Some Strange Fun For Everyone!

Fun sure is subjective to the human race. Not sure any of the below I could ever embrace. Hell, I know I would not. No fun in any below plot.

Let's have fun.
Let's go to town.
You will stun.
Wear a fancy gown.

Fun doing what?
That's not hard.
We'll sleep in a hut,
On the ground in the yard.

We'll bet and lose money.
That's so much fun.
The bookee finds it funny,
Fun with each lose spun.

We can go and run.
Yeah, just run down the street.
That is so much fun.
So hard to beat.

Let's stand outside and smoke.
That is so great.
Can freeze with each toke.
So fun none can relate.

Time to whine about whatever.
Let's do it on the internet.
Such a fun endeavor.
Over everything we can fret.

Time to get on YouTube.
Not that way.
We need some lube.
Sex tape of the day.

Let's start the rumor mill.
We can make crap up about someone.
That ought to give us a thrill.
Who cares if they don't find it fun.

Let's sit in a tree.
Hold your pee.
Shoot what's in front of thee.
Head on a wall, yippeee.

Speaking of which,
This is just nasty as can be.
Some brain dead idiot must have a glitch,
For let's have fun by hiring people to stand over us and pee.

The cat will stick to having fun with a toy. Do any of the above bring you joy? Hopefully not the pee one. That is soooooo nasty by a ton. But to each their own. Rather eat a dog bone. More fun to pass some gas out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Why, are there 3 clone listings?
      This is something not fulfilling
      Phone with absurd reckoning
      Not material mistake but still troubling!


    2. Bah, just a phone
      Going loony at the tone

  2. Fun for all is not the same
    Some is wild and some is tame
    If your daily work is fun
    You're one happy little bun

    1. Daily work = fun?
      Damn work and fun = no way which = run

  3. I'm all for having a bit of fun in life. Thanks Pat.


  4. I posted a video of my guitar playing on YouTube, but there was no video of me. (Yeah, I know, kind of defeats the purpose.)

    1. Well it is better than any xxx things
      No need to strut, just play, strings

  5. Fun can be had in many ways
    You just have to clever how you play


  6. Most fun for me
    Is taking a bike ride or three
    All the things I get to see
    Accompanied by a lot of photography
    And to boot make my body healthy

  7. I always have fun when I sit in a tree!

  8. Let's make up puns
    then skip, not run
    in the sun
    eat cinammon buns
    with chocolate on top
    the fun won't stop!

  9. What fun for one might not be fun for others.

  10. Two and three have been fun for me, Pat. I've slept on an earth mound in a "lodge" among former headhunters on a jungle river in Sarawak up near the border of Kalimantan ~ some of my best fun ever. Plus I've had great fun in Vegas and other places over the years. And I haven't given up on the idea of going somewhere in a fancy gown, but the prospects are dimming ~ LOL. As for the rest, no way Jose! As long as I'm with Terry and can write, do photography, and travel, I am as happy as can be. Wishing you happiness!

    1. haha that sound like quite the adventure
      Good you survived your venture
      Vegas I'm sure is fun
      As long as one's money doesn't go to none

  11. Fun in the sun would be my pick
    Much better than being hit by a stick

  12. I am surprised about the running, I thought that was something cats like to do! Not for me though, unless it's on a treadmill. :)

    1. Not even there
      Run and fun don't go at our lair

  13. Some Strange Fun For Everyone!
    Can be creative in the long run
    Something good for oneself
    Something good to delve
    But not detrimental to others' wants


    1. Good for one
      Give it a run
      As long as others aren't hurt
      Go to it and flirt

  14. I do have fun complaining on the Internet.

    1. Nudists galore
      To complain about at your shore lol

  15. I have fun
    when my poetry is spun

    1. Sometimes roulette is fun
      As my number is spun

    2. When on it it lands
      Sure fun with money in hands

  16. Some Youtube videos are almost sent to PH

  17. orlin N food gurl used ta smoke;

    scenario: stand outside when de act shoo ull was 10 minuz bee low zero, bitch bout how cold it waz, bitch coz de cigarettez dinna stay lit rite, bitch coz then her clothez N hair stinked ta high hell when her came bak in, bitch coz her hand waz frozen solid coz if ya smoked wearin a glove it would catch fire, bitch coz her lungz felt like flamez oh death

    then come bak inside N see how soon it waz til next smoke brake time

    ~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Damn, that sounds like loooooots of fun
      Whatever made her not want another one haha

  18. Nope, I don't see fun coming from that list, not for me, thank you very much.

  19. I have my fun
    Just staying home.
    Sometimes I run
    To answer the phone.

    Well, not really run,
    It's really a stroll
    If the calling one
    Isn't someone I know.

    Usually it's a pitch
    For a service to sell.
    Then maybe I'll bitch
    Or say "Go to hell!"

    Well, really I don't--
    I'm nicer than that.
    Being mean I won't
    And they'll get a chat.

    I talk about stuff
    I see on TV
    Until in a huff
    They hang up on me.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. At least they keep you going
      An answer and exercise showing
      While letting you chat
      And chew the fat

      When they call us
      We don't fuss
      We just meow into the phone
      They quickly leave us alone

  20. Better bring your umbrella
    if you walk under that fella. lol....

    1. That you better
      Or stay home and mail a letter

  21. Used to wear gowns
    Due to my profession
    The rest of your list
    Is not an obsession

  22. One day I was bowling with son
    He’d scream as toward pins I’d run
    A man saw my plight
    And gave me insight
    Use bowling ball might be more fun

  23. Not fun to go out in this cold winter ~ Would rather wait for spring to finally come ~ But I am looking forward to travelling this summer, yes....

    1. Spring would be much better indeed
      When this dumb snow stops taking seed

  24. Now I'll have to scope out every tree
    So I can avoid getting pee on me!

    1. Walk under each one
      Never know what may be done

  25. My sex tape was banned by Greenpeace!

    1. They wanted it all to themself
      Stuck it on a shelf

  26. I have fun watching tV
    That's it for me.
    Well, I do love to craft
    And I don't think that is daft.
    Better than sitting in a tree
    And having to hold my pee.

  27. Let's sit on a stick
    Such fun if you're not a chick
    Let's cross that road
    And pretend we're a toad
    Not a croc
    On a rock
    Or a dove
    In love
    Or a snail
    On a rail
    Or a shark
    In the dark
    Or a bat
    On a mat

    1. Or a frog
      In a dog
      Or a goat
      On a boat
      Or a dino
      In a rhino


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