and none were taken down but someone sure had a bug up their bum. They might have gotten flagged but it did no good.

    1. Did no good is grand
      Pisses them off more at their land

  14. All these sensitive folks
    Should take some tokes
    And just relax
    Lying on their backs.

    Gaze at the stars
    Or watch passing cars
    Or read some books.
    Stop giving snide looks.

    Let me say what I dare
    Cause I don't really care
    If you are offended
    And think I should end it.

    I invite a debate--
    Not asking for hate.
    So let's talk a while.
    Don't scowl, but smile.

    We don't have to agree,
    But we should all be
    Open to thinking,
    Laughing, and drinking.

    So come on over here.
    Let's pop a beer.
    Let's have a chat.
    Don't be offended at that.

    Don't be flagging my ass
    Or be saying I'm crass.
    If I've spoken my mind,
    Feel free to unwind.

    Give me your thoughts,
    Don't give me the blot.
    Don't like what I say?
    Then just go away.

    Pat, your thinking is right.
    There's folks too uptight.
    They've get cobs up their butts
    And lives stuck in ruts.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Look at you go
      With the flow
      Flagged a nerve
      With today's swerve?

      Hey, it legal in some states
      Let them open the gates
      Maybe they'll mellow out
      Or just get as dumb as trout

      Ruts they love
      Fits like a glove
      Change that glove
      And they curse all above

      Add some glitter
      They'll be a spitter
      Add some hole
      They'll make like a mole

      Add some grease
      They'll never cease
      Need their perfect glove
      Or they'll start to shove

      That cob is stuck tight
      Take some strong might
      If it were to ever come out
      Gotta love the sheep about

  15. I'm not aware of ever getting flagged, but then again, who cares?

    1. Yep, let them flag away
      They can toss their flags in the bay

  16. On Facebook only once have I been flagged,
    It was because I created a "hateful group" that FB decided needed to be bagged,
    Of course I had not meant to create anything mean,
    It was an inside joke just for my friends to have seen,
    "Lindsey is an idiot" was the name that was given the go,
    Lindsey is one of my best friends which I guess they just didnt know.
    Either way, glad they attempted to eradicate alleged hate,
    I was punished for just trying to joke with my mate.

    1. Jokes can be taken the wrong way
      As people see them on display
      Those that aren't on the inside
      Tattle tale on you with pride

  17. I sigh a lot, is there a name for it?

  18. orlin N cassie...thatz de nice thing bout trout speech; noe one noez what de hell we R inn clooded :)♥♥♥☺☺☺

    1. lol can get away with anything
      Just let the words spring

  19. I hope I don't get flagged by anyone anytime soon!

  20. Cat bad-mouthed the dog?/Dog went and complained to the hog/Hog came by/Cat suddenly learnt to fly. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  21. I had no idea blogs could be flagged.

    1. They use the word
      Can just flip them the bird

  22. I haven't been flagged but i have had people protest my site over a homeopathic cough syrup.

    1. lol wow, some people are sad
      Who knew cough syrup could drive them mad

  23. At first I thought you were talking about being flagged at football. I was wrong.

  24. He’s gay and he just doesn’t care
    So talk and you are free to stare
    But challenge his stand
    Or get out of hand
    He’ll knock you out and fix your hair

    1. Not much hair to fix
      So only one of two tricks

  25. No flagging here, but did recently get a little hate when I said last year's super bowl half time show sucked lol

    1. lol that will stir the crazies up
      And fill their hate cup

  26. Not yet flagged here but don't care anyway ~ The top comments are entertaining, ha ~

  27. I must look up what Flag means as I thought it was in honour of a country or whatever. So I can't mention dwarf or midget? Oops! Too late:) Some people are just looking to be offended

  28. Never, thank heavens, happened to me
    But while campaigning last year diligently
    Many doing the same think were flagged a time or three
    And blocked from sharing a third party

    1. Politics is a big one
      As some get flagged a ton

  29. I know I'm in the company of a Maritimer when I hear the term "shagged!" I'm much more circumspect on-line than in real life; give me a cause in real life, and I'll take on the world, and most definitely not in a PC way.


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