The Neighbor Nut In A Rut!

The cat is glad we got out of that last place. It was becoming a crowded space. Not really crowded for me. But annoying as can be. A bum moved in. That is a sin.

Hey neighbor, how are you?
A greeting to come due.
A grunt they got.
The feeling we caught.

Do you have this?
It must cause bliss.
Can I borrow it?
Soon took the hit.

Pat said no,
And away he did go.
No to the do we have it.
Ended that asking fit.

But then you'd hear,
Just perk up an ear,
Hey neighbor, how are you?
And the same shit came due.

Bugged one and all,
Out in the hall.
If he heard them coming,
That same crap he kept humming.

Yep, he'd open his door.
Couldn't sneak by at your shore.
Like he was staring out the peep hole.
Maybe a peeper is his goal?

Peeper in training.
A bummer who's draining?
Draining all of their stuff.
Never getting enough.

A pack rat maybe?
Hoarding others stuff with glee.
Beats the heck out of me.
Never got a thing from our sea.

Can we have that back,
Heard at my shack.
Some fools gave in.
He must have thought that a win.

No! I'm not done.
I'm still having fun.
I'll get it back soon.
Yeah, and I'm a raccoon.

Ever have neighbors like that? Get suckered in where you're at? Some people are just annoying as can be. Scam artist wannabes that make me flee. Neither a borrower or a lender be. That works for our sea. Especially with idiots like that. They can be peed on by the cat. On neighbors we'll take a pass. They can stay far far away from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Some days it pays to be running behind. And I even hit the right punctuation this time.

    2. Got on in
      For the win
      While late
      For the 9-5 gate

    3. Ninja's Wednesday attack
      He is back

  2. Haha ! Believe me cat I have some really crazy neighbors !

  3. When I was younger, yes, neighbors would borrow things and not always return them promptly. (My neighbors and friends here are all really cool about borrowing though.)
    Attacking people as they creep by his door - like Louis Tully in Ghostbusters.

    1. haha that is exactly it
      He'd attack them with a Tully type fit

  4. The Neighbor Nut In A Rut!
    Grinning with you off-guard
    Takes but never return
    Doesn't register concern
    Better than quarrelsome 'smarts'


    1. Smarts they don't have indeed
      Quarrelsome some can make one at their feed

  5. We've had so weird neighbors over the years. It's hard to hide from the apartment peepers!

    1. Yep, can be hard to hide
      As they sure gawk with pride

  6. fences make good neighbors. No problems in my hood

  7. Lucky me at my sea
    Good neighbors on all sides of me

  8. A peeper in training, oh what a blast
    Get his diploma for peeps in the past
    He's first in his class, a real charming dude
    He'll teach you to peep if you're in the mood

    1. And then he'll scoff
      And won't get you off
      When you peep like a newbie
      And end up in the shoe-ee

  9. I only see my neighbors like once in a blue moon. I like it

  10. Ha! That sounds like the worst. I don't think I have to remind you about the crazy neighbors I've had over the years, but currently, I live next to a lady who offers nothing more than a polite nod whenever we cross paths. I've never spoken to her. I don't even know her name.

    She's the best damn neighbor I've ever had.

    1. Nothing wrong with that neighbor at all
      A nod and keep on having a ball

  11. Neighbors can be great or an annoyance. Sounds like you had an annoying one.

  12. We often wish we were further away from our neighbors!

    1. Would be nice to be further from some
      Especially those that bum

  13. I have some not so nice neighbors and wish they would move away but the next people might be worse. Guess you have a not so nice neighbor too.

    1. Yeah, could always get worse
      Even if the current ones make you curse

  14. Must be related to my Mr. Neighbor Man.
    Maybe part of the same clan!
    He went to Florida for a month
    at least he was gone and Florida is a hunch.
    It was sad last week when he returned, though.
    We wish a permanent move would show!

    1. haha then what would you do
      With no tidy whities in view?
      Or a peeper with your feet
      As you stink them in the sink for a treat

  15. I'm all behind today for reason I won't go into.
    Great post Pat.


  16. orlin N cassie....we haz lived... wear we haz lived for sum kinda yeerz...ewe noe uz N math....N we still due knot noe most oh de peepulz round heer...they iz knot much inta friend lee nezz... which iz OH KAY with uz !!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. That works for us too
      Don't need to know a few

  17. My neighbors you know about
    They love to moan and shout
    The previous one was worse
    Combining a hump with a curse
    So one borrowed a thing, though
    At the blue guy show
    I would have given them a boot
    Or a sandwich sprinkled with soot
    No is a great word, all right
    Especially in the middle of the night
    They can just eat a fly
    And say goodbye.

    1. No works
      Has all the perks
      All they get from me
      Never lend at our sea
      So they can take the kite
      And let it take flight
      Fly with it to the moon
      There they can mate with a baboon

    2. Won't ever lend again
      Women or men

    3. Good way to be
      Never do such a spree

  18. Ha, I don't know my neighbors well....
    perhaps a good thing! Smiles!

  19. My neighbor was acting bizarre
    His screams could be heard near and far
    Though new blood we’d “git”
    He still raised a fit
    The day that I hit him with car

  20. I subscribe to the good fences make good neighbors way of living. My husband will get chatty with them, then wonders why they always want him to pick up their mail, take out their trash, do this, do that when they are on vacation. I keep to my self so they don't ask me.

    1. The fences routine sure is best
      Keeps them all from being a pest

  21. We are usually the neighbors from hell
    with the loud music, barking dog, and this and that
    but now we have toned down a bit
    and that is a good thing and not sad!


    1. haha those kind of neighbors were you
      As the music came due

  22. Sounds like your move went well
    and no idiot beside you which is swell.
    I have a few fruit flies where I live
    I avoid them and there is nothing I will give.

  23. I'm lucky, I guess! My neighbors are the best!


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